Novelty Firework Cake – Bonfire Night

Novelty Firework Cake


This novelty firework cake is perfect for a bonfire night tea. Shaped as 2 fireworks with ‘exploding’ stars it will make a great centrepiece, and when it is cut each person gets their own little Catherine Wheel cake. You can’t get much more bonfire themed than that!

What you will need


    • Rolling pins – one for rolling out the paste and a small pin for the decoration
    • Marzipan spacers are useful for making sure your paste is the correct thickness
    • Small and medium circular cutters
    • Sharp knife
    • Baking Parchment for templates
    • Non-Stick board
    • Star Cutters – I used the FMM Star Set
    • Alphabet Cutters – I used the FMM Art Deco Tappit set
    • Shell tool for embossing the board to give a grass effect.

Method – Preparation

Step 1: Bake your cake. You can find the recipe and instructions for baking a Fat-Free Swiss Roll here.
Colour your sugarpaste. You will need approx. 400g Purple, 250g Red, 250g Green and 100g Yellow. Cover your board with the green paste and emboss using the shell tool.

Embossing the cake board
Ideally it is best to do this step the day before so that the paste and cakes set up a little to make it easier to work.

Step 2: Make the stars – This could be done a few days ahead to make sure that they are completely dry but they certainly need to dry overnight at least.

Cut the metallic wires to the variable lengths. Roll out the white Squires SMP thinly on a non-stick board and cut out a variety of stars using the FMM Star Set of cutters. Dip the end of the wire into edible glue and fix each star onto a wire.

Either leave flat to dry or place in oasis or polystyrene to dry. Personally I like to dry them standing because it gives a bit more shape to the stars rather than them being flat although they are delicate at this stage so take care. Leave to set up completely.

Make the stars

When set brush with edible glue and dip in the glitter. I use a piece of parchment paper under them as that way it is possible to tip a lot of glitter onto each star to ensure they are well covered. Any glitter remaining on the paper can then be tipped back into the pot when finished.

Set aside and leave to dry thoroughly.

Method – Covering the Firework cakes

Step 3: Cut the swiss roll into 2. One should be approximately twice as long as the other section. This will make 2 novelty firework cakes. Using parchment paper make a template for your covering.

Mask the cakes thinly with buttercream or ganache and stand on end.

Cut the cakes and make the templates

Step 4: Roll out a small piece of purple paste and cut 2 circles using the larger circle cutter – you should chose a cutter the same size as the cake surface. Place the cut paste on the top end of each cake.

Cover the larger cake with purple paste and the smaller with red paste using the templates as a guide. Leave a small amount standing proud of the top edge.

cut out top circles of paste

Cut a thin strip of the contrasting coloured paste and tuck into the join, fixing in place with edible glue. This gives a stripe down the back of each firework cake. When you cut the cake into the slices each slice will have a contrasting ‘fuse’.

With the remaining purple paste roll out thickly and cut 2 circles and fix to the centre of each firework cake top with edible glue. This makes the ‘fuse’ and will be where you will fix your stars so that the wires do not go into the cake.


Method – Finishing Touches

Step 5: On a non-stick board roll out the black Squires SMP to make the labels for the fireworks. It is important that this paste is rolled very thinly. Cut into a strip. Rub a little cornflour under the paste to release it from the board and a little into the top surface with your fingertips to help the letters come out of the cutters easily.

Using the FMM Tapit set select the letter you need and press into the paste. Scrub it a little against the board to ensure it is cleanly cut. Lift out and then tap the end of the cutter firmly against your table top. The letter should drop out cleanly. If it sticks you may have your paste too thick or you may not have dried the top enough with your cornflour. Repeat with the remaining letters until you have all you need.

Roll out a strip of white Squires SMP paste and stick the letters onto this using a little edible glue. Trim to size and then glue the strip to the side of the larger firework cake as shown.

Making the lettering labels

Step 6: Cut out some yellow stars using the FMM star cutters and fix to the side of the smaller cake.


Step 7: Place the cakes carefully on the covered board using a little buttercream or ganache if necessary to stick them in place. You could add a few stars to the board or else add an inscription if you prefer.

Step 8: Finally arrange the stars into the top of each cake. You can also make a few spirals using the metallic wires.
make spirals of wireSimply wrap the wire around a small rolling pin (A Cel Stick is ideal for this). Remove the wire and you will have a spiral ‘spring’. These can be used to fill out the firework topper.


So there you have your finished Firework cake with glittery stars topper.

To serve the cake cut into slices. You will end up with a plateful of little Catherine wheels thanks to the spiral of the roulade, complete with a little fuse.



If you don’t want to bake a swiss roll you can of course get ready made shop ones which you can just decorate. Alternatively you could use your favourite firm cake mix baked in empty washed out cans – I love the Rich Cherry Cake for this – for 4 baked bean cans you will need about a half quantity of cake mix. Unfortunately this will not give you the pretty spirals when cut but tastes delicious!

Take care this November the 5th and enjoy the praise from all for this fabulous Novelty Fireworks Cake!


Rich Cherry Cake Basic Recipe

Rich Cherry Cake

This Rich Cherry Cake recipe is one of our absolute favourite cakes here at Partyanimalonline. It can be used for celebration cakes as well as novelty cakes or simply as a lovely cake with a cup of afternoon tea! It is a rich madeira style cake with ground almonds and glace cherries, firm enough to shape and cut well, but moist and tasty.

This recipe makes a 8″ round or 7″ square deep cake.


Rich Cherry Cake Ingredients

  • 240g Caster Sugar
  • 240g Margarine or Butter
  • 4 Large Eggs
  • 70g Plain Flour
  • 205g Self Raising Flour
  • 60g Cornflour
  • 60g Ground Almonds
  • 325g Glace Cherries


Step 1: Preheat the oven to about 170°c / 325°f/ gas 3. Line a 8″ round (or 7″ square) greased tin with parchment or greaseproof paper. Lightly grease the paper.

Step 2: Sift together the 3 flours in a bowl and set aside. Cream the sugar and butter in a mixer until light and fluffy.

Step 3: Add the eggs slowly. If the rich cherry cake batter begins to curdle (separate and look a little lumpy) add a little of the flour to the mixture. Mix in the ground almonds. The batter should be at a dropping consistency. This when the mix will drop off a spoon when you give it a little shake. If it is too firm a little milk can be added to the mixture. Be careful not to overdo this however as otherwise you may find the cherries do not stay dispersed through the mix but drop to the bottom instead.

Step 4: Cut the cherries roughly in half, wash and dry well. Mix with the flour and then fold into the batter mixture making sure that the cherries are well dispersed.

Rich herry Cake Batter

Step 5: Tip the rich cherry cake mixture into the prepared tin and bake in the centre of the oven for about 1½ hours until risen and golden brown. The cake should not form a peak as it rises but should stay nice and flat. If you find that it is rising too quickly turn down your oven a little. All ovens vary and you may need to adjust temperatures and cooking times to suit your own oven.

Step 6: When cooked place on a wire rack still in the tin until it is just cool enough to pick up without gloves. This will allow time for the cake to firm up before turning out. Do not let it cool completely or it will be difficult to remove from the tin and a thick crust may develop on the outside of the cake from sitting too long in the tin.

Step 7: Leave to cool completely before decorating to suit. This cake is firm enough to cut and shape for novelty cakes.


You can use other glace fruit such as pineapple or ginger in place of the cherries or if you want to make a light fruit cake dried currants, sultanas and raisins can be added. When using dried fruits it is advisable to soak overnight in orange and or lemon juice to plump up the dried fruit and keep the cake moist.

Teddy Bear Cakes

Teddy Bear Cakes

Teddy Bear Cakes

Here’s some teddy bear cakes for you to admire! It’s national teddy bear day tomorrow, so what better day to show them off!

I’ll be filling this blog with inspiration, teddy bear tutorials and cool teddy bear cake decorating supplies for your homemade cakes.

First up we have this stunning hand painted cake by Time for Tiffin, Liz does so many awesome designs and this has to be one of my favourites! Mix up your edible paint using Sugarflair Paste colours and a touch of vodka or rejuvenator liquid!

Teddy Bear Cakes

I stumbles across this cute design on Pinterest… I love it on there! Gorgeous pallet of colour on this one by Torty a la Myska.

Teddy Bear Cakes

Personally I’m a big fan of those who go the extra mile with creativity on the board! The wood effect on this cake really makes it stand out and it can be created so easily with Impression mats and a little food colouring. Cake by Crafty Confections.

Teddy Bear Cakes

This airbrushed cake looks so cool! I love the golden shimmer added to it! Created by passioni di zucchero.

Teddy Bear Cakes

How about a nautical themed ted? This is simply beautiful by Bella’s Bakery. You can create realistic shells using a range of moulds and modelling paste. I personally love the shells and starfish mould by Alphabet Moulds.

Teddy Bear Cakes

I can tell a Shereen’s Cakes & Bakes cake from a mile away, Shereen just has the most awesome way with colours! I mean how cute is this?!?!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Romantic Ted! McGreevy Cakes has outdone herself with this one… gorgeous decoupage design. I’ll have this one for Valentines Day please! 😉

Teddy Bear Cakes

Cute Teddy Bear Picnic Cake by The Cupcake Lady. Create the floating balloon effect using a strong wire or dowel… gravity defying!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Tea Break for Ted! How adorable by Bake-A-Boo. Love the biscuits on the side!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Julie Cains Cakes has always really stood out to me! I love Julies individual style of creating texture. Amazing to know: each piece of sugarpaste is rolled to create hundreds of fury spikes! Now that’s dedication from a talented cake artist!

Teddy Bear Cakes

We love this wonderful design made by Marion Frost. The teddy on top was made using the Patchwork Cutters ‘Make a Teddy’ cutter! Fab ay!

Teddy Bear Cakes

Again the last contribution to our blog is by Marion Frost over at Patchwork Cutters. Marion has used the large number cutters and teddy bear cutter from the ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ set to create this simply stunning cake. Loving the daisy detail on the big 3!

Teddy Bear Cakes

A cute simple Teddy Tutorial found on Pinterest.


Check out this vid by Just Cake It on how to make a teddy! It just gives you the ideas to start practicing yourself and remember we have loads of goods to help you on our Online Store so feel free to pop on for the ‘live’ chat option too!

If you liked this blog you can check out our Teddy Bear Cakes Collection here for loads of goodies that will help you with your Teddy Bear Cakes! For more inspiration visit our Teddy Cake Board on Pinterest!

Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cakes

12 Star Wars Cakes to blow your mind!

Here’s 12 fabulous, nerdy and down right awesome Star Wars cakes that WILL make you smile… if you’re not a fan of Star Wars we advise you turn away now and flip to another one of our cakey blogs!

Number 1:

Just look at thise awesome Star Wars Lego Figure Models.. all hand made! Lucky James!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 2:

BB-8 has taken on a slightly new less spherical shape! I love the design behind this! To get that awesome shine on parts of the cake try using edible glaze.. it’s great stuff!

Star Wars Cakes


Number 3:

I have seen these types with Marvel Comics & DC but this is really cool! A 4 tier stacked cake with everything you could ever want for your Star Wars themed party!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 4:

This is some serious love for both Star Wars & hand painted cakes. Bravo Cakelava!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 5:

Star Wars isn’t just for boys you know!? LOVE this Princess Leia Star Wars Cake for a twist on the usual!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 6:

Star Wars isn’t Star Wars without lightsabers…

Star Wars Cakes

Number 7:

Now this brings a whole new meaning to ‘Chewie’ Cookies!! Love it… Gingerbread men easily made into our favourite fury character, Chewbacca!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 8:

If the Dark Side has cake, then count me in!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 9:

Simply awesome… the force of the Jedi.

Star Wars Cakes

Number 10:

Yes, the ultimate combo: Lego and Star Wars… I love the way they have covered the board on this one… cake design doesn’t stop with the cake!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 11:

What a cool space effect this cake has got!? To get creative, use black icing whilst splattering bits of edible white food colour on top!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 12:

This one is for next level Star Wars fans… Will you marry me Miss AT-AT?

Star Wars Cakes

Hope you enjoyed our Star Wars themed blog. For more Star Wars Cake-Inspo check out our Pinterest board ‘Star Wars Cakes’ which is where we found all these awesome cakes!

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Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

The latest of the gorgeous, indulgent recipes by Britt over at She Who Bakes! 

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

We are really pleased to have Britt as our latest Guest Blogger here at Cake It To The Max, with the other fantastic names such as Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake, Victoria from Victorious Cupcakes and Shereen from Shereen’s Bakes and Cakes. So without further ado.. I won’t keep you waiting, here’s the latest recipe update by She Who Bakes!

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes


  • 250g milk chocolate
  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 300g plain flour
  • 4 eggs
  • Pack of Bourbon biscuits

Preperation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 mins on 170°C.

Britt has marked this as a 2 out of 5 complexity so one for the kids to join in with on a rainy weekend!

Step by Step

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 170°C. Melt together the chocolate and butter in the microwave or over a pan of boiling water.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Break down your chocolate so it’s easier to melt!

Step 2: Melt until your chocolate is nice and smooth.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 3: Then add in the caster sugar and mix well.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 4: Once mixed, add in your eggs and beat thoroughly until completely blended.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 5: Once you have beaten the eggs in, sift in your flour and mix well.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 6: Put three quarters of your Bourbon biscuit pack into a sandwich bag and crush with a rolling pin. We still want big chunks of biscuit so don’t go too mad!

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Crush the biscuits!

Step 7: Fold your broken biscuits into your mixture.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 8: Spoon your mixture into a lined baking tin. I’ve used a 10 x 8. Then crush the last ¼ of your Bourbon biscuits on top, pushing pieces down into the mixture. Bake for 20 minutes.

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Step 9: Once baked, leave to cool on a rack and cut into slices as desired! Or just get a fork and eat the whole thing (Yep, that’s what I would do! I mean just look at it!!)

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes
Delicious Sweet Dessert!

So there you have it, another awesome recipe from She Who Bakes and remember to see more of these delicious recipes pop on to the ‘She Who Bakes Website’ they are all totally free! We will continue to bring you fab new recipes from our favourite bakers as well as tutorials and the latest products that will inspire the socks off you!

Bourbon Biscuit Bakes

Happy Baking Lovelies!



Chalkboard Cakes

Chalkboard Cakes


chalk_board3Here at PartyAnimalOnline we’ve been looking in to the latest trends to hit 2015 and there’s some fantastic beautiful cake trends emerging as well as some of the long standing old faithful’s. Over the next year we’ll be bringing you the latest and filling you with inspiration and ideas on how to bring them to life yourself!

With the Chalkboard Cake theme the vintage feel has stayed, colours of Spruce Greens, Dusky or Blush Pinks as well as Browns have stayed really strong and lots of orders are being placed for the chalk themed cakes for 2015. I have to say I love this idea…. finally a black cake that we DON’T have to worry about getting icing sugar or cornflour marks on! Phew.


The picture above was a cake made by the seriously talented Liz Marek from the Artisan Cake Company, Liz also has tutorials out that teaches you how to create these amazing Vintage Styled Cakes.


The above cakes were also made by Artisan Cakes, Liz Marek.


This chalkboard cake was made by Tanya at Deliciously Decadent.


Chalkboard cakes with lovely 4″ deep cakes making for an extra tall and impressive cake. This one was made by Sugablossom Cakes.


A cute child-like play on the Chalkboard Cake certainly melts our hearts…but don’t be fooled no child could make cake edges that sharp & perfect… the above cake was made by Sweet Love Cake Couture . It’s really different to any others I’ve seen.. simple and extremely elegant!

Artisan Cake Company
Artisan Cake Company

Create a Chalkboard Cake…

  • Don’t worry about getting white smudges of cornflour or icing sugar when rolling out your black sugarpaste… in fact encourage it!
  • Mix Sugarflair Superwhite with Rejuvenator liquid  or vodka to create your chalk paint.
  • Use a fine brush to add detail… or one of those H20 brushes
  • Best of all, if you smudge a adds to the effect!


Eat My Cake even took it to the next level and created the Chalkboard effect on cookies. Awesome!


Good Luck and enjoy the latest trend of 2015!

Christmas Cake Tutorial

Christmas Cake Tutorial

Christmas Cake Tutorial by FMM Sugarcraft.

If you haven’t got a plan for your Christmas Cake…don’t worry… there’s still time and with this easy tutorial by FMM you’ll have it done and ready in no time! The think I love about this tutorial is it uses a lot of products that don’t just have to be used once a year for Christmas so you really get your monies worth out of them.


We will provide you with links to buy any products you don’t already have, remember last posting dates for 1st class is Saturday 20th December this year and 2nd class is Thursday 18th December so don’t leave it too late. Of course if you do there’s always local Cake Shops that in most cases are open until the 23rd December.

This is a handy step by step to create the cake below and we’ll even give you the link to the downloadable PDF from FMM Sugarcraft so you can print it off and file it for next year too!

Here we go for today’s Christmas Cake Tutorial…


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

Other Items:


1. Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the centre with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Here’s an example video from FMM’s YouTube channel on how to use these fantastic Press-Ice Tools…


2. Take some of the red modelling paste and roll a strip of approximately 20cms in length, 3mm thick. Cut 5 lengths from the chevron cutter (cover with cling film to stop them drying out). Place 2 lengths around the top of your cake, using a very small amount of edible glue,and cut a third one to fit the remaining gap – try to ine up your pattern as best as possible. Then, place the remaining lengths around the bottom of your cake, ensuring that the rise and fall of the chevron matches the ones placed around the top.

3. Use the Funky Tappits to cut out the ‘Merry Christmas’ lettering in red and green modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 3mm with a little cornflour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out.

4. Allow the letters to dry for a minute or two, then arrange on the parchment paper (this will help you get the spacing right, without marking the top of your white cake). Once you are happy with the layout, fix the letters to the top of your cake with a little edible glue.

5.Tap out 9 red snowflakes from the Christmas tappit, using your dab-a-dust again to prevent any sticking, and fix to the centre of the diamond pattern with a little edible glue.

6. Next, pipe over your embossed diamond pattern (or use edible dragees- whatever you decide on). Pipe one colour at a time – all the green parts of the pattern, followed by the black.

7. Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.




Here’s the downloadable PDF if you fancy saving this and printing it off for your tutorial collection…it’s FREE! > Here