Beach Themed Cupcakes

Beach Themed Cupcakes by Victorious Cupcakes.


Our latest guest blogger to join us is the fantastic Victoria Threader from Victorious Cupcakes. Victoria is really well known for her columns and recipes in Good To Know Recipes and we are absolutely delighted to have her join us here too.

This Step by Step will show you how to make these awesome Beach Themed Cupcakes and include instructions and what products you will need to achieve your results. You might have similar products already in your collection that you can improvise with, but in case you need them I have added the links to the list of what’s been used.




Step 1

Colour 440g of the sugarpaste pale blue, 20g yellow, 10g Royal Blue, 10g Green, 10g Red and leave 10g White.


Step 2

Roll out the pale blue and, using the double sided circle cutter, cut 12 circles the size of your cupcakes. Cut using vegetable fat to stop the icing sticking to your cutter or work surfaces. Place on a foam mat to dry.


Step 3

Roll the yellow sugarpaste  out finely and then cut another circle the same size as the original but this time cut the bottom third off it and use this as your sand. Attach with a brush and a little water.


Step 4

With the remaining yellow cut 12 small circles using the tip of a plain-tipped piping tube. If the sugarpaste gets stuck simply nudge it out with the soft end of the brush. Attach to the cupcake as shown before with a small amount of water.


Step 5

Roll and cut 1 strip of white and 1 strip of red, 1cm wide. Cut little red and white rectangles, 2cm long for the huts. Apply to the cupcakes.


Step 6

Once the huts have been arranged on the sand, use a sharp knife to score door marks on the front of the huts.


Step 7

Use the zig-zag cutter to cut out the roof shape. You can find this cutters in FMM Straight Frill set 5-8. Attach the roofs with a little water.


Step 8

Cut out the navy icing, using round and scalloped cutters, cut out a small piece to make the water. Stick on, as before.


Step 9

Roll out green and with a suitable smaller circle cutter, cut out the hills and place them to the side of the huts. Stick on, as before.


Step 10

Finally use the black edible pen to dot the handles on the door. Then apply to your cupcakes using whatever flavoured buttercream you would like.



That’s it all wrapped up. You can even use some gorgeous red cupcake cases to match the huts on your Beach Themed Cupcakes.

If you enjoyed this step by step tutorial by Victorious Cupcakes check out Victoria’s Facebook Page and her Good To Know Recipe column! 


We are now stocking white cupcake display boxes that hold 12 cupcakes. Perfect for transporting these beautiful cupcakes to your nearest and dearest! So don’t forget to pop by our online shop and pay us a visit!










Edible Glitter Cupcakes

Edible Glitter Cupcakes and using glitters… It’s your…


All glitters used on these pictures are 100% edible and are by Rainbow Dust called Edible Glitters. Don’t get these mixed up with the other ranges, yes they aren’t quite as sparkly as non-toxic glitters but these are 100% edible and don’t require and removal before consumption so you can go wild with them!

Edible Glitter Cupcakes:


Edible Glitters were used on these cupcakes. Rainbow Dust have paired them with the ProGel food colours to match the shade to make them stand out even more! Simply make up your buttercream and add Rainbow Dust ProGel colours to it, mix in well until all the colour is even and vibrant then pipe as normal with your round piping tube, then simply sprinkle the matching coloured glitter on top and leave to set! You get a perfect set of rainbow, vibrant, glittery and completely fabulous cupcakes.

Why not try some other ideas with Rainbow Dust ProGel Food Colours and matching edible glitters..


Go all out and cover your whole cake in it!! To do this you will require edible glue to stick the glitter to the sugarpaste. Simply add a thin layer with a brush to the areas you would like to cover and sprinkle on top!


As I’m sure you’re all aware there has been quite a lot of controversy in the cake world over the past few years regarding edible glitters. Everyone has different opinions but here’s the facts in a brief summary to bring you up to date just in case you’ve missed the full story. A ll the pictures shown above have been made with 100% edible glitter which can be purchased > HERE

What Can I Use?

You can use either Food Contact Glitters or Edible Glitters, the basic difference is the Food Contact Glitters must be removed before consuming your tasty little cuppie! All that is required by you is to let your customers know to remove the glitter before eating and the easiest and fairest way for this to happen is not to cover your cupcakes in mountains of glitter but to add to some sugarpaste details that can easily be picked off.

Edible Glitters can be used and sprinkled on without need for warning of removal and you are free to add as much as you like. The truth is these glitters aren’t a sparkly and they never will be but if you want to be on the safe side this is the best way to go! Choose reputable brands and trusted names like Rainbow Dust who also have all their certificates available on their website to download.


  • Legally if you are selling your cakes you must let the customer know if you use anything that is not 100% edible on the cake.
  • Real edible glitter will never be as sparkly as the non- toxic range.
  • Edible items have a list of ingredients on them, if they don’t the chances are they are not edible.



ruffle flower tutorial

Ruffle Flower Tutorial

Ruffle Flower Tutorial

ruffle flower tutorial
Ruffle Flower Tutorial


What you will need

Extra’s – Helpful modelling tools

I have added the links to the ones I have used in this tutorial, just click on the item you want to know more about in the list above.

Really nothing much is needed to make this lovely easy ruffle flower. It makes a beautiful cupcake topper with little effort and can be used in a large range of colours. We have chosen to use blues in a range of shades starting from dark to light.

I started with using Baby Blue Sugarflair paste and flower paste, I coloured 5 lots of paste to create the different shades. The more you add to your flower paste the darker it gets. Colour will also deepen over night so we recommend colouring the day before in most cases. Start by colouring a set amount to the deepest shade you can make, then you are set to use this with quantities of white so you can recreate colours easily if you really like them.

**For example then you can use 1 part blue to 5 parts white. 2 parts blue to 5 parts white and so on.**

I used the same size cutters for all 3 shades, pick your size that will best fit your cupcakes or cake.

Now this is the simple run down on how to. 

Roll your flower paste nice and thin and cut your shape, you will need to use a foam pad and a cocktail stick for the frilling and simply roll it against the edge of the circle you’ve cut. A foam pad works better as there’s not as much resistance allowing you to apply pressure without cutting through the paste.

ruffle flower

With your index finger roll the cocktail stick back and forth along the edge several times until thinning it, then turn the circle slightly and continue on the next section. Do this until the the circle has a complete frilled edge.


Pop the first layer of the flower in your former. I would definitely recommend using a former of some sort or finding something that will curve the shape of the flower whilst setting, if you don’t use this shape to form your flower you will find it will droop before it sets. Egg cartons can often be used as a substitute if you don’t have the real deal. Otherwise I used CelCakes former 1 in this tutorial.


Next step add a touch of edible glue to each layer, there’s loads of great edible glues on the market such as Rainbow Dust edible glue, Squires Kitchen edible glue and Holly Products edible glue. I have found them all very good to use. If you would rather make your own you can do this by using CMC with water (cooled boiled water is best) to make a good home made edible glue.


Do this with multiple layers until your flower is completely full, I used 4 on mine that was quite a large flower to make an overstated design on my plain cupcakes. You could make them as small as you like by simply using a smaller cutter initially which would require less layers.


Leave your flower overnight for the best results before painting the tips. If you are using flower paste less time will be required for your flower to set.


Use the amazing Rainbow Dust Click-Twist Brushes to paint the edges in whichever colour you like. I personally chose silver on this ruffle flowers, I always think silver goes best with cool colours and golds for warm colours.


Click-Twists are really easy, you twist the brush and it makes a clicking sound releasing the edible metallic paint into the brush, dab off any excess and then simply run it along the edges. This gives it a beautiful metallic shine to finish it off.


You can then place your lovely ruffle flower as a centrepiece on a cake, as a gorgeous large flower on cupcakes or just get creative. You’ve got the technique down so experiment, that’s what cake decorating is all about!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our free tutorials, there will be loads more coming soon. For more notifications on offers, tutorials and discounts with our online shop sign up to our Newsletter HERE.

ruffle flower tutorial
Ruffle Flower Tutorial

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Sugarpaste Kneading Techniques

I wanted to start with some of the more basic techniques that are so important to giving us a professional finish with our cakes. I will be covering some of the obvious issues we come across when preparing our sugarpaste, that can then effect the cakes finish once covered.

Problem Areas

  • Cracking
  • Stickiness
  • Air Bubbles
  • Lumps & Bumps

The first thing when covering a cake is don’t scrimp on your basic tools! Yes you can get by with substituting a smoother for your hand but this is what the difference is between a professional finish and an amateur one.


What Tools Do You Need?

  • Smoother
  • Scriber Needle
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin


PME scriber needle PME smoother PME large non stick rolling pin




These cover your basic tools and a professional finish can be easily obtained with these tools, not only that but if you buy the better brands such as PME or FMM that may cost 10% more than the no names, they will last you the next 20-30 years! We still have most of our original tools we used every day baking and cake decorating in the PartyAnimal Cake Shop nearly 25 years on!

Basic Kneading Techniques

Start with smaller amounts, by kneading a section at a time you will find it much easier to handle. Use a very small amount of icing sugar on the work surface to stop the sugarpaste from sticking. If you sugarpaste is cold and hard you can soften it by microwaving it for a 5 seconds – DO NOT leave in longer, sugar gets VERY hot and can burn your hands.

Use the Thenar muscle in your hand to need this is the lower palm, you want to push the sugarpaste in on itself whilst rotating it around, continuing to do this motion will work the sugarpaste to a smooth ball and achieve a good shape for rolling it out. Use as little icing sugar as possible to avoid cracking.

See video for the action:

How to Avoid Cracking

Cracking often happens in icing with the overuse of icing sugar. Yes, in most cases we need these when rolling out our sugarpaste BUT many make the mistake of using too much! A good sugarpaste shouldn’t require too much and if you use your non-stick rolling pin then you will find non is required on that.

Avoid using cornflour – this dries Sugarpaste out very quickly!

If you do use too much, you can revive your sugarpaste with a small amount of TREX (White vegetable fat) this will stop the sugarpaste cracking once kneaded in properly.


How to Avoid Stickiness

Sugarpaste becomes sticky in hot climates and can often be difficult to work with and roll out. This can also happen if the sugarpaste is overworked. If this happens, use extra icing sugar to balance the heat. If it’s very humid where you are working a dehumidifier can help stop sugarpaste sweating.

How to Avoid Air bubbles

Air bubbles are caused when air gets trapped under the surface causing it to bubble. A good way to avoid bubbling is by starting on the top of the cake, once you have folded your icing over the cake you need to lift and brush the icing along, by doing this you push out any trapped air. You can then smooth the top and move onto the sides. Quite iften by doing it this way you avoid trapping any extra air but sometimes air bubbles are just unavoidable.

Never fear, this is where the scriber needle comes in. When a bubble appears, you need to release the air. The PME scriber needle is very thin leaving barely any marking on the cake, simply pop the scriber needle in to the bubble to release the air and then you the warmth of your hand to smooth of the mark once the bubble has gone down, finish off by using your smoother on the effected area.

How to Avoid Lumps & Bumps

Lumps and bumps can be avoided by using a good undercoat on your cake. Many people use ganache, it tastes great and dries solid and smooth. Learning how to do your undercoat well makes all the difference when icing on top!

Finally, use a smoother, always! Don’t think it’s not worth spending the £5! The difference is a professional finish every time and well worth every penny. I recommend PME smoother or if you want one that also has a straight edge FMM do a great one and they are both around the £5 mark so definitely won’t break the bank.


I hope this has given you some helpful tips. Please comment underneath if there’s other tips you would recommend.



Easter Chick Cake Pops

Easter Chick Cake Pops

easter chick cake pops
Our easy how to on making easter chick cake pops. Fun with all the family.

Easter isn’t that far away and if you are looking for cake pop ideas then these little easter chick cake pops should fit the bill! They are very simple to make and will be a great addition to your Easter cake creations.

You will need for your Easter Chick Cake Pops:

cake pops DSC_0073 DSC_0075

To make the cake balls please check out our blog post on creating cake pops step-by-step! This will show you how to make the cake balls and basic dipping instructions. Melt the PME Yellow Candy Buttons and dip the end of  a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then into the cake ball.



Once set dip the whole cake into the melted chocolate. If the sponge is dark, like chocolate cake, you may need to dip it twice so the cake doesn’t show through.


Once you have dipped your cake pop and shaken off the excess quickly attach an orange coated chip for the nose and two yellow ones for the wings. If you can’t get hold of these coated chips you can use melted chocolate instead but make sure to add them after main cake pop has dried.

For the eyes I melted some PME Black Candy Buttons and used a toothpick to paint the eyes on.

 DSC_0081  DSC_0154

And that’s it! I can see why these are so popular to make with them being so simple! Don’t forget to present these using the Culpitt Cake Pop Bags. If you have a go yourself share your pictures with us at Party Animal Online!



Rainbow Cake Pops

Rainbow Cake Pop Tutorial


What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than these Pot O’ Gold Cake Pops filled with Rainbow goodness!

You will need:

Before we begin please go have a read of my cake pop tutorial which goes through the basics of making cake pops and how to avoid the usual cake pop problems!

Had a read? Good! Lets start with the rainbow cake balls. I made a 3 egg cake mix and divided it between 6 containers. To each mix I added a different Sugarflair Gel Food Paste from our rainbow set; Christmas Red, Grape Violet, Ice Blue, Melon, Party Green & Tangerine. I then made cupcakes with the mix managing to make 3 cupcakes of each colour.

Once the cupcakes were baked and left to cool I then crumbed these down and added some buttercream to make the crumbs into a dough.



To make a rainbow cake ball I took a small amount of each colour and rolled them into ball. I then stacked them into my Cake Pop Baller (aka Meatball maker!) in the following order; Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red. Press the cake pop baller down as much as you can letting any excess fall away.



When you remove the ball it should look something like this:


Continue making rainbow balls untill you run out of dough, I managed to make 20!


After leaving the cake balls overnight in the fridge it was time to dip them! I melted some PME Milk Chocolate Candy Buttons and first dipped the end of the stick into the chocolate and then into the ball.


After fully dipping them into the chocolate I tapped off the excess and left to dry upside down on greaseproof paper, I pushed down slightly to make the ‘rim’ of the pot.


When the cake pops were completely dry I carefully peeled them off the greaseproof paper

Since I had no yellow candy buttons around I decided to try using the new PME White Vanilla Candy Buttons & Squires Kitchen Cocol to colour the buttons myself.

At first I thought I would try the gold colour (from the warm set) but unfortunately it didn’t work at all for colouring the chocolate. Instead I used the yellow colour (also from the warm set) to colour the vanilla candy melts a light yellow. I then poured a tiny bit on top of the cake pop.




Before the chocolate set I sprinkled on some Gold Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter to make the pot of gold truly sparkle! It really did make a great difference to the cake pop and the fact that it is 100% edible is a bonus!




There you have it Pot O’Gold Rainbow Cake Pops all ready for a St Patrick’s Day Party! However you celebrate the holiday this year have a good one and don’t forget to share your St Patrick’s Day creations with us at Party Animal Online!


Making Bright Pink Sugarpaste Using Sugarflair Fuchsia Food Colour

Making bright pink sugarpaste has never been so easy!

A frequently asked question here at PartyAnimalOnline is about how to produce a hot pink using food colouring. We now have the perfect answer…. Sugarflair – Fuchsia.

Sugarflair paste is highly concentrated professional grade food colour that can be used in icing, buttercream, painting on to edible goods, macaroons, biscuits and even cake mix thanks to it’s high heat stability!

I have to say,I was extremely impressed with Sugarflair’s Fuchsia… they now have 57 colours in the paste range and this now contains 5 pinks! When they released this I wondered how Sugarflair were going to make something different to all the others but here it is..with photographic evidence.

The Perfect Hot Pink for Cakes.
The Perfect Hot Pink for Cakes.


It has been added to my faithful collection and I will be producing a full pink colour chart that you guys can save to your computers, very soon. Next time you need to make bright pink Sugarpaste: your answer is Sugarflair Fuchsia!

Watch this space…..