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Nurse Inspired Cakes

14 Nurse inspired cakes to get your heart beating!

It’s International Nurse Day today so here’s our Nurse Inspired Cakes blog for a bit of recognition to all those amazing men and women that heal us all, go the extra mile and keep our hospitals running smoothly. This blog is dedicated to you! A big well done to my Granny for dedicating over 20 years to nursing too!

Also a great read if you are doing a nurse or doctor cake soon… there’s some gorgeous idea’s.

1: I love the bandage on top of the cake… it’s so realistic!

Nurse Cakes

2: If you’re good at modelling people then this would be a fantastic idea!

Nurse Cakes

3: It doesn’t just have to be about cake…. include those nurse inspired cupcakes too!

Nurse Inspired Cakes

4: Don’t stick to conventional cake shapes… switch it up and go for a heart shape!!

Nurse Inspired Cakes

5: Love this cake and design… really simple but very effective. Use that football shirt tin for something different and switch to scrubs!

Nurse Cakes

6: So simple and effective, use modelling paste to get your hats and needles to set firm so you can stand them upright or add a little tylo to sugarpaste to create homemade modelling paste.Nurse Inspired Cakes

7: Giant Cupcakes are always fun to make. You can learn how on our Giant Cupcake Blog.

Nurse Inspired Cakes

8: Stacking up those tiers…. nurses need lots of cake so don’t be tight with it!

Nurse Cakes

9: A little different with the navy! Love the writing on this, it’s soooo neat!

Nurse Inspired Cakes

10: Give that nurse a cookie! Or several…. Nurse Inspired Cakes

11: For those newly graduated nurses!

Nurse Inspired Cakes

12: Clean, smart and elegant! Nurse Inspired Cakes

13: Nurse Cake Pops…cute or what!Nurse Inspired Cakes

14: The pasters on this one are great! Love the heart on it to…. Katrina you totally deserve this cake!

Nurse Inspired Cakes
Nurse Inspired Cakes

A huge thanks to all our nurses that make a difference every day and I hope this nurse cake blog has inspired you!

Check out some of our other blogs and remember if you are in need of cake supplies we have fast dispatch of over 2,000 products from cutters to cake boards on our online shop.

Silhouette Cakes

Custard Cream Cheesecake

Giant Cupcake Tutorial Recipe and Examples

Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe

Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe with Examples


This has been the most popular recipe for flavour, texture and simplicity. It has been said by our fans, that it is a complete ‘Fail Safe Recipe’. The only remark that we have heard is:

“the recipe is a little on the large side not by much I may add, but enough to get yourself some yummy cut-off’s!”

That’s a bonus though, right?!

OK, so a big thanks to ‘The Pink Whisk’ for taking the time to create this recipe.


  • 225g butter, softened
  • 410g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs, large
  • 90g self-raising flour
  • 280g plain flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 90g cocoa powder
  • 300ml milk
  • 45ml (3 tbsps) vinegar (malt or white wine vinegar is fine)

For the full method pop over to The Pink Whisks Blog (This opens in a separate window)

So now you know what you need and exactly how to execute your plan!

Next up is how to decorate it. There’s loads of fabulous ways to decorate your cake. Some of our customers have been sharing their Giant Cupcakes using our cake supplies. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me!


  1. First up is Lisa Warrant’s, pretty pink giant cupcake. I love how delicate it is. Lisa has used a ‘Candy Melt Shell’ base on this one and FMM Block Alphabet Cutters for a neat inscription to finish the cake off perfectly.


2. Elena at Heart and Home Cupcakes shared this cute Giant Cupcake with us! Thanks so much for using our Katy Sue lettering to create the fun bubble writing! Elena used our Sugarflair Red Extra to colour the buttercream in red. Achieving red buttercream is a tough task so this is definitely a top tip for any cake decorators out there.


3. Now doesn’t this one make your mouth water!? Why not trying a yummy chocolate finish to your Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe. Thanks to Lyndsey’s Cakes for sharing this one with us.


4. Who needs a better reason to bake than a great cause like Pudsey! The lovely Jackie ‘The Baking Nana’ has made this fantastic Giant Cupcake with normal sized cupcakes to accompany it. Brilliant!


5. Make it floral and fancy like Daisychain’s Cakes has here. I love this Giant Cupcake, the sugar flowers give it a very elegant finish.


6. Beautiful butterflies by our lovely customer Debbie Windsor. Try using sugarpaste instead of buttercream for the top to create a different effect altogether. You can create this effect by using Groovy Windsor Clikstix for the lettering and PME Butterfly Plungers to create your butterflies! Beautiful!


7. Last but not least is this little guy! You can’t not have a Minion Giant Cupcake Cake in the examples.. This awesome cake was made by Paula Barnaby who loved using our Sugarflair Food Colours to create it! Paula made it for her son and we are so pleased she shared it with us on the Facebook Page.

To see all our Giant Cupcake Shares from our share day please check out >This Post< on Facebook.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and admire these wonderful cakes!

10 Cake Textures You Will Love

10 Cake Textures You Will Love

So texture isn’t just about the inside of the cake these days, it’s about making something unique, impressionable and down right gorgeous! Here’s some of our favourite ways to use textures to impress when cake decorating.

1. Rustic Royal Icing – Give these designs a go, using a palette knife with a royal iced finish, alternatively you can also do these designs in buttercream if you are not wanting a completely white finish… pretty them up with sugar flowers for details. You can get Royal Icing Mix and all you have to do is ‘just add water’.


2. Ruffles & Sequins – Yes, it is technically two techniques but my gawwd they go well together! Check out Kara’s Couture homemade sequin tutorial for an easy way to create your very own edible sequins in the video below!texture1

3. Wood Effect – There’s many ways to create these types of texture. I love this one by Ella’s Celestial Cakes. On this awesome cake Ella has created textured buttercream rings on top and modelling chocolate bark on the sides with air brushing and hand painting. You can also get hold of impression mats that will do a lot of the hard work for you!ellascellestrialcakes

4. Mini Texure – Utilising your scissors can create an really sweet leaf effect for your Christmas Tree’s… cute toppers for cupcakes and Christmas Cake details. Don’t write off the equipment sat in the kitchen already!texture

5. Glitter Texture – A great way to make your cake shine! Be sure to use edible not non toxic glitters on your cake to stick to health & hygiene guidelines. Rainbow Dust do a 100% edible range that works great! I love what Kara has done with this simple and fun Halloween Cake!


6. Polka Dot Texture – Now there’s a really long and boring way of planning polka dots out that takes hours of frustration… OR… and it’s a big and awesome or… Use the FMM Press Ice, they do all the hard work of measuring for you, all you have to do is pipe a spot of royal icing to finish it off! Check out the how to tutorial below if you like the idea of this time saving technique.polka_texture

7. Knit Texture – Love this texture design, a great one although a little fiddly.  There’s always the easier option… use an knitting impression mat instead!texture_knit_weave

8. Lace Textured Cake – This is a hand piped lace cake with small ruffle detail. Lace has been huge this year and you can see why with this simple, yet elegant effect!bobetteandbelle

9. Elegant Brush Embroidery – Ok ok, if you haven’t checked out how to do this yet please see the tutorial I have included by SweetAmbs… It’s the best thing since sliced bread or rolling pins to keep it cake orientated!! Brush embroidery is done with a brush and royal icing, once dried you can highlight in metallic edible paint for this rather royal, gold finish.brush_embroidery_texture

10. 3D Triangle Texture – This effect is really pretty, taking a simple circle and folding it in to a triangle. Use a little bit of edible glue to attach your shapes and voila!! I would recommend using a bit of Tylose Powder with your fondant when doing these, it helps the fondant to dry firm and stops your shapes sagging! textures_preciouspeggys

On our Facebook Page we asked our customers to show us some ways on how they’ve been creating textures on their cakes and I have to say they’ve done such a fantastic job!

Cake below is by Daisychains Cakes – There’s loads of textures on this cake, using an airbrush to create a fur finish and the grass nozzle tube for piping the grass on the board! Just look at those eyes!!


Cake below by Fancy Cakes by Linda – Using the FMM wood embosser, Ceri has created a textured finish to her fence and bird box! Cutter are available to create the bird house and fencing… much easier than doing it all by hand!


Cake below by Hassalls Hand Baked Heaven – Gemma has used a number of cake tools as well as the stitching tool to create the realistic leather effect of the super fun Doc Martins cake, just too awesome for words if you ask me!


I hope you enjoyed this 10 Cake Textures You Will Love blog! For more textured cakes check out our post where are fans shared their designs!

Happy Baking Lovelies!

Using FMM Tappits

Using FMM Tappits

Using FMM Tappits

There’s lots of different types of tappits available from FMM Sugarcraft and in this blog we are going to share their handy downloadable PDF with you as well as sharing some tips we have picked up when using FMM Tappits and some beautiful example cakes of using our favourite Block Alphabet Tappits.

We’ll start you off with using FMM Tappits by FMM Sugarcraft.

Tappits are a unique way of creating decorative designs and lettering to suit all levels of sugarcrafters from beginners to advanced. It is an easy way to decorate and complement cakes for all types of occasions. To achieve good definition it is advisable to use a good quality flower paste. Dust a non-stick board lightly with a little cornflour or cornstarch, then roll out a strip of the flower paste in the chosen colour, very thinly, as you would for flower petals. Place the strip running top to bottom on the board and lightly dust the surface with cornflour/cornstarch. Select the Tappit, placing the cutter across the strip:

(Illustration A)

Using Tappit Tutorial
Using FMM Tappit Tutorial, the font printed here is The Old English Alphabet Tappits.


Press the Tappit firmly onto the paste, move the cutter backwards and forwards to get a clean cut. Tilt the Tappit towards you and peel off the excess paste.

If you are using a design Tappit, before releasing the shape gently press down on the design using a finger dusted in cornflour/cornstarch or a piece of sponge foam: this will pick up the embossing fine detail from the cutter. To remove the design, hold one end of the cutter tapping the other end firmly on the edge of the board/table to release.

(Illustration B)



The shapes can be attached straight away to the cake and secured using edible glue. To achieve a two-dimensional effect the design/letter pieces can be dried and used as free-standing decorations. Use royal icing or softened sugar paste to secure in position. Additional colour may be painted onto the dried Tappit designs using a selection of paste or dust colours mixed with a little clear alcohol.

Our current Tappits are as follows:

We’ve linked all the Tappits to save you time finding more information. This quick link will give you further tips & advice as well as a great price for you to buy them. Those not linked are not currently available from PartyAnimalOnline.

Download FMM Sugarcraft PDF to print it up > HERE

Top tips for using Tappits… roll your flower paste thin!

Using FMM Tappits

Tips & Advice from PartyAnimalOnline & Fans

If you struggle getting your modelling paste out of FMM Tappits try these really great tips and never struggle again!

1.  ALWAYS use Flower / Modelling Paste or treated Sugarpaste with Tylo (Approx 1tsp to 250g & wait 6 hours)

2.  Roll your paste thin… you need to be able to see through it almost!

3.  Dust a light lustre of Cornflour on your cutters and paste before you cut. This stops the paste from sticking.

4.  Once you’ve rolled your paste thin, walk away and pop the kettle on if you leave it 3-5 minutes before cutting it releases so much easier!

5.  If all else fails then the TOP TIP is to put a layer of cling film over the paste before cutting, cut your letters and then remove the clingfilm, it acts as a barrier making it impossible for the paste to stick to the cutters!


Examples of FMM Block Tappits by PartyAnimalOnline Customers

Click on the pictures to see more of this wonderful artists work. In each picture the lettering used are the FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.

Cakes by She Who Bakes
Cakes by She Who Bakes


Cupcake by Victorious Cupcakes.
Cupcake by Victorious Cupcakes.


Mayo Cake by The CUP Cakery
Cake by The CUP Cakery using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.


Cake by Cakes and Toppers by Charlotte using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.
Cake by Cakes and Toppers by Charlotte using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits.


Cake by Judy Ryder shared on our Facebook Page using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits
Cake by Judy Ryder shared on our Facebook Page using FMM Block Alphabet Tappits


Thanks for those who shared your wonderful cakes with us! We hope this blog helps you make the most of your Tappits!

National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day 2014

Well today is National Cake Day! I’m so glad we have a national day for cakes… I mean it is one of the better ones… just for clarification it means all cakes consumed on the 26th November are officially zero calorie content, I mean it’s National Cake Day, right, as much cake as you can stuff in your face…. Well that’s how I perceive it, I think it’s good logic!

To celebrate this years National Cake Day we’ve been asking you to share your favourite cake on our Facebook Page and telling us just why you love them so much. I want to share a few of our favourites so far with you, there’s so many to pick from so we’ll list a few so you can drool and dribble just like we have!

Funky Mamas


Funky Mamas favourite cake they’ve ever made! Fantastic design and a wonderful contribution to National Cake Day! Bravo!

Cupcake By Julie

The above cake is Cupcakes By Julie’s favourite cake ever made!! I can totally see why… this is a cake for those who love cake & wine….. what a fantastic combo! Julie’s customer was over the moon with this creation, she could hardly believe it was a cake!

Wedding Cake National Cake Day

You can’t have a bigger reason than to choose this cake as your favourite when it’s your very own Wedding Cake made with your own fair hands! Michelle’s extra special cake for a wonderfully special day. Made by JakeyBakeyCakey

National Cake Day

Above Photo “This was my ‘proudest’ cake – for a wedding in the magnificent York Minster “- By the extremely talented Fiona Edden from Feendish Delights – Fabulous addition to our National Cake Day Shares!


“If you ask which is my favourite – this giant burger cake for my son birthday is the best ever because it make him really surprised and happy. All he wanted was a normal burger, but i made this!” by Raja Halida Raja Shahdan – National Cake Day should bring Joy & Happiness and this picture certainly sums those feelings up!! Now that’s what cake is all about!


Izzy’s Cakes favourite ever cake is this gorgeous looking Peter Rabbit Cake! Stuuning!


“Hello, sharing my Mothers cake, a mix of matching cupcakes and larger cake with lace. Family cakes are just as important and I love to add my own personal touch and love into them.” by Ann from Madiapple Cakes – Family Cakes are always extra special and this one is particularly beautiful!


The above cake was made by Maries Bakehouse  we asked her why this was her favourite cake… “This was the Up House I made for a wedding last year. Battled in very hot summer weather with buttercream and ganache that wouldn’t set, but enjoyed every single minute of making this one” – Marie. Bakers everywhere have gone through hell & high water to create their fantastic cakes and nothing holds them back! Well done Marie!


Cakesakimbo’s favourite cake is this amazing Alice In Wonderland Cake. Here’s some background by Andy… “I made this cake in September, it was my first tiered cake, it came second in our local cake decorating competition and I just love it” This is just amazing for a first ever stacked cake! Wicked cake to share on National Cake Day!


Wow a fantastic mythical unicorn cake by Cakin’ Faerie – Cake Design and Decoration – “My fave cake has to be Emily’s Unicorn from earlier this year – totally out of my comfort zone and first cake coloured using only the airbrush” – Suzanne Readman from Cakin’ Faerie. I just adore the airbrushed effect it gives such a realistic finish to cakes! Amazing!


National Cake Day isn’t just about pretty, girly cakes it’s about appreciating the sheer talent and time put in to each individual cake and my goodness this gory, zombie cake sure has that!! Here’s what Zoe had to say about her favourite cake…. ” This is my favourite so far! He stood about a foot and half tall. There’s so much detail to this cake like a missing piece of skull with visible brains, shredded finger nails on the severed hands, popped out eyeball to list only a few but you have to check out the close up photos on my page! I had way too much fun but in order to get the details accurate my internet history looks REALLY dodgy!!” – Posted by Zoe Wynne at The Cake Junction – Hahaha I bet Zoe… now that’s one hell of a cake!

We’ve included the links to all these very talented artists on the posts so if you fancy seeing more of their work, pop by their Facebook pages.

Thanks for all the fabulous shares! We love seeing your work and seeing what you use our cake decorating products to create!

Happy National Cake Day lovelies xxx




Dragon Cakes

Dragon Cakes and Creations shared by our customers & fans on the Facebook page and voted by You!

We have now got out Top 10 Dragon Cakes to inspire you! I won’t keep you waiting any longer, here’s the top voted!

1. Sugar Mummys Cupcakes by Carrie Bodle – “This is one of my most recent cakes – Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 2. I don’t often make 3D figure cakes – think I have made three that I can think of off the top of my head, so still surprises me when they turn out how I envisage”  – Well deserved top most voted by fans by the very talented Carrie. It’s such a beautiful cake, making full use of the board with some gorgeous Groovy Lettering.

Dragon Cake
Carrie Bodle – How To Train Your Dragon – Sculpted Dragon Cake


2. Cake for Mates flies in at Number 2 with this very realistic Dragon Cakes! ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ has certainly inspired us to create some fantastic Dragons. This was your next favourite out of all the shares and earned it’s place at number 2!

Dragon Cake
Dragon Cakes. How To Train Your Dragon by Cakes for Mates.


3. Dave Mason from Daves All Occasions Cakes swooped in at number 3 with a very realistic sculpted dragon cake finishing off the cake with an airbrushed finish to create depth! This is one of my faves and no surprise to see it land in the Top 10 thanks to all the votes! Dave entered this gorgeous cake in to Cake International earlier this year.

Realistic Dragon Cake
David Mason Realistic Dragon Cake


4. Fourth Place is The Happy Caker with this gravity defying cake! A very impressive piece and here’s what The Happy Caker had to say about her piece – “This is an oldie but one that still has a special place in my heart. I made Stuffy the dragon for my son’s 2nd birthday last year. It was my first standing cake and it proved to be quite a challenge for me!” Stuffy will be pleased with a strong 4th position from fans!

Cartoon Dragon Cake
The Happy Caker Sculpted Dragon Cake


5. – Our lovely fan Lisa Warrant has come in 5th place with this little beauty. Lisa is a Hobby Baker and has made this cake for her twins Birthday last year, I’m sure she’ll be over the moon to see her Dragon come in 5th place out of over 40 entries thanks to your votes!

How to Train Your Dragon Cake by Lisa Warrant
How to Train Your Dragon Cake by Lisa Warrant


It total this week we had over 40 entries and loads of votes so thanks everyone for joining in. Here’s places 6-10…


6. Sixth place goes to Buttercups by Bezmerelda on this awesome ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Cake… truly wonderful modelling!

By Buttercups by Bezmerelda
By Buttercups by Bezmerelda

7. Seventh Place goes to Cakes by Lisa Jayne.. just wonderful, all the rocks were carved from a 10″ round!

Cakes by Lisa Jayne
Cakes by Lisa Jayne


8. At Number 8 is this adorable Dragon Cake by Deb Burnett from Cloud Cupcake Land, made for her Dragon Mad Mother! It’s brilliant and voted by you guys in to the top 10!

Deb from Cloud Cupcake Land
Deb from Cloud Cupcake Land

9. Number Nine is Zoepop’s Cakes with this fabulous Baby Dragon Cake bursting from it’s shell! Zoe got the design idea from Debbie Browns Designs.

By Zoepop's Cakes
By Zoepop’s Cakes

10.  Last but by no means least is this fantastic vibrant dragon by Jennifer Ridley at Jen’s Custom Iced Cakes.

By Jennifer Ridley
By Jennifer Ridley


A huge thank you to all that voted for these wonderful cakes. Why not try making a dragon yourself and giving cake sculpting a go! Here’s a good layout template to bring your dragon to life!

Found on Instructables.
Found on Instructables.


Handy Items for your Dragon Cakes and Quick Links >




Giraffe Cakes

Giraffe Themed Cakes and Cookies

Giraffe Themed Cakes and Cookies

On Monday you shared you Giraffe Cakes and Cookies with us across all of our Social Media Platforms and there were just so many beautiful cakes made by you so thank you for sharing. We love seeing what you’ve made with the products you purchase from us! All the cutters, colours and modelling pastes come to life in an amazing creation of art!

We would love to have all of your cakes posted up but we have had to make the very tough decision of narrowing them down to just 10! I really loved seeing this theme, the Giraffe Cakes are so popular and absolutely fabulous for Birthday’s and Christenings!

So after much deliberation here’s the Top 10 as voted by the PartyAnimalOnline team, G+ Fans, Twitter Fans & Facebook Fans.

1. Bluebirds Bakehouse: With their gorgeous Giraffe and matching cuppies. Bluebirds Bakehouse is based in Dover, Kent in the UK.

2. Bellaria Cakes Design by Riany Clement: A very vibrant cake with button detail. I love the blush added to the cheeks on this little cheeky giraffe. Bellaria Cakes are based in Amsterdam.


3. The Custom Cakery: the hand painted detail on this Giraffe is brilliant! You’ve just got to love that little bow tie! The Custom Cakery are based in Doncaster, UK.


4. Sprinkled with love x Nottingham: Nawww, very cute and pretty in pink. What a lovely handmade cake topper! Sprinkled With Love is based in Nottingham, UK


5. Fancy Cakes by Linda: Adorable little Noah’s Ark Cake with little hand modelled Giraffes. I really love the font used, made with Groovy Clikstix Upper Case, adds the perfect finish! Fancy Cakes by Linda is run by Linda & Ceri and based in Stevenage, UK.


6. Chris’ Creative Confections: These are so cute and a lovely idea for a Christening or New Baby! The Giraffe cookie is my favourite! Chris’ Creative Confections is based in Illinois, USA.


7. Jenny’s Cakes: It’s nice to see how Jenny has converted this cute cuddly into a cake! Toys can all be apart of the inspiration. A beautiful sharp edge finish!! Jenny’s Cakes is based in Melbourne, Australia.


8. Sweet Dreams: This cakes awesome, the hand painted detail and glazed finish looks fantastic. I love the idea of using the cake as the body, very creative! Sweet Dreams is based in Florida, USA.


9. Killer Zebra’s: I just LOVE the name of this business!! What beautiful cookie designs & this little beauty is just one of a gorgeous set to go with our Giraffe theme! Killer Zebras are based in Washington, USA.


10. Cakes by Caroline: This is a little different, bringing in the Giraffe print rather than modelling a figure and it works so well! Fantastic work! Cakes by Caroline are based in Bromley, UK.



That concludes our Giraffe shares for this week, don’t worry if your cake wasn’t posted to the Top 10, we will be sharing all our cakes across our social media platforms so everyone can see your wonderful creations! I hope you get chance to join in next week….whatever the animal is next time!

See our other fan share blogs:

Thanks for taking time to follow us and buy your products from our website & eBay store! It means the world to us!