Christmas Cupcake Ideas

Creating Edible Christmas Penguins

Creating Edible Christmas Penguins

Christmas Cookie Ideas

These new cutters are manufactured by FMM Sugarcraft and they helped create all these cookie designs above!

FMM have been trending in versatility with their latest designs and we love them!

Make your money go further by using these cutters for a number of designs. Creating edible Christmas Penguins, Snowmen and Robins as shown on these Christmas Cupcakes.

Christmas Cupcake Ideas

Learn more and find out how to use them in this wonderful tutorial starring Ceri Bodham.

We are now stocking this cutter on our online shop!  FMM offer a lifetime guarantee with all their products.

Christmas Cake Ideas

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers

A few months back we wrote to you about creating the easiest rose ever, well now we are here to tell you about creating easy carnation sugar flowers using the fantastic Easiest Carnation Cutter Ever by FMM Sugarcraft. Of course like all the new products we keep you up to date with, these cutters are also available in our online store.

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers


After the huge success from the rose cutter, it’s just fabulous news that FMM Sugarcraft keep releasing belting new products that really do make creating easier and less time consuming. These take 5 minutes to create, a few hours to set and a simple dust of colour on top to give your carnation a realistic finish.

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers


Here’s some great tips when creating your carnations.

  • Always use flower or modelling paste. Using sugarpaste will cause the flowers to crack and crumble.
  • Dust your surface lightly with icing sugar to stop your paste from sticking, also non-stick boards are extremely helpful.
  • Roll thin. With a good quality flower paste the thinner you roll the more realistic your sugar flowers will look.
  • Dust the flower once dried with powder colour like sugarflair blossom tints and a dry brush to create a variegated finish.
  • If you love this cutter then you have to try The Easiest Rose cutter.. it’s just as fantastic & saves hours of time!

Cover cakes & cupcakes in beautiful carnations!

Creating Easy Carnation Sugar Flowers

Learn how to use the Easiest Carnation Cutter. FMM Sugarcraft have kindly made us a free tutorial to watch at your leisure.

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Make the Easiest Rose Ever

Metallic Cake Finish

Camera Cake Inspiration

Silhouette Cakes

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial


Check out this super Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial brought to you by FMM Sugarcraft.

Using the latest cutters from FMM Sugarcraft making a super cute farm yard cake couldn’t be easier. Novelty cakes are always great fun to make!

The new cute animal cutters make it so much easier to put this gorgeous cake design together without all the extra hand cutting hassle!

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Here’s what they look like once cut. I would definitely recommend using modelling paste here. Modelling paste is firmer and therefore much easier to release from the cutters than sugarpaste. This is even more imprtant in warmer months when sugarpaste can be very sticky making it hard to handle.

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

A quick tip to make your own modelling paste is to use 1tsp of Tylo Powder to 250g of sugarpaste, mix well then seal for 6 hours whilst it has time to work. Tylo makes your sugarpaste easier to work with and also allows it to dry firmer.

Here’s a video to show you exactly how to create your fun farm yard cake.

Daffodil Sugar Flowers

Daffodil Sugar Flowers

An easy to follow Daffodil sugar flowers tutorial.

Spring has sprung and the flower of the month are Daffodils. They are bright vibrant and give everyone a much welcomed spring glow. When I see a daffodil I always invision the sunshine and say goodbye to those horrible cold days!

FMM Sugarcraft have created a new video tutorial for sugarcraft & cake decorators. So learn how to make a completely edible daffodil for a gorgeous spring cake topper now.

Watch this video for a full range of tutorials on Spring Flowers. It includes Daffodil, Primrose, Daisies & Lily of the Valley.

All the cutters and equipment are available from our Spring Flower Collection.

Here’s a full step by step of creating you Daffodil Sugar Flowers.

  1. Attach approx 6 small stamens to a half-length 24-gauge wire.
  2. Cut out the trumpet shape and frill the widest edge with a cocktail stick.
  3. Join the two straight edges together by wrapping around a paintbrush handle.
  4. Pinch the bottom edges together to make a neat cone shape and thread onto a wire. Allow to dry.
  5. Use the petal cutter to cut out from a Mexican Hat the main shape and vein with the Multi Flower veiner.
  6. Cut out a second layer of petals and emboss with the flower veiner.
  7. Soften all of the petal edges before securing the cut petals to the main flower shape.
  8. Thread the trumpet wire through the centres and secure, leaving a reasonable length of cone to the flower. Taper the back of the paste well.
  9. Pinch the tips of the petals and add a long diamond of light brown tape to the base of the cone.
Daffodil Sugar Flowers
Daffodil Sugar Flowers

Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Frozen Christmas Cake Tutorial

We want to help you make your Christmas Cake super special this year so we have added this tutorial using some of our favourite FMM cutters to help you create a really special cake.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Christmas Tree cutter
  • FMM Alphabet tappits (upper case)
  • FMM Press ice – pattern 2 (Zig-Zag)
  • FMM Dab-a-dust – filled with cornflour
  • FMM Impression Mats set 3 (star)
  • FMM Straight Frill set 1-4 (2)

For the full collection of products visit our ‘Let It Snow’ Collection

Step 1.

Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the top with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. You now need to emboss this pattern to the top of your cake, be careful to make sure it is central and exactly where you want it before applying any pressure. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Step 2.

Using the white modelling paste cut three lengths with straight frill cutter – approximately 3mm thick and 1.5cm width. Fix the first two around the back of your cake with edible glue and cut the third to fit the remaining gap. Do not worry if the pattern does not match exactly at this stage.

Step 3.

Take some of the renaming paste and colour with a tiny amount of black – resulting in very light grey. Roll this out to appoximately 3mm thick, brush it all over with silver lustre dust and use the impression mat to emboss it. Then cut out 6 Christmas trees and place them at regular intervals around the base of your cake, use to cover any places where your frills join and place one on top of your cake underneath the pattern you embossed earlier.

Step 4.

Use the Alphabet tappits to cut out the letters to spell out “Let it Snow” in white modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 1 – 2mm with a little corn flour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out. Allow them to dry for a few minutes before arranging on the top of your cake. Once you are happy with the layout, fix in place with a small amount of edible glue.

Step 5.

Next, pipe over your embossed Zig-Zag pattern using royal icing (or place your edible pearls over the embossing – whatever you decided on).

Step 6.

Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.


We hope you enjoy making and eating your Christmas Cake as much as we did! Happy Baking with #CakeItToTheMax

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Make the Easiest Rose Ever

Make the Easiest Rose Ever!!


It’s simple. Thanks to FMM Sugarcrafts innovative product design team, we have an awesome new cutter to make life that little bit easier. They have put their heads together to come up with this magical and competitively priced piece of equipment. It promises great things and comes with a lifetime guarantee!



The thing we liked most about this design is; it benefits beginners, just as much as it benefits expert sugar artists. It will make your life so much easier. Just think, when you next have a sugar rose cascade to do, on the side of that wedding cake, consisting of 150, painstakingly elaborate sugar flowers! It’s going to be a godsend. Thank goodness for the inventors of this world.

easiest_rose2 - Copy

I have been undercover asking people what their honest opinions are of this cutter and so far it’s a full thumbs up from the cakers.

“I use it, I love it” shouted one cake decorator.

“I did the roses on my cake with one I used a mix of 50/50 petal paste with sugarpaste was a time saver,I did use a ball tool to thin the edges as well”

“Love this cutter!!! It worked great for me and was so easy to use”

So check out the tutorial and see what you think, will you Make the Easiest Rose Ever?

Let us know what you think about FMM’s latest invention in the comments below and if you haven’t tried it yet, we have it available on our website for just £5.49 for a limited time.

How To Make an Art Deco Cake

How To Make an Art Deco Cake

Art Deco Cake Design
Art Deco Cake Design

I love the Art Deco style, this style first appeared in France in the 1920’s and can be seen to influence many of our buildings through until the 40’s. Taking this influence and building it in to our cake designs can make for an extremely pleasing and impressive cake. Think symmetrical rather than asymmetrical, it is both glamorous and exuberant in it’s form.

So enough said…. let me show you the cake made using the FMM Sugarcraft Essential Shapes Cutter so you can give this stunning design a go yourself!

Essential Shapes for Art Deco Cakes
Essential Shapes for Art Deco Cakes

What You Will Need

You can achieve a huge range of depth from one colour by adding more or less to your white fondant.

Rainbow Dust Pro-Gel Food Colours

To make your modelling paste from scratch simply add 1tsp of Tylo Powder to 250g of normal fondant/sugarpaste and leave covered to develop over 5 hours before using. We recommend rolling flower paste to 2mm thickness.

Step 1: Roll out your orange modelling paste in a long vertical strip, approximately 45mm wide. Cut out 73 x 38mm diamonds.

Step 2: Roll out your blue and light blue modelling paste in a long vertical strip approximately 45mm wide. Cut out 37 x 38mm diamonds of each colour.

Step 3: Cut each of your diamonds in half lengthways with your knife tool.

Step 4: Practise the pattern on your work surface first: The orange diamonds are placed together by the shortest sides of your shapes. They create a similar shape to a triangle with a piece missing from the centre. On the left hand side of your orange modelling paste match the longest side with your blue modelling past, and then on the right hand side of the orange modelling paste attach the lighter blue modelling paste shapes.

Step 5: Attach the pattern to your cake: Starting in the centre of the bottom tier of your cake, attach the shapes to your cake with water starting with the orange shapes. Then as explained in Step 4 attach the blue on one side and the light blue on the other. Keep working each side of your central point so the join will be at the back of the cake.

Step 6: Once you have completed your first row start a new row above, again starting in the centre of the cake. This time starting with your blue and light blue modelling paste and again working each side. Continue this for 3 rows.

Step 7: Continue this method for one single row on the top tier of your cake.

Step 8: To make the flower for your cake roll out your blue, light blue and orange modelling paste. Using your 5 petal rose cutters cut out your shapes as follows: Blue 90mm, orange 75mm and 50mm and light blue 65mm.

Step 9: Roll out your white modelling paste and cut out a 15mm circle.


Step 10: Lay your largest flower shape flat on your work surface and wet the centre with water. Place your next size down flower on top and continue the same process until you have a blue and orange flower (See picture). Secure your white circle in the centre with water.

Step 11: Leave your flower to dry overnight.

Step 12: Secure the flower to your cake with some Royal Icing. I always use Delia’s Royal Icing Recipe which is really quick and easy.

Why not try switching from plain matt colours to rich metallics by using Rainbow Dust Metallic Edible Paint to add extra luxury!

Thanks for taking the time to read our tutorial How To Make an Art Deco Cake, please feel free to leave a comment or share. Thank you!