Uniform Size Cupcakes

Create Uniform Size Cupcakes Easily.

Have you been wondering how to get your cupcakes all the same size? I know I was until someone told me a really simple way… an ice cream scoop! That’s right, no more messing around with spoons and pure guesswork! Pick one of these up for a couple of quid and it will make your life so much easier… ok, so maybe not your life but definitely¬†your baking..! ūüėČ

ice-cream-scoop-3-lgIce cream scoops come in a variety of sizes, the one you need will depend on the size of your cases and if you want domed or flat cupcakes. I use a 49mm size which seems to cover the size of cupcakes I make.

ice cream scoop for cupcakes


And there you have it, all your cupcakes will all be the same and ready to decorate!

cupcakesI used mine to make these 4th July cupcakes, banana split flavour with yellow & white butter cream, drizzled with melted chocolate and loaded with sprinkles, YUM!


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How To Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases

How To Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases

Have you ever gone to bake your cupcakes and they’ve ended up out of shape and creased? Avoid creased cupcake cases with some very simple tips!

Avoid Creased Cupcake Cases
Avoid creased cupcake cases and unwanted folds!

Why Do You Get Creased Cupcake Cases?

It’s simple, your beautiful cases are simply too big for your usually cupcake baking tray. This is usually because cases are larger at the top than they are at the bottom but yet most tins tend to be straight up and down.

How Can I Stop My Cases Creasing?

The first option but the expensive one is to buy a larger muffin tin rather than a tin for smaller cupcakes.

To save the expense of the new tin, here’s what’s always worked for me:¬†simply don’t push your cases down, leave them just sitting in the top, add your mix and leave them & don’t be tempted to push them in! This way you avoid the creasing that occurs as the cupcake case squeezes in to the cupcake tray. It seems so simple but honestly it works… no more creased ugly looking cases from now on!

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Now you are not bound by size and shape why not treat yourself to some new beautiful cupcake cases ūüôā


Affordable Cupcake Stands – 50% OFF

Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.
Blossom Dream Cakes using their PME cupcake stand.


We had a great give-away on our Facebook page just last week to win one of the awesome new PME cupcake stands, after loads of you took part in our Share and Shout Out day, a name was picked out of the hat at random! The lucky winner Angie from Blossom Dream Cakes was kind enough to send a lovely picture of her cakes on the brand new stand and it really gives them the elegant finish they deserve!

My favourite part of working for PartyAnimalOnline is getting to do the give-away’s and knowing how happy it makes all the wonderful cake decorators out there! It’s funny because the first reaction from someone that wins something is to say “Me…..but I never win anything!” and I have to say I like being the one who changes that!

We hold competitions discounts and offers regularly on our Facebook page and in our Newsletter so pop over if you haven’t visited yet. Thank you for all your interest in the latest PME Cupcake Stand and I’m pleased to tell you that as a treat to all our fabulous customers we have reduced it to 50% OFF until the end of February 2014 so you can all treat yourselves to a cheeky Valentines Day present this month by visiting our website for just ¬£12.48!

Enjoy everyone and bring on the next give-away!

PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.
PME stylish chrome finish Cupcake Stand with 50% Off until the end of Feb 2014.





Tried & Tested – Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints

Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints are available in ten shades.
Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints are available in ten shades.


This has to be one of the few new years resolutions I have stuck to! My first one was getting fit so far it’s going reasonably well but nothing earth shatteringly good to share. The second was eating healthier foods…. what Krispy Kremes don’t count? Finally the third but most successful has been to trial more products in the PartyAnimalOnline’s huge catalogue of over 1,500 lines of Sugarcraft equipment and edibles.

Easy mixing capabilities to create hundreds more shades.
Easy mixing capabilities to create hundreds more shades.

Today’s blog is on ¬†product testing of the ever increasingly popular Sugarflair glitter paints. These paints are 100% edible and designed specifically for use on Sugarcraft toppers, cake decorations and edible cake art. When we received these paints from Sugarflair I wondered how they would compare to many other of their leading products. I was not completely convinced that they would live up to Sugarflair’s high standards of food colouring. We therefore wanted to put them to the test. This blog will give you my findings when testing them, tips to using them and ways to increase the longevity of the product.

Nutrition Guide: Sugarflair Glitter paints are completely VEGETARIAN however they do contain alcohol.


My findings and tips.

At first glance of the edible paint the iso-propyl and colouring can separate, this issue is very quickly rectified with a quick shake of the tub, be sure that the lid is securely on or risk painting the rest of the room and clothes with a Jason Pollock-esque finish!

On opening the mixed paint I was immediately hit by a very strong smell of alcohol, that smell is the result of mixing the glitters with iso-propyl (alcohol). Although this may put some off at first, this alcohol evaporates in seconds after application leaving no odour or taste behind! A big positive! No one wants their cake to taste like methylated spirits!

Although only 10 colours are available in the range these paints mix incredibly well to create more shades. I used the white and blue to create light blue to dark blue bows. A simple palette will help you mix the shades just remember it’s easy to add colour to white but it’s very difficult to take away the colour so I would always suggest starting with the lightest tone and using your paint brush to add a dab at a time until you reach the depth required… patience is a virtue, or so they keep telling me!

Use a pallet to mix your colours!

A big tip is that knowing how quickly the alcohol evaporates from this paint, once applied make sure all lids are secured tightly back on after use and even go as far as keeping them in an air tight freezer bag for extra longevity. If the lids are not secured the paints can quickly dry up!

This paint, once dried will not smudge and with such long best before dates this product will keep a very long time, as long as it’s stored correctly. All around I was impressed with Sugarflair’s new release. I was also very pleased with the coverage, I purposely used this paint on white modelling paste to see if it would require numerous cotes or result in a streaky look. I found that one coat was plenty and the white modelling paste was no longer visible. For covering a larger area, such as an entire cake I would recommend a second coat to stop streaks appearing.

I will say, I did think they would be more glittery & I felt that for a product called “glitter” paint it’s more of a shimmer, than a so called glitter but then this works well with many more occasions, as long as it’s what you are expecting! Don’t expect something that’s going to dazzle & sparkle, expect more of a silky finish, a shimmer or a spangle. As you can see it worked perfectly for the pieces that I did for the experiment. A “glittery” car may not have gone down so well for a gents birthday cake! This aside I would definitely give this product a high score, Sugarflair are certainly a company that keep to their high standards!

Using edible paints on Patchwork Cutters



  • Quick drying
  • Professional glossy finish
  • No odour or taste once fully dried.
  • Great for mixing
  • Long best before dates
  • Good coverage
  • When wet this paint has a strong odour (this goes once dried)
  • Evaporates fast so if the paint is not resealed well enough, it will quickly dry up.
  • Not as glittery as expected, more of a metallic/satin finish but just as nice.


Top Tip for dried up paints:

If you have treated yourself to this paint and it has dried up, try getting some iso-propyl alcohol also known as rejuvenator liquid. Begin by mixing half and half with the paint, seal the tub and leave over night. In the morning open it up, mix well and shake if needed, this should bring the paint back to life and you with be able to use it as normal again… please remember to seal well to stop this happening again!

I really enjoyed using Sugarflair metallic paint.


To follow:

I will be writing a few more blogs to follow this on the Sugarflair paints and about the tests I have done as requested by our Facebook fans. We will write up the following:

How to use Patchwork Cutters Sports Car .

How to make an edible bow using Karen Davies bow mould.

How well Sugarflair Paints work on different media such as modelling chocolate.

Hand painting with Sugarflair paints.


Halloween Hatchet Cupcake Make!

There is just over 3 weeks until that spooky day is upon us……Halloween…… ¬†So getting in the spirit of things I have been looking for ideas for spooky cupcakes, there are some fabulous ideas out there and some very gruesome ones as well. However my favourite has to be these ‘So I Married an Ax Murderer’ inspired cupcakes brought from One Charming Party.

I think they would be a hit with both both males and females, the cuteness of the cupcakes and the goriness of the blood and hatchet, if you want to try it yourself then they have all the instructions, including how to make the blood splatter. The hatchets on the top are made from plastic, however I wanted to try it myself, so here is how it went……..

EditedI started off with making the axe shape using the SFP Poinsettia and cutting out an axe shape free-hand however you could try using the PME Bell Cutter to get your Hatchet Shape

edited 3

.¬†I then painted on the Metallic Red Food Paint¬†with one of the Culpitt Brushes¬†and then wait for it to dry a little. Once dried I then painted on the end with the White Metallic Food Paint, once this had also dried I put a tiny drop of the Red Metallic Paint onto my finger and then on the tip of the axe to look like blood…..scary!!

To make the Hatchet handle I use the White SFP with the Chestnut Brown Paste to get the colour I wanted and then shaped it and flattened a little. I then pressed onto it using the Tree Bark Texture Mat to get the wood effect handle. I neatened up any rough edges with the PME Scriber Tool then glued the two pieces Finaltogether using Edible Glue.

Once the whole thing has dried you could follow the instructions from One Charming Party, or why not try using our recipe for Flat Topped Vanilla Cupcakes, then add a simple a frosting, and drizzle a little Strawberry Cooli on top- this one from Red Online looks delicious. Bake them in either any of these great Halloween Cupcake Cases, such as the Purple, Black or the Halloween Wicked Witch. You can then dig your Hatchet into the cupcake for a gory delight!

The time has come…..Baby Boy Cupcakes

It has been nearly 9 months since my dad nearly fainted and my mum cried when my brother announced his girlfriend was pregnant. The gifts have been bought, the nursery is complete and I have finished the hamper for his 2013-09-12 16.41.36arrival, the final two things to do are to wait for him to be born and make some scrummy cupcakes to celebrate his arrival.

boyI have been looking around for inspiration and have found some great examples, my head is now full of ideas but I thought before I shared my final product I would share the ones that have inspired me. These cupcakes on The Mucky MacBook are delightful and would be perfect for a baby shower. The use of FMM tappits is an excellent idea and I am thinking about using the FMM Script or Funky Cutters and you could even use the FMM Nursery Tappits to make embellishments and as a little bit of money saving they used the left over Sugarpaste to sprinkle on top of the cupcakes.

I think another great idea would be to bake Blue Velvet Cupcakes, Tracey’s Culinary Adventures have a recipe for Blue Velvet Cake¬†you could use this to bakeblue velvet cupcakes into the Blue Gingham cupcake cases¬†¬†and top with the Baby Blue Feet for a cute little finish. They suggest to use a dark blue paste and a violet paste to get the rich blue colour.

So I guess now the final countdown is on, I best get my apron on and start making cakes. My plan is to keep making cupcakes for his mummy and daddy so I can have many cuddles with him.

Creative ideas for Cupcake Cases

Inspired by a recent article on So Creative Things on uses for Cupcake Liners/ Cases I decided to research a few ideas on what you could use those spare cases you have lying around.

A few uses that So Creative Things suggest are;

Using them to make your home-made jams look extra special. Simple place your case onto Jam Jar Coversthe lid and then tie with a bit of ribbon or cord. You could personalise the cases you use depending upon the recipient of the gift. Using the Blue or Pink Gingham cases for the new mum. Or perhaps using the Red Snowflake cases for that extra special chutney for all the leftover turkey at Christmas.

cupcake wreath 8

Another great idea is to use them to make matching wreaths for your party.

The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking has a really detailed tutorial on how to make them, I think these would look great at a Baby Shower or you could even make Halloween ones using the Black Cases and the Orange Ghost ones!

You could even make a cute little Valentine’s or Anniversary one using the Hearts or the Petite Hearts.

For all those who love to make Cake Pops Veronika posted these sweet little Baby with bonnetsBonnet Cake Pops on Bakerella. You could use the Gingham (Blue or Pink) cases or you could use the Yellow Spot cases for those who are not revealing the gender.

I think you make your cake pop and then slide your case over the stick, you could fold it at the bottom if you find it a little big. Then tie a cute little ribbon in a bow and draw on your face.

cupcakelinerblog2One final great idea is if you are finding that there are no cases to match your colour scheme is to make dip dyed ones. Little Wren has a brilliant tutorial to do this. They use White Cupcake Cases and Food colourings and according to their comments the dye does not transfer onto the cakes when baking. They suggest to leave them to dry for a while, however it would be perfect to fit in with your party/event colour scheme.