Awesome Uses for Royal Icing

Here’s some awesome uses for Royal Icing

We have put together a cool blog with ideas on using Royal Icing for the latest trends in cake decorating and sugarcraft. Not only that but we have put together some of our favourite Royal Icing recipes and it includes one suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians too.

Delia Smith Royal Icing Recipe

1 lb 2 oz (500 g) icing sugar, sifted
3 large egg whites
1 teaspoon glycerine

For the full method check out Delia’s page. I have tried and tested this one myself and find it great for peaky icing, piping and biscuits!

Are you vegan or vegetarian and wanting to find a recipe to suit those dietary requirements. Well, there’s one right here:

Wallflower Kitchen Vegan Royal Icing Recipe

9 tbsp chickpea brine (the water drained from a can of chickpeas)
500g / 4 cups icing sugar, sifted*
2 tsp vegetable glycerine (optional)

For the full method checkout Wallflower Kitchens Blog.

You can also make some homemade hummus while you are there!!

Alternatively, Squires Kitchen do an awesome powdered Royal Icing mix, all you have to do is add water and you can use as little or as much as you like!

Awesome Uses for Royal Icing

Now we have the recipes down we can look at what to create with all this Royal Icing.

Rose Run Outs

I love this idea by ‘I am Baker’ although after reading her blog I would definitely avoid moving these gorgeous cuppies at all costs! Especially avoid driving with them. Stunning though aren’t they! For the cupcake swirl, Amanda used a 1M piping tip.

Traditional Cakes

It may be a few years since these cakes were the height of fashion but I think they are absolutely stunning and something really different to admire. So much work goes in to creating these stunning cakes. Let’s bring them back!

Above cake created by Lion Sugar Work

Above cake created by Fair Cake who offers master classes on creating these gorgeous Royal Iced designs.

Learn how to create some of these awesome designs with this video:

Henna Designs

These are fantastic, using a writing tube to create intricate henna patterns to add to the cake for free-standing design. Oh Sugar Event Panning have kindly put together a fabulous step by step on how to create your very own henna sugar transfer HERE.

You don’t have to create free standing designs, the royal icing can also be piped directly on to the cake. The cake below was created by Panache Cake Design. I would recommend a visit to their website with a ¬†coffee and a slice of cake to drool over the fabulous cake designs they create!

Create Gold Piped Designs

This is simple however, it is time consuming. Check out SweetAmbs fab guide on creating your very own gold royal icing. You can use a range of gold lustre to create this!

gold royal icing tutorial by SweetAmbs

Royal Icing Biscuits

How cute are these?! I love the use of a simple heart cookie cutter to create these adorable love birds. Huge thanks to Little Wonderland for putting together this comprehensive tutorial. See their page for the full method.

Royal Icing Biscuits

Brush Embroidery with Royal Icing

Using the Patchwork Cutters Poppy Cutter to create an impression you can create gorgeous floral designs on biscuits, cakes or even cupcakes.

Check out this fabulous video tutorial by our friends over at Patchwork Cutters for tips and help with brush embroidery.

I wanted to finish up with these 6 uses of Royal Icing by Squires Kitchen. You certainly will have lots of ideas for using Royal Icing as your media going forward! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Novelty Firework Cake – Bonfire Night

Novelty Firework Cake


This novelty firework cake is perfect for a bonfire night tea. Shaped as 2 fireworks with ‘exploding’ stars it will make a great centrepiece, and when it is cut each person gets their own little Catherine Wheel cake. You can’t get much more bonfire themed than that!

What you will need


    • Rolling pins – one for rolling out the paste and a small pin for the decoration
    • Marzipan spacers are useful for making sure your paste is the correct thickness
    • Small and medium circular cutters
    • Sharp knife
    • Baking Parchment for templates
    • Non-Stick board
    • Star Cutters – I used the FMM Star Set
    • Alphabet Cutters – I used the FMM Art Deco Tappit set
    • Shell tool for embossing the board to give a grass effect.

Method – Preparation

Step 1: Bake your cake. You can find the recipe and instructions for baking a Fat-Free Swiss Roll here.
Colour your sugarpaste. You will need approx. 400g Purple, 250g Red, 250g Green and 100g Yellow. Cover your board with the green paste and emboss using the shell tool.

Embossing the cake board
Ideally it is best to do this step the day before so that the paste and cakes set up a little to make it easier to work.

Step 2: Make the stars – This could be done a few days ahead to make sure that they are completely dry but they certainly need to dry overnight at least.

Cut the metallic wires to the variable lengths. Roll out the white Squires SMP thinly on a non-stick board and cut out a variety of stars using the FMM Star Set of cutters. Dip the end of the wire into edible glue and fix each star onto a wire.

Either leave flat to dry or place in oasis or polystyrene to dry. Personally I like to dry them standing because it gives a bit more shape to the stars rather than them being flat although they are delicate at this stage so take care. Leave to set up completely.

Make the stars

When set brush with edible glue and dip in the glitter. I use a piece of parchment paper under them as that way it is possible to tip a lot of glitter onto each star to ensure they are well covered. Any glitter remaining on the paper can then be tipped back into the pot when finished.

Set aside and leave to dry thoroughly.

Method – Covering the Firework cakes

Step 3: Cut the swiss roll into 2. One should be approximately twice as long as the other section. This will make 2 novelty firework cakes. Using parchment paper make a template for your covering.

Mask the cakes thinly with buttercream or ganache and stand on end.

Cut the cakes and make the templates

Step 4: Roll out a small piece of purple paste and cut 2 circles using the larger circle cutter – you should chose a cutter the same size as the cake surface. Place the cut paste on the top end of each cake.

Cover the larger cake with purple paste and the smaller with red paste using the templates as a guide. Leave a small amount standing proud of the top edge.

cut out top circles of paste

Cut a thin strip of the contrasting coloured paste and tuck into the join, fixing in place with edible glue. This gives a stripe down the back of each firework cake. When you cut the cake into the slices each slice will have a contrasting ‘fuse’.

With the remaining purple paste roll out thickly and cut 2 circles and fix to the centre of each firework cake top with edible glue. This makes the ‘fuse’ and will be where you will fix your stars so that the wires do not go into the cake.


Method – Finishing Touches

Step 5: On a non-stick board roll out the black Squires SMP to make the labels for the fireworks. It is important that this paste is rolled very thinly. Cut into a strip. Rub a little cornflour under the paste to release it from the board and a little into the top surface with your fingertips to help the letters come out of the cutters easily.

Using the FMM Tapit set select the letter you need and press into the paste. Scrub it a little against the board to ensure it is cleanly cut. Lift out and then tap the end of the cutter firmly against your table top. The letter should drop out cleanly. If it sticks you may have your paste too thick or you may not have dried the top enough with your cornflour. Repeat with the remaining letters until you have all you need.

Roll out a strip of white Squires SMP paste and stick the letters onto this using a little edible glue. Trim to size and then glue the strip to the side of the larger firework cake as shown.

Making the lettering labels

Step 6: Cut out some yellow stars using the FMM star cutters and fix to the side of the smaller cake.


Step 7: Place the cakes carefully on the covered board using a little buttercream or ganache if necessary to stick them in place. You could add a few stars to the board or else add an inscription if you prefer.

Step 8: Finally arrange the stars into the top of each cake. You can also make a few spirals using the metallic wires.
make spirals of wireSimply wrap the wire around a small rolling pin (A Cel Stick is ideal for this). Remove the wire and you will have a spiral ‘spring’. These can be used to fill out the firework topper.


So there you have your finished Firework cake with glittery stars topper.

To serve the cake cut into slices. You will end up with a plateful of little Catherine wheels thanks to the spiral of the roulade, complete with a little fuse.



If you don’t want to bake a swiss roll you can of course get ready made shop ones which you can just decorate. Alternatively you could use your favourite firm cake mix baked in empty washed out cans – I love the Rich Cherry Cake for this – for 4 baked bean cans you will need about a half quantity of cake mix. Unfortunately this will not give you the pretty spirals when cut but tastes delicious!

Take care this November the 5th and enjoy the praise from all for this fabulous Novelty Fireworks Cake!


Polka Dot Cake Design

Polka Dot Cake Design

Polka Dot Cake Design

With International Dot Day fast approaching, I though it would be a lovely idea to bring you guys some awesome Polka Dot cake design and inspiration. Dots are so easy and always look incredibly effective. Go bright for Birthdays for a fun feel or use pastels and ombre effects for subtle, yet beautiful Wedding Cakes.

I will also include some cool tutorials and tricks that stop this cool cake design from sending you dotty!

So here’s some inspiration to show you just how beautiful dots & cakes can be…

Polka Dot Cake Design

This cake was designed by Marion Frost: The cake artist and creator of Patchwork Cutters. These cutters are fantastic and Marion has designed cutters that help you every step of the way. From the ‘Polka Dot Cutters’, to the easy ‘Make a Bow’ cutter and finally even cutters for the ‘Extra Large Number Toppers’. My top tip with this is to use modelling or flower paste so your numbers set firm allowing them to free stand on your cake.

Polka Dot Cake Design

I love the soft peach with pastel grey on this stunning wedding cake. The dots look so effective in the Ombre effect. For those who haven’t come across ‘Ombre’ it means ‘shaded’ in French and stands for the gradual shading of colour from one colour to another! See we are learning things all the time! Grab a Press-Ice tool to make this design a piece of cake! Excuse the pun ūüėČ

Polka Dot Cake Design

This gorgeous cake was stumbled upon on SugarHero! I love the colours and the simplicity of the design. This is a clear winner for International Dot Day! Although SugarHero! made this one for Easter, it certainly could be used for a wide variety of occasions and you can find exactly how she did it HERE!

Polka Dot Cake Design

Beautiful on the inside as well as outside.. it’s not just a trait we like to see in our friends! Check out this extremely awesome dotty centre. There’s some great tutorials out there on how to do this one! I love the one by My Cupcake Addiction¬†so I’ve added it in below. A great tip is to use Sugarflair or Rainbow Dust food colours to colour your cake mix. These brands are both high quality and completely bake stable allowing you to keep the vibrancy of colour throughout the baking process!


Polka Dot Cake Design

Simple black & white cake with a flourish of floral colour. I think this is stunning… a combo of dots with stripes! Below I’m going to show you how to save yourself loads of time using the Press-Ice Tool instead of having to measure and stencil for hours to get even spacing on your dots! We came across this beautiful picture on Alicia Thurston Photography.

Polka Dot Cake Design

Changing the size and variation of your dots can add a really funky finish to your cake. This 3 tier stacked cake was created by FMM Sugarcraft. Learn how to use their Press Ice Tools below in the free tutorial video below.

Be sure to take advantage of our special offer on all Polka Products in our Polka Dot Collection between the 15th-30th September. All you need to do is add the goodies you would like from our Polka Dot Collection to your basket and at checkout enter code POLKA456 and it will automatically give you an extra 10% off for just being you!


Thanks for your continued support! We hope you liked our latest Polka Dot Cake Design blog!

Silhouette Cakes

Silhouette Cakes

Silhouette Cakes are all the fashion, creating beautiful simplistic imagery on cakes, whether it be one tier or three!

The downside to Silhouette Cakes is the time it takes for cutting the design out. Many people print out images from the internet,trace them and hand cut them. Thanks to Marion Frost over at Patchwork Cutters. This is now a thing of the past! Cake Decorators can breath a sigh of relief!!

I have a feeling the range will continue to expand. For now here are some of our most popular Silhouette Cutters.

  • Family Silhouette
  • Wedding Silhouette
  • Countryside Silhouette cutters!



Silhouette Cakes
Family Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters
Silhouette Cakes
Wedding Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters
Countryside Silhouette Cutters
Countryside Silhouette Cutters – Patchwork Cutters


We have a collection ‘Silhouette Cutters’ if you fancy making your own Silhouette Cake the easy way!

Some handy tips:

  • Use modelling paste.
  • Use pre-coloured modelling paste, to avoid sticky hard to handle paste.
  • Roll thin, it will dry faster.
  • Use a little white alcohol or Isopropyl to lightly brush your cut out shapes.¬†This will help get rid of any white¬†marks left on the black icing.

Please post examples of your Silhouette Cakes on our Facebook Page. We do love seeing your creations. If you need any help or advice pop us a comment on this blog. One of our experienced cake decorators will answer it for you.


Happy Baking!

If you like this post check out some of our others:

How To Make an Art Deco Cake

How To Make an Art Deco Cake

Art Deco Cake Design
Art Deco Cake Design

I love the Art Deco style, this style first appeared in France in the 1920’s and can be seen to influence many of our buildings through until the 40’s. Taking this influence and building it in to our cake designs can make for an extremely pleasing and impressive cake. Think symmetrical rather than asymmetrical, it is both glamorous and exuberant in it’s form.

So enough said…. let me show you the cake made using the FMM Sugarcraft Essential Shapes Cutter so you can give this stunning design a go yourself!

Essential Shapes for Art Deco Cakes
Essential Shapes for Art Deco Cakes

What You Will Need

You can achieve a huge range of depth from one colour by adding more or less to your white fondant.

Rainbow Dust Pro-Gel Food Colours

To make your modelling paste from scratch simply add 1tsp of Tylo Powder to 250g of normal fondant/sugarpaste and leave covered to develop over 5 hours before using. We recommend rolling flower paste to 2mm thickness.

Step 1: Roll out your orange modelling paste in a long vertical strip, approximately 45mm wide. Cut out 73 x 38mm diamonds.

Step 2: Roll out your blue and light blue modelling paste in a long vertical strip approximately 45mm wide. Cut out 37 x 38mm diamonds of each colour.

Step 3: Cut each of your diamonds in half lengthways with your knife tool.

Step 4: Practise the pattern on your work surface first: The orange diamonds are placed together by the shortest sides of your shapes. They create a similar shape to a triangle with a piece missing from the centre. On the left hand side of your orange modelling paste match the longest side with your blue modelling past, and then on the right hand side of the orange modelling paste attach the lighter blue modelling paste shapes.

Step 5: Attach the pattern to your cake: Starting in the centre of the bottom tier of your cake, attach the shapes to your cake with water starting with the orange shapes. Then as explained in Step 4 attach the blue on one side and the light blue on the other. Keep working each side of your central point so the join will be at the back of the cake.

Step 6: Once you have completed your first row start a new row above, again starting in the centre of the cake. This time starting with your blue and light blue modelling paste and again working each side. Continue this for 3 rows.

Step 7: Continue this method for one single row on the top tier of your cake.

Step 8: To make the flower for your cake roll out your blue, light blue and orange modelling paste. Using your 5 petal rose cutters cut out your shapes as follows: Blue 90mm, orange 75mm and 50mm and light blue 65mm.

Step 9: Roll out your white modelling paste and cut out a 15mm circle.


Step 10: Lay your largest flower shape flat on your work surface and wet the centre with water. Place your next size down flower on top and continue the same process until you have a blue and orange flower (See picture). Secure your white circle in the centre with water.

Step 11: Leave your flower to dry overnight.

Step 12: Secure the flower to your cake with some Royal Icing. I always use Delia’s Royal Icing Recipe which is really quick and easy.

Why not try switching from plain matt colours to rich metallics by using Rainbow Dust Metallic Edible Paint to add extra luxury!

Thanks for taking the time to read our tutorial How To Make an Art Deco Cake, please feel free to leave a comment or share. Thank you!


Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial

Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial – using the FMM Ribbon Cutter.


This versatile cutter will create ribbons from 3mm to 50mm wide, with a choice of plain or wavy line edging, plus the option of including stitches.


This cake is extremely simple to make, yet so pretty with its distinct ‚Äėvintage‚Äô feel.

Equipment you will need:


Cover the cake drum with ivory sugarpaste and set aside to dry.

1. Cover the cake with ivory sugarpaste and transfer to the cake drum, securing with royal icing. Set up the multi-ribbon tool with two plain cutting wheels, with one large spacer in between. Hold at the base of the cake and run the tool upwards to leave two lines. Place one of the wheels into one of the previously marked lines and repeat until all the sides of the cake are marked. These will act as guidelines for the stripes.


2. Roll out a long strip of the ivory sugarpaste/flower paste mix to around 2mm thick. Using the multiribbon tool at same setting, with the addition of two stitching wheels (positioned on the inside of the plain wheels), cut a long strip and add the strip to the top of the cake to form the rim of the hat box, securing with edible glue. Use the top edge of the cake as a guide as you attach.


3. Using the multi-ribbon tool with two wavy cutting wheels and two stitching wheels with one large spacer in between, cut another long strip of the dusky pink sugarpaste/ flowerpaste mix. Measure the distance from the base of the cake to the base of the strip at the top of the cake. Cut several strips from the paste at this length. Add the strips to the sides of the cake, using the marked lines as a guide.


4. To make the bow, set up the multi-ribbon wheel with one wavy cutting wheel and one plain cutting wheel at the widest setting (using all spacers). Roll out the pink flowerpaste to around 2mm thick and cut a strip 20cm long. Fold over both ends to meet in the middle, using edible glue to secure. Carefully pleat the centre and turn over. Cut a small rectangle from the paste, pleat and wrap around the centre. Insert cling film through both ends and leave to dry.


5. For the tails of the bow, cut a strip of the pink¬†flowerpaste using the multi-ribbon tool with two¬†wavy cutting wheels, two stitching wheels (positioned¬†on the inside of the wavy wheels), and one large¬†and one small spacer¬†in between. Cut two¬†lengths around 10cm¬†long and cut a ‚ÄėV‚Äô at one¬†end of each. Use the¬†end of a paintbrush to¬†add movement. Secure¬†to the top of the cake¬†with a little royal icing¬†and position the bow on top. Finish the cake drum¬†with pink ribbon.


We hope you enjoyed this Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial! If you want a bit more information on the initial set-up of your ribbon cutter, here’s a quick video by FMM Sugarcraft on how to use it! You can also download the PDF version of this tutorial from FMM’s educate site.¬†The FMM Ribbon Cutter Tool as well as a huge range of FMM products are available from our online website with PartyAnimalOnline!

National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day November 26th

National Cake Day 2014

Well today is National Cake Day! I’m so glad we have a national day for cakes… I mean it is one of the better ones… just for clarification it means all cakes consumed on the 26th November are officially zero calorie content, I mean it’s National Cake Day, right, as much cake as you can stuff in your face…. Well that’s how I perceive it, I think it’s good logic!

To celebrate this years National Cake Day we’ve been asking you to share your favourite cake on our Facebook Page and telling us just why you love them so much. I want to share a few of our favourites so far with you, there’s so many to pick from so we’ll list a few so you can drool and dribble just like we have!

Funky Mamas


Funky Mamas favourite cake they’ve ever made! Fantastic design and a wonderful contribution to National Cake Day! Bravo!

Cupcake By Julie

The above cake is Cupcakes By Julie’s favourite cake ever made!! I can totally see why… this is a cake for those who love cake & wine….. what a fantastic combo! Julie’s customer was over the moon with this creation, she could hardly believe it was a cake!

Wedding Cake National Cake Day

You can’t have a bigger reason than to choose this cake as your favourite when it’s your very own Wedding Cake made with your own fair hands! Michelle’s extra special cake for a wonderfully special day. Made by JakeyBakeyCakey

National Cake Day

Above Photo “This was my ‘proudest’ cake – for a wedding in the magnificent York Minster “- By the extremely talented Fiona Edden from Feendish Delights – Fabulous addition to our National Cake Day Shares!


“If you ask which is my favourite – this giant burger cake for my son birthday is the best ever because it make him really surprised and happy. All he wanted was¬†a normal burger, but i made this!” by¬†Raja Halida Raja Shahdan – National Cake Day should bring Joy & Happiness and this picture certainly sums those feelings up!! Now that’s what cake is all about!


Izzy’s Cakes favourite ever cake is this gorgeous looking Peter Rabbit Cake! Stuuning!


“Hello, sharing my Mothers cake, a mix of matching cupcakes and larger cake with lace. Family cakes are just as important and I love to add my own personal touch and love into them.” by Ann from Madiapple Cakes¬†– Family Cakes are always extra special and this one is particularly beautiful!


The above cake was made by Maries Bakehouse¬†¬†we asked her why this was her favourite cake… “This was the Up House I made for a wedding last year. Battled in very hot summer weather with buttercream and ganache that wouldn’t set, but enjoyed every single minute of making this one” – Marie. Bakers everywhere have gone through hell & high water to create their fantastic cakes and nothing holds them back! Well done Marie!


Cakesakimbo’s favourite cake is this amazing Alice In Wonderland Cake. Here’s some background by Andy… “I made this cake in September, it was my first tiered cake, it came second in our local cake decorating competition and I just love it” This is just amazing for a first ever stacked cake! Wicked cake to share on National Cake Day!


Wow a fantastic mythical unicorn cake by¬†Cakin’ Faerie – Cake Design and Decoration¬†– “My fave cake has to be Emily’s Unicorn from earlier this year – totally out of my comfort zone and first cake coloured using only the airbrush” – Suzanne Readman from Cakin’ Faerie. I just adore the airbrushed effect it gives such a realistic finish to cakes! Amazing!


National Cake Day isn’t just about pretty, girly cakes it’s about appreciating the sheer talent and time put in to each individual cake and my goodness this gory, zombie cake sure has that!! Here’s what Zoe had to say about her favourite cake…. ”¬†This is my favourite so far!¬†He stood about a foot and half tall.¬†There’s so much detail to this cake like a missing piece of skull with visible brains, shredded finger nails on the severed hands, popped out eyeball to list only a few but you have to check out the close up photos on my page!¬†I had way too much fun but in order to get the details accurate my internet history looks REALLY dodgy!!” – Posted by Zoe Wynne at¬†The Cake Junction¬†– Hahaha I bet Zoe… now that’s one hell of a cake!

We’ve included the links to all these very talented artists on the posts so if you fancy seeing more of their work, pop by their Facebook pages.

Thanks for all the fabulous shares! We love seeing your work and seeing what you use our cake decorating products to create!

Happy National Cake Day lovelies xxx