Teddy Bear Cakes

Teddy Bear Cakes

Teddy Bear Cakes

Here’s some teddy bear cakes for you to admire! It’s national teddy bear day tomorrow, so what better day to show them off!

I’ll be filling this blog with inspiration, teddy bear tutorials and cool teddy bear cake decorating supplies for your homemade cakes.

First up we have this stunning hand painted cake by Time for Tiffin, Liz does so many awesome designs and this has to be one of my favourites! Mix up your edible paint using Sugarflair Paste colours and a touch of vodka or rejuvenator liquid!

Teddy Bear Cakes

I stumbles across this cute design on Pinterest… I love it on there! Gorgeous pallet of colour on this one by Torty a la Myska.

Teddy Bear Cakes

Personally I’m a big fan of those who go the extra mile with creativity on the board! The wood effect on this cake really makes it stand out and it can be created so easily with Impression mats and a little food colouring. Cake by Crafty Confections.

Teddy Bear Cakes

This airbrushed cake looks so cool! I love the golden shimmer added to it! Created by passioni di zucchero.

Teddy Bear Cakes

How about a nautical themed ted? This is simply beautiful by Bella’s Bakery. You can create realistic shells using a range of moulds and modelling paste. I personally love the shells and starfish mould by Alphabet Moulds.

Teddy Bear Cakes

I can tell a Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes cake from a mile away, Shereen just has the most awesome way with colours! I mean how cute is this?!?!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Romantic Ted! McGreevy Cakes has outdone herself with this one… gorgeous decoupage design. I’ll have this one for Valentines Day please! 😉

Teddy Bear Cakes

Cute Teddy Bear Picnic Cake by The Cupcake Lady. Create the floating balloon effect using a strong wire or dowel… gravity defying!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Tea Break for Ted! How adorable by Bake-A-Boo. Love the biscuits on the side!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Julie Cains Cakes has always really stood out to me! I love Julies individual style of creating texture. Amazing to know: each piece of sugarpaste is rolled to create hundreds of fury spikes! Now that’s dedication from a talented cake artist!

Teddy Bear Cakes

We love this wonderful design made by Marion Frost. The teddy on top was made using the Patchwork Cutters ‘Make a Teddy’ cutter! Fab ay!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Again the last contribution to our blog is by Marion Frost over at Patchwork Cutters. Marion has used the large number cutters and teddy bear cutter from the ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ set to create this simply stunning cake. Loving the daisy detail on the big 3!

Teddy Bear Cakes

A cute simple Teddy Tutorial found on Pinterest.


Check out this vid by Just Cake It on how to make a teddy! It just gives you the ideas to start practicing yourself and remember we have loads of goods to help you on our Online Store so feel free to pop on for the ‘live’ chat option too!

If you liked this blog you can check out our Teddy Bear Cakes Collection here for loads of goodies that will help you with your Teddy Bear Cakes! For more inspiration visit our Teddy Cake Board on Pinterest!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries in jar

This is the second instalment in our new Health Kick side of the Party Animal Online blog. I have been busy in the kitchen creating an devouring these Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

They are so simple to make, you could even get the kids involved! They look really nice on their own or wrapped in the Cake Pop Bags.

Ingredients and Essentials

Step One

Pop the stalks from out of the strawberries and then push the Cake Pop Stick in the strawberry, do this until you have the required number of ‘Strawberry Pops’ . Whilst you are doing this pop the kettle on to boil the water for the Choco Writers.

Strawberries with Cake Pop Sticks Inserted

Step Two

Lay them out onto board or a baking tray and then pop the Choco Writers into a jug of hot water until the chocolate is full melted (I didn’t find the tubes were too hot once taken from the water but you might want to check before letting children handle them)

Choco Writers in jug of hot water

Step Three

Undo the lids of the Choco Writers and snip off a little of the nozzle, then begin to drizzle the chocolate over the strawberries. Those that are watching their Calories/Macros you could pop the tray on some digital kitchen scales to monitor how much chocolate you are putting on. I did this and used less than 2g of the chocolate over 6 strawberries!

Choco Writers used on strawberries

Step Four

Once covered pop them onto a clean plate/board to allow the chocolate to harden. I did a couple with the a single Choco Writer on and then a couple with all three Choco Writers on.

Strawberries hardening with Choco Writers

Step Five

Once the chocolate has hardened you can pop the Chocolate Covered Strawberries into the Cake Pop Bags or eat straight off the plate!

Chocolate covered strawberries in cake pop bags


I also made some Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Sprinkles on as well and I will cover this in a future post. For now, enjoy your Chocolate Covered Strawberries guilt free!



Edible Glitter Cupcakes

Edible Glitter Cupcakes and using glitters… It’s your…


All glitters used on these pictures are 100% edible and are by Rainbow Dust called Edible Glitters. Don’t get these mixed up with the other ranges, yes they aren’t quite as sparkly as non-toxic glitters but these are 100% edible and don’t require and removal before consumption so you can go wild with them!

Edible Glitter Cupcakes:


Edible Glitters were used on these cupcakes. Rainbow Dust have paired them with the ProGel food colours to match the shade to make them stand out even more! Simply make up your buttercream and add Rainbow Dust ProGel colours to it, mix in well until all the colour is even and vibrant then pipe as normal with your round piping tube, then simply sprinkle the matching coloured glitter on top and leave to set! You get a perfect set of rainbow, vibrant, glittery and completely fabulous cupcakes.

Why not try some other ideas with Rainbow Dust ProGel Food Colours and matching edible glitters..


Go all out and cover your whole cake in it!! To do this you will require edible glue to stick the glitter to the sugarpaste. Simply add a thin layer with a brush to the areas you would like to cover and sprinkle on top!


As I’m sure you’re all aware there has been quite a lot of controversy in the cake world over the past few years regarding edible glitters. Everyone has different opinions but here’s the facts in a brief summary to bring you up to date just in case you’ve missed the full story. A ll the pictures shown above have been made with 100% edible glitter which can be purchased > HERE

What Can I Use?

You can use either Food Contact Glitters or Edible Glitters, the basic difference is the Food Contact Glitters must be removed before consuming your tasty little cuppie! All that is required by you is to let your customers know to remove the glitter before eating and the easiest and fairest way for this to happen is not to cover your cupcakes in mountains of glitter but to add to some sugarpaste details that can easily be picked off.

Edible Glitters can be used and sprinkled on without need for warning of removal and you are free to add as much as you like. The truth is these glitters aren’t a sparkly and they never will be but if you want to be on the safe side this is the best way to go! Choose reputable brands and trusted names like Rainbow Dust who also have all their certificates available on their website to download.


  • Legally if you are selling your cakes you must let the customer know if you use anything that is not 100% edible on the cake.
  • Real edible glitter will never be as sparkly as the non- toxic range.
  • Edible items have a list of ingredients on them, if they don’t the chances are they are not edible.



Easter Chick Cake Pops

Easter Chick Cake Pops

easter chick cake pops
Our easy how to on making easter chick cake pops. Fun with all the family.

Easter isn’t that far away and if you are looking for cake pop ideas then these little easter chick cake pops should fit the bill! They are very simple to make and will be a great addition to your Easter cake creations.

You will need for your Easter Chick Cake Pops:

cake pops DSC_0073 DSC_0075

To make the cake balls please check out our blog post on creating cake pops step-by-step! This will show you how to make the cake balls and basic dipping instructions. Melt the PME Yellow Candy Buttons and dip the end of  a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then into the cake ball.



Once set dip the whole cake into the melted chocolate. If the sponge is dark, like chocolate cake, you may need to dip it twice so the cake doesn’t show through.


Once you have dipped your cake pop and shaken off the excess quickly attach an orange coated chip for the nose and two yellow ones for the wings. If you can’t get hold of these coated chips you can use melted chocolate instead but make sure to add them after main cake pop has dried.

For the eyes I melted some PME Black Candy Buttons and used a toothpick to paint the eyes on.

 DSC_0081  DSC_0154

And that’s it! I can see why these are so popular to make with them being so simple! Don’t forget to present these using the Culpitt Cake Pop Bags. If you have a go yourself share your pictures with us at Party Animal Online!



Rainbow Cake Pops

Rainbow Cake Pop Tutorial


What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than these Pot O’ Gold Cake Pops filled with Rainbow goodness!

You will need:

Before we begin please go have a read of my cake pop tutorial which goes through the basics of making cake pops and how to avoid the usual cake pop problems!

Had a read? Good! Lets start with the rainbow cake balls. I made a 3 egg cake mix and divided it between 6 containers. To each mix I added a different Sugarflair Gel Food Paste from our rainbow set; Christmas Red, Grape Violet, Ice Blue, Melon, Party Green & Tangerine. I then made cupcakes with the mix managing to make 3 cupcakes of each colour.

Once the cupcakes were baked and left to cool I then crumbed these down and added some buttercream to make the crumbs into a dough.



To make a rainbow cake ball I took a small amount of each colour and rolled them into ball. I then stacked them into my Cake Pop Baller (aka Meatball maker!) in the following order; Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red. Press the cake pop baller down as much as you can letting any excess fall away.



When you remove the ball it should look something like this:


Continue making rainbow balls untill you run out of dough, I managed to make 20!


After leaving the cake balls overnight in the fridge it was time to dip them! I melted some PME Milk Chocolate Candy Buttons and first dipped the end of the stick into the chocolate and then into the ball.


After fully dipping them into the chocolate I tapped off the excess and left to dry upside down on greaseproof paper, I pushed down slightly to make the ‘rim’ of the pot.


When the cake pops were completely dry I carefully peeled them off the greaseproof paper

Since I had no yellow candy buttons around I decided to try using the new PME White Vanilla Candy Buttons & Squires Kitchen Cocol to colour the buttons myself.

At first I thought I would try the gold colour (from the warm set) but unfortunately it didn’t work at all for colouring the chocolate. Instead I used the yellow colour (also from the warm set) to colour the vanilla candy melts a light yellow. I then poured a tiny bit on top of the cake pop.




Before the chocolate set I sprinkled on some Gold Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter to make the pot of gold truly sparkle! It really did make a great difference to the cake pop and the fact that it is 100% edible is a bonus!




There you have it Pot O’Gold Rainbow Cake Pops all ready for a St Patrick’s Day Party! However you celebrate the holiday this year have a good one and don’t forget to share your St Patrick’s Day creations with us at Party Animal Online!


Affordable Cupcake Stands – 50% OFF

Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.
Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.


We had a great give-away on our Facebook page just last week to win one of the awesome new PME cupcake stands, after loads of you took part in our Share and Shout Out day, a name was picked out of the hat at random! The lucky winner Angie from Blossom Dream Cakes was kind enough to send a lovely picture of her cakes on the brand new stand and it really gives them the elegant finish they deserve!

My favourite part of working for PartyAnimalOnline is getting to do the give-away’s and knowing how happy it makes all the wonderful cake decorators out there! It’s funny because the first reaction from someone that wins something is to say “Me…..but I never win anything!” and I have to say I like being the one who changes that!

We hold competitions discounts and offers regularly on our Facebook page and in our Newsletter so pop over if you haven’t visited yet. Thank you for all your interest in the latest PME Cupcake Stand and I’m pleased to tell you that as a treat to all our fabulous customers we have reduced it to 50% OFF until the end of February 2014 so you can all treat yourselves to a cheeky Valentines Day present this month by visiting our website for just £12.48!

Enjoy everyone and bring on the next give-away!

PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.
PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.





Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

This recipe is perfect for Red Velvet Cake but would also be fabulous on all other cupcakes especially ones with a carrot cake twist!

This recipe creates a firm mix that is great to pipe with. If you find the mix is too firm you can let it down with a very small dash of milk. Alternatively if it’s not firm enough simply add a little more icing sugar! Our cream cheese recipe is simple and will only take 10 minutes to whip together.


The Recipe

150g Cream Cheese

30g of Non Salted Butter

350g of Sifted Icing Sugar

1tsp of Lemon Juice


Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe perfect for Red Velvet Cake


This parts so easy! Mix the cream cheese and butter well together until fully blended, sift your icing sugar on to the buttercream mix and whisk well. Finally add in your lemon juice and mix again, this is quite a heavy mix but it tastes soooo good!

Add a little extra icing sugar if needed and then refrigerate while your cakes are cooling, this will help when piping, especially if you have hot hands like me!

After the cakes have cooled 30mins to an hour, get your Cream Cheese Frosting out the fridge, dish generously in to a piping bag with a nozzle and swirl away on your tasty, now even tastier Cupcakes.

If you need some toppers to finish them off why not see some of our other tutorials.

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–          Elegant Heart Toppers

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs, feel free to leave comments asking questions about any of our latest posts or tell us what you would like to see more of!