Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe

Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe with Examples


This has been the most popular recipe for flavour, texture and simplicity. It has been said by our fans, that it is a complete ‘Fail Safe Recipe’. The only remark that we have heard is:

“the recipe is a little on the large side not by much I may add, but enough to get yourself some yummy cut-off’s!”

That’s a bonus though, right?!

OK, so a big thanks to ‘The Pink Whisk’ for taking the time to create this recipe.


  • 225g butter, softened
  • 410g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs, large
  • 90g self-raising flour
  • 280g plain flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 90g cocoa powder
  • 300ml milk
  • 45ml (3 tbsps) vinegar (malt or white wine vinegar is fine)

For the full method pop over to The Pink Whisks Blog (This opens in a separate window)

So now you know what you need and exactly how to execute your plan!

Next up is how to decorate it. There’s loads of fabulous ways to decorate your cake. Some of our customers have been sharing their Giant Cupcakes using our cake supplies. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me!


  1. First up is Lisa Warrant’s, pretty pink giant cupcake. I love how delicate it is. Lisa has used a ‘Candy Melt Shell’ base on this one and FMM Block Alphabet Cutters for a neat inscription to finish the cake off perfectly.


2. Elena at Heart and Home Cupcakes shared this cute Giant Cupcake with us! Thanks so much for using our Katy Sue lettering to create the fun bubble writing! Elena used our Sugarflair Red Extra to colour the buttercream in red. Achieving red buttercream is a tough task so this is definitely a top tip for any cake decorators out there.


3. Now doesn’t this one make your mouth water!? Why not trying a yummy chocolate finish to your Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe. Thanks to Lyndsey’s Cakes for sharing this one with us.


4. Who needs a better reason to bake than a great cause like Pudsey! The lovely Jackie ‘The Baking Nana’ has made this fantastic Giant Cupcake with normal sized cupcakes to accompany it. Brilliant!


5. Make it floral and fancy like Daisychain’s Cakes has here. I love this Giant Cupcake, the sugar flowers give it a very elegant finish.


6. Beautiful butterflies by our lovely customer Debbie Windsor. Try using sugarpaste instead of buttercream for the top to create a different effect altogether. You can create this effect by using Groovy Windsor Clikstix for the lettering and PME Butterfly Plungers to create your butterflies! Beautiful!


7. Last but not least is this little guy! You can’t not have a Minion Giant Cupcake Cake in the examples.. This awesome cake was made by Paula Barnaby who loved using our Sugarflair Food Colours to create it! Paula made it for her son and we are so pleased she shared it with us on the Facebook Page.

To see all our Giant Cupcake Shares from our share day please check out >This Post< on Facebook.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and admire these wonderful cakes!

Hen Party Cupcake Toppers

Hen Party Cupcake Toppers

Hen Party Cupcakes
Hen Cupcakes with Cake It To The Max PartyAnimalOnline

For my wonderful friends Hen Party I made some ‘well behaved’ cupcake toppers. As much as I thought it would be down right hilarious to make phallic looking objects out of sugarpaste and pop them on top of the cupcakes for all to admire.. I thought better of myself….this is a public blog for PartyAnimalOnline after all, so instead, I have made some cupcakes suitable for all ages to see, to add a little bit of ‘dignity’ to the hen party with little effort and at least this way they are more Mum & Grandma appropriate!


I made them in the style of Learner Plates and Tattoo Styled script. I chose colours of reds & blues with a Nutella frosting but there’s nothing to stop you choosing any colour selection you would like as Renshaws do a lovely range of flower paste in 8 different colours. I used our tried & tested Caramel Toffee Cupcakes & Nutella Frosting recipe.

What You Will Need

Step 1: Knead and roll your read modelling paste until it’s nice and thin, the thinner the better as it takes less time to dry. Use your Windsor Clikstix to cut 12 ‘L’ shapes for your learner plates out the modelling paste. I find cutting it in a strip the easiest way to get quick letters, as shown in the picture. Eject the ‘L’ letter with the easy ejectors on the Windsor Clikstix and pop them on the side to dry whilst creating your squares.


Step 2: For the square you can either use the Windsor Clikstix Square cutters or simply make a template of the size you want the square with some paper and then cut the modelling paste with a knife to the template. Once you have made 12 squares… sometimes a good idea to make a few spares for those that go a little wrong…there’s always a few breakages etc. Once done use a little edible glue to attach the ‘L’ shape to the white square and leave to set on the side.


Step 3: Roll a little more red modelling paste out, as fine as the others and simply cut 12 hearts using your heart cutters. Then set aside whilst you create your scroll design.


Step 4: I used a little template by drawing the shape I wanted the scroll to be, this ensures they are all a similar size and simply cut them in to a straight forward rectangle. Once you have done that cut a ‘V’ out of each end of the rectangle as shown below. You can then simply bend the scroll slightly to create a wave in it. As shown in the picture below.


Step 5: Add a small amount of glue to the back of your scroll and attach it to your heart in the position you would like it, I chose to go for a slight diagonal angle..


Step 6: I recommend doing the first part up until this point a few hours before, this will give the flower paste time to set and make it easier for writing on the sugarpaste with edible pen without the risk of it bleeding in to the sugarpaste. I did mine all in the same session so it can be done but for the best results leave them to set first.


Step 7: Once your flower paste has been left to dry for a couple of hours, use the edible black pen to write whatever you fancy on your scroll… it can get as cheeky as you like! However I stuck to ‘reserved’ cupcakes 😉 such as ‘HENS’ – ‘BRIDE TO BE’ – ‘MR & MRS’ & ‘RUTH’ for the Bride To Be of course! The edible pens also are available in a range of colours so if you are going for pastel colours you can choose a more subtle colour to fit your Hen Party Cupcake Toppers theme.


Step 8: Leave them to dry and make your cupcakes… by the time they have cooled and you’ve added the frosting of your choice these will be ready to go straight on the top!hen_cupcakes9

Feel free to ask any question about products used, I’ve tried to add most the links in the top in the ‘What You Will Need’ list. Everything used in this blog is of course available from our dedicated online shop – PartyAnimalOnline: helping you Cake It To The Max! Hope you like our Hen Party Cupcake Toppers, we’d love to hear what you think!





Uniform Size Cupcakes

Create Uniform Size Cupcakes Easily.

Have you been wondering how to get your cupcakes all the same size? I know I was until someone told me a really simple way… an ice cream scoop! That’s right, no more messing around with spoons and pure guesswork! Pick one of these up for a couple of quid and it will make your life so much easier… ok, so maybe not your life but definitely your baking..! 😉

ice-cream-scoop-3-lgIce cream scoops come in a variety of sizes, the one you need will depend on the size of your cases and if you want domed or flat cupcakes. I use a 49mm size which seems to cover the size of cupcakes I make.

ice cream scoop for cupcakes


And there you have it, all your cupcakes will all be the same and ready to decorate!

cupcakesI used mine to make these 4th July cupcakes, banana split flavour with yellow & white butter cream, drizzled with melted chocolate and loaded with sprinkles, YUM!


If you enjoyed reading about this Top Top why not check out some of our other blogs, like these:

Don’t forget PartyAnimalOnline also sell a huge range of Cupcake Cases and Boxes at the very lowest prices. Pop over and check out the Shop to have a nosey…




Beach Themed Cupcakes

Beach Themed Cupcakes by Victorious Cupcakes.


Our latest guest blogger to join us is the fantastic Victoria Threader from Victorious Cupcakes. Victoria is really well known for her columns and recipes in Good To Know Recipes and we are absolutely delighted to have her join us here too.

This Step by Step will show you how to make these awesome Beach Themed Cupcakes and include instructions and what products you will need to achieve your results. You might have similar products already in your collection that you can improvise with, but in case you need them I have added the links to the list of what’s been used.




Step 1

Colour 440g of the sugarpaste pale blue, 20g yellow, 10g Royal Blue, 10g Green, 10g Red and leave 10g White.


Step 2

Roll out the pale blue and, using the double sided circle cutter, cut 12 circles the size of your cupcakes. Cut using vegetable fat to stop the icing sticking to your cutter or work surfaces. Place on a foam mat to dry.


Step 3

Roll the yellow sugarpaste  out finely and then cut another circle the same size as the original but this time cut the bottom third off it and use this as your sand. Attach with a brush and a little water.


Step 4

With the remaining yellow cut 12 small circles using the tip of a plain-tipped piping tube. If the sugarpaste gets stuck simply nudge it out with the soft end of the brush. Attach to the cupcake as shown before with a small amount of water.


Step 5

Roll and cut 1 strip of white and 1 strip of red, 1cm wide. Cut little red and white rectangles, 2cm long for the huts. Apply to the cupcakes.


Step 6

Once the huts have been arranged on the sand, use a sharp knife to score door marks on the front of the huts.


Step 7

Use the zig-zag cutter to cut out the roof shape. You can find this cutters in FMM Straight Frill set 5-8. Attach the roofs with a little water.


Step 8

Cut out the navy icing, using round and scalloped cutters, cut out a small piece to make the water. Stick on, as before.


Step 9

Roll out green and with a suitable smaller circle cutter, cut out the hills and place them to the side of the huts. Stick on, as before.


Step 10

Finally use the black edible pen to dot the handles on the door. Then apply to your cupcakes using whatever flavoured buttercream you would like.



That’s it all wrapped up. You can even use some gorgeous red cupcake cases to match the huts on your Beach Themed Cupcakes.

If you enjoyed this step by step tutorial by Victorious Cupcakes check out Victoria’s Facebook Page and her Good To Know Recipe column! 


We are now stocking white cupcake display boxes that hold 12 cupcakes. Perfect for transporting these beautiful cupcakes to your nearest and dearest! So don’t forget to pop by our online shop and pay us a visit!










Creating Perfectly Domed Cupcakes

Have you been wondering what the secrets are to creating perfectly domed cupcakes?

We’ve got some tips and advice that may just help you with your future cupcake adventures!

Let’s get started:

Tip 1

Now there’s many different ways you can achieve a domed effect with your cupcakes but my Top Tip is to bake your cupcakes with a dome to begin with, this means you’re not having to pile on excessive amounts of buttercream and icing to help your cupcake achieve that perfect domed finish.

To do this I found a perfect example by Buttercream Couture on filling those cupcake cases just right and making sure you have a lovely starting dome!

If your oven is too hot your cupcakes will volcano out the top, leaving behind an ugly bump that you then have to trim down. By reducing the temperature on the domed cupcakes you prevent this from occurring! Remember all ovens vary so it’s worth running a few test batches to get your temperature exactly the way it works best! Baking is a science and requires a lot of trial and error. Check out Kelly Neil’s Tutorial.

Domed Cupcakes


Tip 2 

If your cupcakes are flat then you can fill them out with plenty of buttercream as an under layer. Add a tablespoon of buttercream and smooth it into a dome, this way when you come to add your icing it makes the cake look lovely and rounded. Personally I’m not a big fan of too much buttercream so I tend to try for the dome to begin with as show in Tip 1, I then add a small amount of buttercream to help hold the icing in place and smooth out any lumps and bumps, it makes for a much smoother finish on top!

Tip 3

Don’t be afraid to roll your icing that bit thicker. A thicker layer hides many little flaws in the cupcake sponge and gives a far superior, professional finish! I’ve done a bit of a step by step on our Dummy Cupcakes to show how effective that thicker icing can be even when you start with a flat cupcake!

Dummy Cupcakes really do come in handy for practising designs without wasting batches of cake! They are also great for displays or cupcake mood boards for your customers!


Perfectly Domed Cupcakes

Sometimes your cake bakes flat and without wasting you need to make sure you cover it well so I’ve used these dummy cupcakes as an example. I used Tala Cutters which are probably one of my most used tools…not bad for a few quid…and I used Cupcakes Dummies, they are available in bags of 12 and once used for your demonstration or display you can simply scrape them down, wash and use them time & time again! Brilliant!




Roll out your icing so it’s approximately 1cm thick, you want it to be quite thick as it all helps with shaping your cupcake top! – On my example I haven’t used any buttercream as it’s not necessary when covering dummy cakes but on your cakes you will require a small amount, this will help the icing stick to the cake and smooth out any lumps & bumps on your cake as mentioned in Tip 2.



Once you’ve cut your icing out, apply the buttercream, smooth over the cupcake with a pallet knife and then add your sugarpaste top. You want to work around the edges smoothing it down to the tip of the cupcake without messing around with the top, smooth around the entire edge of the cupcake until the sugarpaste takes a domed shape.




Once you have smoothed around your cupcake edges, your cupcakes should look like this! I recommend leaving them for 1 hour to let the sugarpaste set slightly and then you can work on them easily without creating marks in the sugarpaste as easily. As you can see this has created a lovely domed effect from a flat topped cupcake!






Why not try out some of our Cupcake Topper Tutorials for quick, easy and effective designs to finish your cupcakes off!

Don’t forget all your supplies can be purchased from our Online Shop at the very lowest prices! By shopping with us you are also supporting the upkeep of our free tutorials so Thank You! We’ve added links to products we’ve used on this blog to make it even easier but if there’s anything you’ve seen that you would like to hear more about or ask where to get them from, don’t hesitate to ask! We are happy to help!

Making Bright Pink Sugarpaste Using Sugarflair Fuchsia Food Colour

Making bright pink sugarpaste has never been so easy!

A frequently asked question here at PartyAnimalOnline is about how to produce a hot pink using food colouring. We now have the perfect answer…. Sugarflair – Fuchsia.

Sugarflair paste is highly concentrated professional grade food colour that can be used in icing, buttercream, painting on to edible goods, macaroons, biscuits and even cake mix thanks to it’s high heat stability!

I have to say,I was extremely impressed with Sugarflair’s Fuchsia… they now have 57 colours in the paste range and this now contains 5 pinks! When they released this I wondered how Sugarflair were going to make something different to all the others but here it is..with photographic evidence.

The Perfect Hot Pink for Cakes.
The Perfect Hot Pink for Cakes.


It has been added to my faithful collection and I will be producing a full pink colour chart that you guys can save to your computers, very soon. Next time you need to make bright pink Sugarpaste: your answer is Sugarflair Fuchsia!

Watch this space…..

Affordable Cupcake Stands – 50% OFF

Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.
Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.


We had a great give-away on our Facebook page just last week to win one of the awesome new PME cupcake stands, after loads of you took part in our Share and Shout Out day, a name was picked out of the hat at random! The lucky winner Angie from Blossom Dream Cakes was kind enough to send a lovely picture of her cakes on the brand new stand and it really gives them the elegant finish they deserve!

My favourite part of working for PartyAnimalOnline is getting to do the give-away’s and knowing how happy it makes all the wonderful cake decorators out there! It’s funny because the first reaction from someone that wins something is to say “Me…..but I never win anything!” and I have to say I like being the one who changes that!

We hold competitions discounts and offers regularly on our Facebook page and in our Newsletter so pop over if you haven’t visited yet. Thank you for all your interest in the latest PME Cupcake Stand and I’m pleased to tell you that as a treat to all our fabulous customers we have reduced it to 50% OFF until the end of February 2014 so you can all treat yourselves to a cheeky Valentines Day present this month by visiting our website for just £12.48!

Enjoy everyone and bring on the next give-away!

PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.
PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.