Swirl Design Chocolate Oreos

Swirl Design Chocolate Oreo’sswirl_chocolate_oreos12

In this post we will be making swirl design chocolate dipped oreo’s and showing you exactly how we did it. This is a really lovely, easy and pretty cheap present! The cost is literally a pack of Oreo’s + 1 bag of candy buttons + 1 chocolate transfer sheet. Around £8 tops for everything… much cheaper than making a cake and it’s loads of fun, there’s no need to even switch the oven on!

I find that one pack of PME candy buttons does just over 1 pack of Oreo’s. I made around 60 Oreo’s for a friends wedding earlier this year and managed to get just over 60 out of three packs so you can make them go further! Also 1 chocolate transfer sheet will do a whole pack of Oreo’s, be sure to use a template circle that is just a couple of millimetres bigger than the Oreo to ensure you get the most for your money.

Makes approximately 1 pack of Oreo’s (12)

Swirl Design Chocolate Oreos


PME Melting Pot


Step 1 :

Melt the chocolate, I have used this awesome contraption by PME called the PME Melting Pot, you don’t have to use this, you can just melt it in the microwave or in a bowl above water on the hob but this keeps your chocolate melted without burning it!! It’s been one of my favourite investments as it just saves so much time on reheating the melts. To warm up it takes around 20-30 minutes… so it’s best to get in the habit of leaving it on while you prep everything else, once it’s melted your chocolate simply turn the setting to 1 instead of 2 and leave your melts there happily melted for however long it takes you to dip them all!


Step 2 :

While your chocolate is happily melting start preparing your circles. This is SUPER IMPORTANT make sure you have the chocolate transfer sheet the correct way round! The correct way is the smooth way facing up, as in the printed design should be faced down…you don’t want your pen altering the design by marking it the wrong way round.


Step 3:

Cut all your little circles out ready to put on top of your Oreo’s. You can tell which side needs to be face down when you put them on top of the Oreo as you can feel the embossed design from the printed cocoa butter. Once they have been cut, face the embossed side down so you can simply pick them up and put them on the right way.


Step 4:

It’s time for the fun! Tap your Oreo off lightly, this gets rid of any bits and stops your nice white chocolate getting all speckled. Then pop the Oreo in the chocolate, give it a turn with your fork until covered and then tap the excess before lifting it out and putting it on baking paper. I found a fork to be best, it allows the excess chocolate to easily escape, leaving you a nice, even finish and allowing you to be more conservative with the chocolate so it goes further!


Step 5:

Pop the Oreo down on your baking paper, I suggest dipping around three at a time and then adding the transfers, this stops them from drying too much and ensures that the transfer works! Dip 3, add transfer sheets to 3, smooth 3 then repeat.


Step 6:

We used a smoother on the sheet on top of the Oreo to get a nice flat finish…this is optional, you could just use your fingers to press it down and smooth out any air bubbles 🙂 Once you have pressed all the chocolate transfers down on top of the Oreo’s you will need to wait 30 minutes to an hour for them to completely dry. Do not put them in the fridge it can stop the cocoa butter transferring properly.


Step 7:

Once you have waited 30 minutes to 1 hour for them to dry… (if unsure wait the full hour) then you can simply peel back the acetate leaving your design of choice transferred on to your AWESOME chocolate Oreo’s. I love these swirl designs I used, they are our own chocolate transfers from PartyAnimalOnline and are available on our website for just £2.75 a sheet 🙂

Lilac Swirl Oreo’s
Aqua Swirl Oreo’s








So once they are all dry, they are ready to be eaten with no need to even switch on your oven! Keep an eye out for next time you see Oreo’s on offer and make this the weekend fun for the kids or the big kids!!

They would also make great Wedding Favours or Party Gifts by simply just popping them in the clear cake pop bags we have… they fit perfectly!




Covering Cake Dummies

Covering Cake DummiesCovering Cake Dummies

We get asked regularly how to cover cake dummies and what to use to stick the sugarpaste to the dummy. Quite honestly you can use marmalade, jam or even vodka but it works just as well with a little water and it saves you the extra cost! Be careful not to add too much otherwise you’ll end up with sticky icing! So here’s how…


Step 1: You will need to stick your Cake Dummy in place. You can use a number of things for this, such as: melted chocolate, edible glue, a blob of buttercream or royal icing…. personally I find a liquid that dries nice and firm the best, that way you can stop your dummy moving around the board and ensure it stays central. In the picture above we were using chocolate at the time so opted for that.


Step 2: Get that dummy placed centrally on your board and leave to set. On this cake we were making a wrapped parcel effect so decided to use the chamfered effect on the bottom so we could tuck our sugarpaste under. You can buy dummies in straight edge or chamfered (a smooth curved edge).


Step 3: Roll your sugarpaste. We used chocolate flavoured Renshaws for ours as it was for demonstrating our Chocolate Bow Tutorial. It helps to roll it in to a square shape when you are covering square cakes and rounds when covering rounds, this makes use of all the sugarpaste and means less is wasted.


Step 4: Use a tiny bit of water to brush lightly over your dummy, this will keep your sugarpaste in place. You can also use jam, marmalade or even white spirits. We find water great as it leaves no mess for when you want to strip your cake and re-use your cake dummy!


Step 5: Place the sugarpaste over the cake and smooth the edges, we used a smoother to smooth the flat side of the cake dummy. The palm of your hand works well for edges, especially if you see any small cracks appear… the heat from your hand helps warm the sugarpaste slightly for it to mould back together!


Step 6: Neaten your edges up with a knife cutting of any excess sugarpaste. You can knead any left over sugarpaste and store in a sealed bag and Tupperware box for future use. Did you know you can freeze sugarpaste for a further 6 months?! Just be sure to wrap your sugarpaste extremely well if you decide to do this as any air reaching the sugarpaste can effect the quality of it.


We finished our Cake Dummy off with a chocolate bow! Find out How To Create A Chocolate Bow.

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Chocolate Basket with Strawberries


Use Choco Writers to Make a Wimbledon Treat!

It’s that time of year again that makes me really feel like summer is here. Wimbledon starts today! Of course as a Brit I will be rooting for Andy Murrey though of course as we are an international company I also wish all the international players loads of luck (as long as they don’t beat Andy of course!)

But you can’t have Wimbledon without strawberries! So I have a tutorial here that will help you to make a very impressive display of your Wimbledon strawberries (or in fact many other sweets and desserts). Not only will your friends and family be Oooh-ing and Ahhh- ing at the tennis but you may get a few for the fabulous presentation of the strawberries!

You will need:

Cake Decor Choco-writers
Chocolate for dipping
Small party balloon

How to Make:

We are going to use the balloon as a former for the basket so first you need to blow it up to the size you want your basket to be. You can use a small bowl or cup as a guide. Place it into the bowl and draw around it with a marker pen using the rim as a guide. This will be the top of your finished basket.

Guideline for piping
The finished line around the balloon
Marking the top of the basket
Use a marker to draw around the rim of the bowl to mark the top of the basket









Melt the choco- writer in a jug of hot water (keeping the top tightly on so no water gets into the chocolate!). Once it is soft all over test the flow. It should pipe easily but not run out too fast. If it is hard to pipe warm for a little longer. If you find it flows out too quickly just leave it to cool for a few moments before you start to pipe.

Start by piping around the balloon following the line you have marked. Then place the balloon back in the bowl for support with the tied end down. Pipe all over the balloon using loops or cornelli piping or the pattern of your choice. It wants to be lacy but it is important that the lines do touch in order to give strength to the finished basket. Make sure that you go right up to your guide line all the way round. If the Choco writer starts to get hard to pipe put the top back on and place it back in the hot water for a few minutes to remelt. Leave the finished basket in the support and place in a cool place to set up.

Piping the Basket top
Pipe around the guideline with the Choco Writer
Piping the Basket
Pipe lacework all over the balloon up to piped rim









Meanwhile melt some chocolate – I find the PME Chocolate Melting pot to be perfect for this! It doesn’t overheat the chocolate (one of my big failings when using a microwave!) and keeps it at a constant temperature while you work. The three different pots also mean you can change from milk, to white to plain chocolate whenever you like.

Wash and dry some strawberries leaving the stalks in place as they make a perfect dipping and eating handle! Dip into the chocolate of your choice until they are about half covered then place on some greaseproof paper to set.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

By now the basket should have set up. Gently ease the balloon away from the sides of the basket to free the chocolate. You can insert a scalpel carefully into the top of the balloon to create a small hole by nipping some of the balloon in your fingers to prevent the balloon from popping and allow the balloon to deflate slowly. It is important not to stab at it as this will cause the balloon to pop which may damage the basket. Ease the deflated balloon away from the basket if it still sticks.

Deflating the Balloon
When set deflate the balloon and remove from the basket
Chocolate Base
The Chocolate Circle is fixed to the base of the basket









Pipe a circle of chocolate onto a piece of greaseproof paper and fill with chocolate using the choco writer. Before it sets lightly press the base of your basket onto it and hold in place for a few minutes until it holds. Once set the greaseproof can be peeled away and the basket will have a nice flat base and won’t tip.

When ready to serve place your dipped strawberries into the basket. Dust with a little icing sugar and add a bowl of whipped cream on the side for dipping your strawberries into while you eat… and there you have a beautiful display of summer fruit and chocolate for your favourite Wimbledon moments!

More Information:
If you would like to see the video demonstration of the Chocolate Basket you can download it for free at the PartyAnimalOnlineShop then you can replay it to your hearts content!

We also have sets of the Chocowriters available with a Wimbledon Special offer of an additional 50p off our already discount price for all 3 choco writers by simply using the code wim2015 at checkout.


Chocolate Basket and Dipped Strawberries
Pipe a Chocolate Basket with Choco Writers for your Wimbledon Strawberry Treat

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries in jar

This is the second instalment in our new Health Kick side of the Party Animal Online blog. I have been busy in the kitchen creating an devouring these Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

They are so simple to make, you could even get the kids involved! They look really nice on their own or wrapped in the Cake Pop Bags.

Ingredients and Essentials

Step One

Pop the stalks from out of the strawberries and then push the Cake Pop Stick in the strawberry, do this until you have the required number of ‘Strawberry Pops’ . Whilst you are doing this pop the kettle on to boil the water for the Choco Writers.

Strawberries with Cake Pop Sticks Inserted

Step Two

Lay them out onto board or a baking tray and then pop the Choco Writers into a jug of hot water until the chocolate is full melted (I didn’t find the tubes were too hot once taken from the water but you might want to check before letting children handle them)

Choco Writers in jug of hot water

Step Three

Undo the lids of the Choco Writers and snip off a little of the nozzle, then begin to drizzle the chocolate over the strawberries. Those that are watching their Calories/Macros you could pop the tray on some digital kitchen scales to monitor how much chocolate you are putting on. I did this and used less than 2g of the chocolate over 6 strawberries!

Choco Writers used on strawberries

Step Four

Once covered pop them onto a clean plate/board to allow the chocolate to harden. I did a couple with the a single Choco Writer on and then a couple with all three Choco Writers on.

Strawberries hardening with Choco Writers

Step Five

Once the chocolate has hardened you can pop the Chocolate Covered Strawberries into the Cake Pop Bags or eat straight off the plate!

Chocolate covered strawberries in cake pop bags


I also made some Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Sprinkles on as well and I will cover this in a future post. For now, enjoy your Chocolate Covered Strawberries guilt free!



How To Make A Chocolate Bow

How to make a chocolate bow to sit on top of your cake:


This is a mini tutorial on how to create a chocolate bow including transferring a delicate pattern on to your bow. If you don’t wish to use a patterned sheet do the same but use plain acetate with no pattern on. Our full comprehensive tutorial including PDF download will be available on our website soon!

What You Will Need

You will need other bits like greaseproof paper, grid paper for drawing your templates on too and I definitely recommend the PME melting pot but you can manage without

1. First of all you need to draw your bow out. You will need the following for your design.choc_bow1

2. Draw the strips to scale, the bigger the cake the larger the scale. For a fully downloadable version including templates our PDF copy will be available on our website very soon!


3. Using a sharp craft knife, ruler and your template – cut the shapes required from your chocolate transfer sheet in your chosen design.


4. As you can see the chocolate transfer bends easily to give you the required shape… now for the chocolate!


5. For our tutorial we used PME Candy Buttons which have a lovely vanilla flavour and work out much more cost effective than chocolate, they are also great for allowing the pattern to transfer easily over giving a perfect finish! To melt the candy buttons for our chocolate bow we used the PME Melting Pot, this was fantastic and kept the candy in liquid form the whole time without over cooking it… so much easily than doing it in the microwave and having to re-heat it all the time!


6. Use greaseproof paper to put your chocolate sheet cut outs on and you are ready to add the chocolate! It is very important that you have your transfer sheet cut outs facing the right way… the slightly embossed side should be face up.


7. We used a palette knife to smoothly spread the chocolate along the top, leave for 5 seconds and then peel away and place in a space on the greaseproof that’s not being used.


8. As you can see below, you are then left with a thin layer of chocolate the can now be bent in to shape before it sets. Candy buttons dry faster than chocolate so require to be done slightly quicker, the perfect point at which to fold the bow is when the chocolate has begun to solidify but is still pliable allowing movement.


9. Fold the strip in half and leave propped up against a petal former to set giving your bow a lovely shape.


10. You should have ten pieces in the end that will be fully dry within the next 10 minutes!


11. Your long pieces make the parcel. The key is not to let them touch so you can easily peel away the acetate leaving the patterned chocolate finish!


12. Once the candy buttons have fully set, the acetate will be easy to pull off the chocolate leaving it’s lovely pattern embedded within the chocolate. Chocolate transfers are completely edible and made using cocoa butter so the entire thing is 100% edible once the acetate has been removed!


13. Prepare to stick your bow together, for this you will need a little more melted chocolate… with the PME melting pot the chocolate will still be as a liquid so easy to do.


14. Dip the tip in the chocolate or candy buttons, this is what holds the whole thing together!


15. Starting with the base layer build up your bow!


16. Move on to the second layer, it should all be firm enough to hold together well.


17. You’re done, allow 10 minutes to set and amaze your guests with this gorgeous, extremely tasty cake topper! If you liked this tutorial we will also be showing you other ways to use the fabulous chocolate sheets in our upcoming blogs! Watch this space!

For the full downloadable PDF with a much more comprehensive tutorial visit our website… it will be coming soon!

Using Chocolate Transfer Sheets

The new PartyAnimalOnline transfer sheets have arrived and we’ve already been playing with the designs, we are testing quality and creating some new fun tutorials for you and your family to try out this summer. I wanted to bring you some extra information on them to help you with the fact and fiction of chocolate transfers.

So my aim with this blog post is to inform you of what chocolate transfer sheets are and to inspire you on different ways to use them! We will be following this blog up with multiple free tutorials for you to try out with our wide range of chocolate transfer sheets.

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Enough already, what are chocolate transfer sheets?

Chocolate transfer sheets are clear sheets of acetate embossed with coco butter and powdered food colour to help create a transferable design.

A little misconception of Chocolate Transfer Sheets is that they can only be used with chocolate… in fact the truth is you can use them with melted candy buttons, royal icing, chocolate and even fondant, sugarpaste and marzipan… but that gets a little more complicated… don’t worry we’ll cover it!

They are essentially used to make edible creations look super pretty by adding a different spin on the design, it also beats spending hours hand painting…especially if hand painting isn’t your forte! Chocolate transfer sheets can also be cut easily in to different shapes for minimal waste.

How Do I Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets with Chocolate

Chocolate and Candy Melts work the best with the smallest amount of effort… to transfer the design of the chocolate sheets they just need to warm up.. hot chocolate and candy buttons help this take place naturally. Simply place your sheet down and spread the chocolate over the top, allow to fully set and then peel the chocolate from the mat, the print will be left on the chocolate and the acetate will now be completely blank.

How Do I Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets with Fondant or Marzipan

This is slightly more complicated, mainly as the transfer is harder to get perfect and you have to be careful to keep the sheet in the same position otherwise it can smudge. Here’s a video that has really helped me. All you need is a hair dryer, your chocolate transfer sheet of choice and your rolled fondant or marzipan. Thanks to Whimsical Cakes UK for sharing this tip!

Ideas for using Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Here are some ideas we have come across so far for chocolate transfer sheets, next week we will be bringing you several free tutorials from our collection on how to make the most of them using some of the following ideas.

Chocolate dipped Oreo’s…. our White Stripe Transfer would work great for these simple delicious treats. Add toppers to suit your theme. Tutorial to follow soon!

Chocolate Transfer Oreo's


This handy YouTube video shows two methods on creating your chocolate covered Oreo’s.

Chocolate transfer bow.. It is easier than it looks… I promise! It looks great as a centrepiece on top of a yummy rich chocolate cake…perfect for those chocoholics out there.



Chocolate Transfer Bow

Or why not try your very own Crunch Bars… these are so simple for making with the kids this summer. Or cut them in to hearts for lovely individual wedding favours!

Chocolate Transfer Crunch Bar


I still have lots to do! So far we have been really pleased with the results and we are looking forward to doing more tutorials to follow! Check out YouTube in the meantime, there’s loads of really helpful videos on there to get some extra free tips and advice.

Feel free to ask any questions on using Chocolate Transfer Sheets, either here or on our Facebook Page, G+ Community or Twitter! We are social, friendly and happy to help 🙂



Choco Writers

Choco Writers

Our latest range of Choco Writers are now available on the website and we wanted to show you just why we love them so much!

choco writers
patisserie standard chocolate for easy piping & professional finish.

What are Choco Writers?

Great question, we won’t get far without knowing the basics so here they are… Choco Writers are patisserie standard chocolate in a tube, ready for melting and then piping.

We are going to show you the best ways to use them but the main positives PartyAnimalOnline found are:

  • They taste great.
  • They pipe easily once melted.
  • You can keep the leftovers & use them on another occasion.
  • Hassle free.
  • Minimum waste.

So How Do You Use Choco Writers?

It’s as simple as melting them in a jug of hot water and then piping.. honestly, I’ve tried it and it was easy-peasy! Here’s a Video on how to melt them down, remember they are hot so take precautions not to burn yourself whilst preparing your chocolate.

Free Stencils For Outlining Chocolate Designs

Try your hand at the following designs to add them to your cakes or cupcakes, simply download from our links and then print them off and away you go!

Top Tip: Get practising with our Special Offer Set of three which includes White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate at a special price!


Examples of Choco Writers

Use the downloadable stencil templates listed above to help you create them yourself!

Cake Toppers
















Fancy Desserts























































Cookies & Biscuits














Decorating Biscuits Video Tutorial >















How to make heart toppers video…
































They are just so versatile. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we have. See the full range HERE