Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Frozen Christmas Cake Tutorial

We want to help you make your Christmas Cake super special this year so we have added this tutorial using some of our favourite FMM cutters to help you create a really special cake.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Christmas Tree cutter
  • FMM Alphabet tappits (upper case)
  • FMM Press ice – pattern 2 (Zig-Zag)
  • FMM Dab-a-dust – filled with cornflour
  • FMM Impression Mats set 3 (star)
  • FMM Straight Frill set 1-4 (2)

For the full collection of products visit our ‘Let It Snow’ Collection

Step 1.

Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the top with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. You now need to emboss this pattern to the top of your cake, be careful to make sure it is central and exactly where you want it before applying any pressure. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Step 2.

Using the white modelling paste cut three lengths with straight frill cutter – approximately 3mm thick and 1.5cm width. Fix the first two around the back of your cake with edible glue and cut the third to fit the remaining gap. Do not worry if the pattern does not match exactly at this stage.

Step 3.

Take some of the renaming paste and colour with a tiny amount of black – resulting in very light grey. Roll this out to appoximately 3mm thick, brush it all over with silver lustre dust and use the impression mat to emboss it. Then cut out 6 Christmas trees and place them at regular intervals around the base of your cake, use to cover any places where your frills join and place one on top of your cake underneath the pattern you embossed earlier.

Step 4.

Use the Alphabet tappits to cut out the letters to spell out “Let it Snow” in white modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 1 – 2mm with a little corn flour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out. Allow them to dry for a few minutes before arranging on the top of your cake. Once you are happy with the layout, fix in place with a small amount of edible glue.

Step 5.

Next, pipe over your embossed Zig-Zag pattern using royal icing (or place your edible pearls over the embossing – whatever you decided on).

Step 6.

Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.


We hope you enjoy making and eating your Christmas Cake as much as we did! Happy Baking with #CakeItToTheMax

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Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

This recipe makes a rich fruit cake that is perfect for every occasion. Weddings, Christenings and other Celebrations as well as for the traditional English Christmas Cake. Or any other excuse you can think of.

Rich Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

We used this recipe at Party Animal for over 20 years. It never failed to get a good response.

It is best to bake the cake several months before use so that it matures and the flavours develop. The recipe below is for an 8″ square / 9″ round cake approximately 3″ deep. I’m a little late posting this up this year but get our PDF Downloaded ready for next year.


  • 295g raisins
  • 295g sultanas
  • 280g currants
  • 145g dried apricots
  • 175g glace cherries
  • 100g mixed peel (some people leave this out but as long as it is
    well soaked it adds an extra ‘bite’ to the mix)
  • 100g chopped nuts (I personally use a mix of almond nibs, almond
    flakes and chopped walnuts)
  • 12ml finely grated lemon rind
  • 35ml fresh lemon juice
  • 60ml brandy (we use what we know as soaking mix – 2 parts
    sherry: 1 part rum: 1 part brandy – a perfect mix for flavour and
    alcohol content is unimportant as that will burn off during cooking
    – that’s why you can use this even for teetotallers!)
  • 325g dark brown sugar
  • 325g butter
  • 30ml treacle (I prefer to use a 50:50 mix of black treacle and
    golden syrup)
  • 5 eggs
  • 20ml (4tspn) mixed spice
  • 70g ground almonds
  • 370g plain flour


1. Chop the apricots finely and the cherries to taste – I like to have some large pieces of cherry in the mix.

2. Add all the fruit to a bowl along with the lemon juice and rind, chopped nuts, and soaking mix and cover

3. Leave for at least 3-4 days (up to about 1 week is fine) to allow the fruit to soak up the liquid. Shake or stir occasionally to make sure all the fruit gets soaked thoroughly.

4. Line a greased tin with a double layer of greaseproof paper and grease well.

5. Mix together the sugar, butter, eggs, treacle, spice, almonds and flour and then stir in the soaked fruit and any juice that is left.

6. Fill tins and smooth mixture with a damp spoon. (A good trick to make sure the mix is even is to bang the tins down a few times which should remove any air pockets.)

7. Bake in a preheated oven at approx 140°C. For about 3 – 3½ hours.

8. To test – press surface of cake lightly – it should feel firm to the touch. Take out cake and listen to it! If it sings (whistles) it is not quite ready so pop back in for a minute or two.

Try using our high quality Renshaws Marzipan and Sugarpaste to add the finishing touches to this tasty Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. Don’t think you are limited to just having fruit cake at Christmas either… it’s perfect for any special occasion.

If you liked this recipe, try our yummy super Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Christmas Cake Tutorial

Christmas Cake Tutorial

Christmas Cake Tutorial by FMM Sugarcraft.

If you haven’t got a plan for your Christmas Cake…don’t worry… there’s still time and with this easy tutorial by FMM you’ll have it done and ready in no time! The think I love about this tutorial is it uses a lot of products that don’t just have to be used once a year for Christmas so you really get your monies worth out of them.


We will provide you with links to buy any products you don’t already have, remember last posting dates for 1st class is Saturday 20th December this year and 2nd class is Thursday 18th December so don’t leave it too late. Of course if you do there’s always local Cake Shops that in most cases are open until the 23rd December.

This is a handy step by step to create the cake below and we’ll even give you the link to the downloadable PDF from FMM Sugarcraft so you can print it off and file it for next year too!

Here we go for today’s Christmas Cake Tutorial…


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

Other Items:


1. Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the centre with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Here’s an example video from FMM’s YouTube channel on how to use these fantastic Press-Ice Tools…


2. Take some of the red modelling paste and roll a strip of approximately 20cms in length, 3mm thick. Cut 5 lengths from the chevron cutter (cover with cling film to stop them drying out). Place 2 lengths around the top of your cake, using a very small amount of edible glue,and cut a third one to fit the remaining gap – try to ine up your pattern as best as possible. Then, place the remaining lengths around the bottom of your cake, ensuring that the rise and fall of the chevron matches the ones placed around the top.

3. Use the Funky Tappits to cut out the ‘Merry Christmas’ lettering in red and green modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 3mm with a little cornflour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out.

4. Allow the letters to dry for a minute or two, then arrange on the parchment paper (this will help you get the spacing right, without marking the top of your white cake). Once you are happy with the layout, fix the letters to the top of your cake with a little edible glue.

5.Tap out 9 red snowflakes from the Christmas tappit, using your dab-a-dust again to prevent any sticking, and fix to the centre of the diamond pattern with a little edible glue.

6. Next, pipe over your embossed diamond pattern (or use edible dragees- whatever you decide on). Pipe one colour at a time – all the green parts of the pattern, followed by the black.

7. Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.




Here’s the downloadable PDF if you fancy saving this and printing it off for your tutorial collection…it’s FREE! > Here

New Christmas Karen Davies Moulds

New Christmas Karen Davies Moulds


Well it’s official, the Christmas Karen Davies moulds have arrived and I am already picturing just how cute the Christmas Cake will look with one of these incredibly sweet sugarcraft designs on the side of it!

The Karen Davies moulds are so detailed and these do nothing but live up to the already exceptional standards offered by Karen! The tiny detail within the mould makes you feel as though these may be fiddly but that’s so far from the truth… with a sprinkling of cornflour or a little lustre dust to coat the inside of the mould these moulds allow easy release!

*Top Tip*

Someone once told me that if you were struggling to get sticky sugarpaste out of your mould just pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes and try again, lo and behold it’s like a magic trick in itself…. it worked a charm! I wanted to pass on the good advice to anyone with the same problems, I didn’t need to use this trick with the Karen Davies moulds but it’s great knowing it’s there in case of emergency!

The Karen Davies new Sitting Christmas Mould range come in 4 different designs.

In all honesty it’s so difficult to decide which is my favourite… I’m swaying towards the Snowman…. mainly as I can see those Snowflakes coming in very handy for Frozen Cakes as well as many other designs, but why stop at one… you can always grab all four and have one sat on each side of your square Christmas Cake! Now there’s an idea!

Each main figure measures approximately 80mm in height and 115mm in width and come with numerous little moulds like presents, snowflake or holly built in to them.

Karen Davies moulds will keep as new for 10 years plus (I’m living proof of it with my ever growing, overused, 12 year collection!) My top tips of looking after your moulds are:

  • Clean them by hand in warm soapy water.
  • Dry them with a little kitchen roll before use.
  • Use a bit of TREX (White Vegetable Fat) to get rid of colour left on the sides

I’m really pleased to see we are stocking them! Although it’s now going to be even harder to resist them!

See more details on this range HERE or grab yours now!

Cooking up a Christmas Cake storm!

There are only seven weeks till Christmas and with ‘Stir-up Sunday” being 24th November, if you haven’t already started making your Christmas Cake I have decided to put together a list of tips to help get you through making the cake without turning to the bottle of Brandy! With the nights getting darker and the evenings getting colder it is the perfect time to begin plumping up your fruit and make the house warmer and smell delicious with your Christmas Cake baking in the oven!

The Christmas Cake is a merger of two dishes the plum porridge (I think this would taste a lot nicer than it sounds!) and Twelfth Night Cake, the plum porridge was traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. In the 16th Century the oatmeal was replaced by butter and flour. The cake was originally boiled rather than baked and it wasn’t until people became richer and started to have ovens in their homes, that the cake was then baked.

Make sure you soak the fruit to make it nice and plump, this will also help to keep your cake moist. The fruit will absorb all the fruit juice or alcohol, the general guidance for doing this is for around 12 hours or if possible 14-48 hours. Some suggest that before baking the cake you put a bowl of water in the oven to keep the cake moist whilst it is baking. Do no open the door on the oven till the cake has been in the oven for at least three quarters of the cooking time.

Once the cake is cooked and cooled and prepared to store, remember to feed the cake (and not yourself) brandy etc. periodically as this will also ensure for a nice moist cake. After thorough research the most favoured Christmas Cake recipe is the Delia Smith recipe. The recipe is for an 8″ round cake, however if you do not have a tin that size, there is a great guide for scaling up your cake recipesChristmas Done

Once it is time to dress your cake, make sure you dress it to its best after all you may be using it as your Christmas centrepiece. Make sure you take the time to roll your marzipan to the correct thickness and size, you can even be extra precise and use the marzipan spacers to get an even thickness on your marzipan and icing.

Nude but not rude!!

There is nothing quite as nice as getting a lovely bit of cake through the post! So when I received an email from Ed at Nude Cakes asking if I would like to sample some- there was no way I was turning this opportunity down!

I did have to clear something up with Ed about the name Nude Cakes, there was many thoughts running through our heads about why the name Nude Cakes?!

– Was it because they are not covered?

– Because they are totally naked of all additives and free of Genetically Modified (GM) Ingredients?

-Or because they baked them wearing just an apron? 😀

Well according to Ed, “In answer to your question, we called ourselves Nude Cakes because the cakes are not decorated and because they’re all natural… I’m not going to reveal if we bake them wearing only aprons! Haha.”

You can rest assured though that they do bake them wearing clothes and aprons!!

The cakes are suitable for vegetarians and they have a 9 month storage time- so perfect for people like me who like to be organised for Christmas and special occasions. There is aNude_Cakes_Photo little sherry in the cakes, so you can add brandy to your cake if you wish to. The cakes come square or round shape and in a variety of sizes from 4″ – 14″. You can also request a cake that has been matured already for any of those last minute orders that I know many of us get!

They currently offer free delivery on orders over £50.00

So now to the taste test- the cake arrived beautifully packaged and well wrapped. I am not normally a fan of fruit cake sometimes I think it is rather ‘claggy’. However upon tasting the cake I was very much a convert! The cake was packed with fruit and was still very moist- I think this may be to do with the Turkish Sultanas that they use and the blending of black treacle and molasses which I am informed it what gives it the rich dark colouring. I think the dark colouring did tempt me to try it.

The only negative I can say is that it may be difficult to try and tempt people to convert to fruit cake- but if they don’t then it means more for you! The cake also is not suitable for vegans but is suitable for vegetarians.

The verdict on the whole of Nude Cakes, is that that they do provide a fast and efficient service, the cake is packed with fruit and still remains very moist and rich without being stodgy. They have the availabilty to track your order on their webpage and to keep the kids amused they also have a virtual game on how to make a fruit cake (or adults- like myself whom of course,for research purposes, had to play)

If you manage to decorate your Nude Cake before eating (unlike me!) we have everything that you need to get you started;

Marzipan,  White Icing,  Smoothers Cake Boards

We even have tutorials on How to marzipan a fruit cake and How to cover a cake with Sugarpaste