Melt and Create

Melt and Create with Rainbow Dust Colour Melts


With Rainbow Dust’s new fantastic colour melts you can melt and create a huge range of fantastic edible fun! Of course we now have them available on the website if you fancy giving them a go.

I’ll be sharing our favourite tricks using colour melts and it’s not just about Cake Pops!

The Best Bits

  • They are made up of Non-Hydrogenated Fats
  • Smaller Buttons that melt quicker
  • Great flavour
  • Available in 8 colours and more coming soon!

Packs of Colour Melts

To melt them you can use multiple methods. One being the Microwave, nice and easy does it! The other is the double boiler, slightly harder work but ensures you don’t over-do your candy buttons.

Instructions for Microwave – Place candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Do not melt in the bag. Microwave for 30 seconds at half power or on the defrost setting. Repeat until completely melted be careful not to over cook your melts.

Instructions for Double Boiler – Partially fill the bottom pan with water and bring to a simmer.
Fit the top pan or bowl in place and add the candy. Stir until completely melted. A jug or bowl can be used to replace the top pan. Do not allow any water to come in direct contact with the candy.

The PME Chocolate Melting pot also works fantastic with these!


Melt and Create

Here’s some fantastic examples on using your colour melts by Rainbow Dust.

Melt and Create

I love the use of the colour melts on these tasty Cake Pops. Use Rainbow Dust Edible Gold Glitter to add an extra sparkle!

Cake Pops using Rainbow Dust Colour Melts

Try dipping cake balls in candy melts and popping them in a mini cake cup, once done drizzle with different coloured candy colour melts to create these gorgeous mini cake bites.

Cake Cups using Colour Melts - Melt and Create

Or why not go for gold and create edible ice cream bowls, this will really impress the guests and they are so easy the kids can have fun giving it a go too!

Check out the entire rage of Rainbow Dust Colour Melts.


Melt and create order now with partyanimalonline

Giant Cupcake Tutorial Recipe and Examples

Giant Cupcake Tutorial Recipe and Examples

Last week we did a post on Facebook to let you know we are now stocking the fantastic Giant Cupcake Boxes at very low prices as with all our Cake Decorating Supplies to save you having to shop at loads of different places. Underneath we asked you to post examples of Giant Cupcakes you have made and put together and I want to publish some of those fab cakes shared here today!

I wanted to write a post that incorporates all the important information on Giant Cupcakes such as: A good tasty giant cupcake recipe, how to make a giant cupcake shell/case and ways to decorate your giant cupcakes that our fans have shared with us!

First up for those of you who have seen so many fantastic Giant Cupcakes and really want to give it a crack yourself, I plan to provide you with all the relative information on one page with quick easy links!

You will need a Giant Cupcake tin, these come in hard tins or silicone tins. The silicone pans are cheaper and can often be found at your local supermarket, whereas the hard wearing firm tins will last a lot longer and can be found on the internet sold by most Cake Supply Specialists such as PartyAnimalOnline! We recommend getting the quality branded ones if you are a professional baker as the cheapies tend to rust and deteriorate very quickly. Brands like Wilton & PME are the main ones used and have the lovely swirl finish as shown in the baked cake picture below!

Vanilla Giant Cupcake Recipe

Giant Cupcake Recipe

So we really need to start with the recipe, obviously you can choose your flavour you would like to make your cake but I’m going to start with the Vanilla Giant Cupcake recipe from the infamous Pink Whisk! If you’ve not visited her blog, you really need to stop by, there’s an infinite amount of great recipes accompanied by fantastic advice… A great combo if I’ve ever heard one.


  • 375g butter, softened
  • 375g caster sugar
  • 6 eggs, large
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 375g self-raising flour
  • 3 tbsps milk

For the Pink Whisks full method pop over and visit her blog here for the Vanilla Recipe or Chocolate Recipe depending which you fancy.

How To Make A Giant Cupcake Shell

To make the firm shell use Candy Buttons or Melts, these are cheaper than chocolate to purchase and they also have a higher melting point so once they have set you won’t find the warm weather melts them like chocolate does.

For the next stage I’d like to thank Shereen’s Cake & Bakes for making this Step by Step Tutorial and uploading it to her Facebook Page, if you are on Facebook pop and see Shereen.. she has loads of free tutorials on her page and we are very pleased to say she’s our newest Guest Blogger on PartyAnimalOnline’s Cake It To The Max Blog!

Step 1-

1. Melt 1/4 a bag of candy melts
2. ‘paint’ a thin layer of chocolate into the cake tin base (I used my finger as it was the easier)
3. Make sure you get into all the grooves and don’t have any airbubbles.
4. Put it in the fridge to set for at least 1/2 an hour


Step 2-

1. Melt the rest of the bag of Candy Melts (keep a little aside to attach the cake to the cake board)
2. Remove the tin from the fridge
3. ‘Paint’ the rest of the melted chocolate in the tin, I used a silicone spatula to do this and it smoothed well and evenly, I pushed firmly to make sure I wasn’t go to get any airbubbles again
4. Return to the fridge for at least 1 hour to set properly




Step 3-

1. Carve the bottom of the giant cupcake so it doesn’t have any grooves left cut in half and add buttercream to the middle of the cake
2. Ice the whole cake with buttercream
3. Put the cake in the fridge for 1/2 an hour for the icing to harden and set

Step 4-

1. When the chocolate shell has set in the fridge for an hour take it out and hold the shell on each side with your fingers, add a little pressure pushing against the chocolate and pan and pull up (you will hear a little crack/pop sound as it comes loose) if this doesn’t happen put it back in the fridge to set longer.
2. Get your iced cake out of the fridge and picking it up gently, drop it into the chocolate shell. Mine was a little higher than the mould so I evened it out and iced across the top

Good luck!



You can visit Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes > HERE

Now you’ve got the basics down, check these awesome Giant Cupcakes out made by our very talented customers & fans… what great inspiration for different ways to decorate your wonderful Giant Cupcakes showing that this type of cake really is perfect for any occasion!


Harry Potter Themed Giant Cupcake by Cheryl at Buttercups By Bezmerelda – I absolutely adore this, a fantastic design made in sugarpaste fondant rather than the usually candy melts and buttercream giving this cake a completely revamped style!


Pretty Chocolate & Fuchsia Giant Cupcake by Jems Cakes – This Giant Cupcakes really pretty and still holds that yummy chocolate look that’s so fashionable. Jems Cakes has used Sugarflair Fuchsia Food Colouring and awesome Fmm Funky Tappit Lettering to create the inscription.


Full Candy Button Giant Piñata style Cupcake by Victoria at And Eat It – This cake was made for a newly qualified nurse showing you that Giant Cupcakes certainly don’t just stop at Birthday do’s! Victoria uses the Candy Buttons for the full outer shell making a Piñata styled Cupcake and filling the inside with goodies of the customers choice! What a fantastic idea and I just love the personalisation behind it…you can tell how much Victoria loves her work! I also love that she’s used the fantastic FMM Block Tappits for her inscription giving the cake great composition!


Two Tone Buttercream & White Chocolate Finger Giant Cupcake by Claire Morris – I love the idea Claire’s used to two-tone the buttercream on her Giant Cupcake, it makes it stand out and adds more colour in to the design. If you want to know how to Two Tone your buttercream we have a tutorial HERE. A simply stunning Giant Cupcake shared by Claire to our Facebook Page.


Minnie Mouse Giant Cupcake by Caroline O’Gorman – Caroline has gone for the buttercream top but instead of using swirls she’s made little piped stars, often this technique works really well to get a much more even finish to your Giant Cupcake top!! I love this Disney 1st Birthday cake with a giant bow and Minnie ears to finish it off! Beautiful.


Flutterby Butterfly Giant Cupcake Cake by Claire Hills – Claire shared this beautiful buttercream topped giant cupcake with us last week. A lovely use of colours with an added shimmer to finish it off. I spy Patchwork Cutters Butterflies…. I love these cutters, they are great for making 3D butterflies as well as imprinting embossed butterflies on your iced cake board to finish it off nicely! If you are after a shimmery finish but don’t want your shimmer to have a particular colour then always go for Sugarflair Snowflake Lustre... literally perfect for any occasion. Wonderful Cake!



Sweet Paradise Giant Cupcake by Sarah Ellerington at Sarah RedBushs Cakey Bakeys – Why stop at just chocolate when you can have soooo much more! This cake is enough to make you drool! A beautiful vibrant design using milk chocolate Cadburys Fingers and lots of yummy sweeties! I love the lettering on this, if I’m not mistaken it looks like the brand new Katy Sue’s domed alphabet! Perfect fun finish to this sweeet Giant Cupcake.


Frozen Giant Cupcake by Emma Hyatt – What’s a cake share without a Frozen Giant Cupcake and Olaf? This is a beautiful end to today’s Giant Cupcake shares by Emma. Emma has hand modelled a wonderful Olaf figure and used Funky Tappit for lettering, edible printed toppers as the butterflies and the Snowflake Plunger Cutters to create her snowflakes. Fancy making Olaf… here’s a tutorial we found on Pinterest!

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks to everyone who shared their Giant Cupcakes with us! They were all absolutely beautiful!

I hope this helps inspire those of you yet to make a Giant Cupcake!

For those of you after transport and display boxes for your Giant Cupcakes we now have them in stock for as little as £1.79 per box! To fit the box centre your Giant Cupcake on a 10″ round or square drum board for the best finish.



Easter Chick Cake Pops

Easter Chick Cake Pops

easter chick cake pops
Our easy how to on making easter chick cake pops. Fun with all the family.

Easter isn’t that far away and if you are looking for cake pop ideas then these little easter chick cake pops should fit the bill! They are very simple to make and will be a great addition to your Easter cake creations.

You will need for your Easter Chick Cake Pops:

cake pops DSC_0073 DSC_0075

To make the cake balls please check out our blog post on creating cake pops step-by-step! This will show you how to make the cake balls and basic dipping instructions. Melt the PME Yellow Candy Buttons and dip the end of  a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then into the cake ball.



Once set dip the whole cake into the melted chocolate. If the sponge is dark, like chocolate cake, you may need to dip it twice so the cake doesn’t show through.


Once you have dipped your cake pop and shaken off the excess quickly attach an orange coated chip for the nose and two yellow ones for the wings. If you can’t get hold of these coated chips you can use melted chocolate instead but make sure to add them after main cake pop has dried.

For the eyes I melted some PME Black Candy Buttons and used a toothpick to paint the eyes on.

 DSC_0081  DSC_0154

And that’s it! I can see why these are so popular to make with them being so simple! Don’t forget to present these using the Culpitt Cake Pop Bags. If you have a go yourself share your pictures with us at Party Animal Online!



Halloween Monster Cake Pops

DSC_0210 copy

Trick or Treat! It’s nearly that time of year again… Halloween! So if you’re expecting lots of trick or treaters knocking on your door why not give them something a little different than the usual chocolate biscuit (That’s all I ever seemed to get!) and treat them to these little monsters. These cake pops are ‘dead’ easy to make and look fantastic!

So what will you need to get started? First of all lots of cake balls, if you’re unsure how to make them click here to read my tutorial.


You will also need:

PME Candy Buttons I’m using Orange and Bright Green but any colours would look just as good (There is 14 in the range!).

Cake Pop Sticks

Cake Pop Bags & Ties (You can buy both Bags & Sticks together and save money!)

FMM Reusable Piping Bag

Something for the eyes, I’m using Wilton Candy Eyes but you could easily make your own using white buttons with black icing.


I don’t know about you but I already hear the kids putting on their devil horns and witches hats so we better get started..!

Like with all cake pops, it all starts with a dipping! Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or on the hob. Burnt chocolate doesn’t taste very nice so remember to stir in between melting. The PME melts are fantastic and melt very easily. I found I only had to add just one teaspoon of vegetable oil to thin it out a little (I’ve always had to use more with other brands!).

DSC_0177 DSC_0178

Once melted grab a cake pop stick, dip the end in the chocolate and then into the cake pop. Leave this is set so the cake ball doesn’t fall off!


Once set we can now dip the cake pops! Remember to have a deep enough bowl so the cake pop can be dipped straight in and back out again. Hold the cake pop over the bowl and tap your wrist while turning the stick with your hand to shake off any excess chocolate.


Once all the excess chocolate has fallen off add your eyes (or eye) and leave to set.

Mike Wazowski?!
Mike Wazowski?!

Your little monsters will now look a little bald..!

Where's our hair..?!
Where’s our hair..?!

Now this part is fun..! Let’s add the hair, melt some more chocolate and add to a piping bag then pipe on the chocolate while turning the cake pop. I found it was easier to start around the eye and then go from there. Don’t worry about being neat just go nuts..!

DSC_0194 DSC_0208

And there you have it, Monster Cake Pops! Don’t forget to finish them off with the cake pop bags and ties to keep them safe (and stop them from escaping of course..!). Why not give them a try using different colours and maybe even more eyes..!

Hope you all have a great and spooky Halloween! If you give these little monsters a go share them, along with your other Halloween creations, with us on our Facebook page.

DSC_0210v2 copy

DSC_0196 copy