Monkey Cakes & Toppers

Monkey Cakes and Toppers

Here we are again, another week, another fun animal theme!


These little cheeky monkey’s were made by BBCakes. Cute huh!?

This week you voted for Monkey and so the monkey business began. We had a total of 83 shares over e-mails, Facebook and Twitter and somehow we had to find a way to narrow that down to just 10!

A great week, a fabulous theme and I’m very proud to present our Fans and Customers Cakes & Cookies that made the Top 10 Monkey Cakes.

1. Monkey Cupcakes by Victorious Cupcakes – I love these but not just for how lovely & neat they look but Victoria has also put together a lovely tutorial, completely free that you can try yourself. See the Monkey Cupcake Tutorial for yourself and give it a go!


2. Custom Cakes by Ann Marie – A fantastic well designed cake with a rather fabulous monkey topper! I know monkeys are the thing we are looking at…but…that tree is amazing!


3. Paul Frank Cupcakes – I love the vibrancy of these gorgeous cupcakes… Paul Frank Monkey Cupcakes from The Chain Lane Cake Co.


4 Jo Takes The Cake – Jumps in with this cheeky monkey stacked cake… fabulous modelling or what?! Look at the little guy at the bottom who has ended up with a banana on his head!



5. Yummy Cakes & Bakes – Colourful Monkey Cupcakes. These are so sweet, I love the added leaves at the bottom just to add a bit of texture in there too.


6. Time For Tiffin – It’s Curious George! Fabulous modelling by Time for Tiffin, a monkey cake share would not be complete without him! I am surprised we haven’t seen any entries for the PG Tips Monkey… I was expecting that one too!


7. Georgia RG Fowler – Story Time Monkey – I love the story style design behind this piece, it’s really lovely and well thought out! I spy FMM Funky Tappit Lettering too…one of my favourites to use and it works really well with this fun cake.


8. Crazy Cake Lady – Giant 1st Birthday Monkey – What monkey doesn’t have their own personal stack of bananas near by?! I love this carved cake by the Crazy Cake Lady. Fabulous!crazy_cake_lady

9. Rennae’s Cakes... This definitely looks like a cheeky monkey for Kylah’s Birthday. A running theme with 1st Birthday’s 😉 One lady who entered had said that she had made her son a monkey themed cake each year for his Birthday…. it just shows you can be 18 but you’ll always be a cheeky monkey! I bet this one was really fun to make!


10. The Red Cake Tin– Monkey Cookies – It’s not all cakes…. sweet monkey treats come in all shapes and forms and these were a huge hit on the page by Vanessa… I can’t believe this is some of her earliest work on cookies.. they are just adorable!the_red_cake_tin

Keep stopping by on a Monday via our Facebook Page to share your animal cakes. Themes will be announced first thing Monday morning.

Thanks to all of you who took part and don’t worry if your cake hasn’t made the top 10! There’s always next week, a new animal and a completely new vote!

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Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes

Here’s our most recent Fan Shares for all inspired Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes.


I found this little guy chewing on some lettuce over at Cakes Beyond Belief and thought he’d be perfect to start our Turtle Share Day!


With loads of entries submitted yesterday for our animal share day it was really difficult to choose this weeks Turtle Cakes and Cupcakes to go in this week fan share blog.

I love the diversity of the cakes and of course this share would not be complete without the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake or two!

So let’s have the line up…. here’s the Top 10 Turtle Cakes from our Facebook fans….. get ready to be inspired.

In no particular order other than the Top Favourite voted by likes on our Facebook page by our fans and the PartyAnimalOnline cake shop staff! Let us know your favourites at the bottom of this post.


1. I love the idea of waves on this cake, a very clever use of cake tiers by Give and Cake.

Turtle Cake
Turtle Cake – Give and Cake


2. This scores top for the most realistic turtle cake I have ever seen! This cake is by North Star Cakes – the same people who did that amazing Snake Cake! I love the shiny finish created with confectioners glaze… it just finishes this cake off so well…. I would feel mean cutting in to this little fella for a slice!



3. It’s Squirt from Finding Nemo… loved this character in the film and Tracey’s Fab Cakes has really captured his character here! Really impressive and amazing airbrush detail and control!



4. Dave’s Discworld Cake was presented on a massive 14″ x 18″ board… it’s enormity is a feat in itself. All the details were airbrushed on too. Fabulous by Dave’s All Occasions Cakes.



5. A ‘bodacious’ design by Cath’s Custom Cakes and this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake would not be complete without the pizza! A fabulous finishing touch!



6. I was really impressed to hear this was Inspirata Cakes first use of their Airbrush… love the shell and colours on this fabulous turtle cake!inspirata_cakes


7. Hurry little tortoise… swim for your life! Looks like the sharks still hungry from his human lunch! Love the design of this cake by Julie Cains Cakes … her cakes are amazing!



8. I love the marbled effect of icing used on the turtles shell by the lovely Yvonne Walsh! Yvonne had loads of fun making this one and I can really see why, a brilliant effect used to tile his skin and shell and give this little guy a great finish!yvonne_welsh


9. TMNT Cake by Mrs B Bakes Cakes – So these guys have certainly been popular in today’s turtle shares making it incredibly hard to choose but I really liked the design and vibrancy of this one…down to the font detail of the name! Four extremely lovable, butt kicking turtles – totally awesome duuuude!



10. You’ve seen cakes but I’m here to bring you cupcakes too! These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cupcakes were made by Elaine’s Cheerful Colourful Cupcakes – they are exactly that… A very effective design and perfect cupcakes to finish off our turtle cake & cupcakes share!elaines_colourful_cupcakes


That concludes our Turtle Cakes & Cupcakes on Fan Shares today!

Which is your favourite?…. We’ll leave it to you guys to decide!


Other awesome animal cakes


Easter Chick Cake Pops

Easter Chick Cake Pops

easter chick cake pops
Our easy how to on making easter chick cake pops. Fun with all the family.

Easter isn’t that far away and if you are looking for cake pop ideas then these little easter chick cake pops should fit the bill! They are very simple to make and will be a great addition to your Easter cake creations.

You will need for your Easter Chick Cake Pops:

cake pops DSC_0073 DSC_0075

To make the cake balls please check out our blog post on creating cake pops step-by-step! This will show you how to make the cake balls and basic dipping instructions. Melt the PME Yellow Candy Buttons and dip the end of  a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then into the cake ball.



Once set dip the whole cake into the melted chocolate. If the sponge is dark, like chocolate cake, you may need to dip it twice so the cake doesn’t show through.


Once you have dipped your cake pop and shaken off the excess quickly attach an orange coated chip for the nose and two yellow ones for the wings. If you can’t get hold of these coated chips you can use melted chocolate instead but make sure to add them after main cake pop has dried.

For the eyes I melted some PME Black Candy Buttons and used a toothpick to paint the eyes on.

 DSC_0081  DSC_0154

And that’s it! I can see why these are so popular to make with them being so simple! Don’t forget to present these using the Culpitt Cake Pop Bags. If you have a go yourself share your pictures with us at Party Animal Online!



Raising money by recycling

Today’s Blog is a little different than normal, because it is not directly cake related, although as always I do like to look for a cake related to the Blog so keep your eyes peeled for a cake at the end!

I am a sucker for anything remotely animal related, especially related with dogs! When I saw that we could recycle our used Ink Cartridges to help Guide Dogs I was rather excited. Reading up on Guide Dogs I was amazed to find that the Lifetime cost of a Guide Dog is around £50,000!!

This includes;

-£1,900 for breeding

-£5,100 for puppy walking (Oh, how I would love to do this!)

-£15,400 for early training

-£9,300 advanced training

£3,200 partnership training

In the UK to date there are over 4,700 Guide Dog owners which are essential and change so many lives. All statistics taken from the Guide Dog website

As well as dogs, I love a good clear out so when I heard that we could help to raise money for Guide Dogs, I began to collect all our old ink cartridges up! For each inkjet cartridge that is recycled Guide Dogs will receive £1.00 and we go through a lot of cartridges printing  all your orders!Ink done

So we boxed all our cartridges up and packaged them ready to go with our postie, to hopefully help train some lovely Guide Dogs.

If you want to recycle your ink cartridges they are able to send you Freepost bags for you to return with your cartridges in, for more information have a look on the Guide Dog website  Box done

On that note I am off to look at pictures of puppies! If only looking at puppies was as productive as looking at cats is meant to be! I did promise you a cake picture like this one from Truly Scrumptious;

Guide dog cakes

Enough for everyone?

£34 Million pounds of cake!!
£34 Million pounds of cake!!

This week saw the unveiling of ‘The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake’, made by Cake UK Ltd for the National Gay Wedding Show held in Liverpool on the 3rd March, which extends the trend for bridal excess within cake decorating and baking circles.
This cake is valued at a whopping £34 million and is covered with over 4000 diamonds, as well as 8 tiers of cake and sugarcraft icing detail.
To put that into perspective – the average cost of a UK wedding cake is £300, which is approximately 1.1% of the UK average annual salary of £26,500. If this wedding cake cost you 1.1% of your yearly salary, you would be earning around £3 billion four hundred million a year!


Would you spend that much on a cake? If you had that much money what would you buy?

Here is my ultimate list;
Swanky house – with swimming pool and acres of land 🙂
Audi A1 in sky blue – I’m not greedy 🙂
An amazing round-the-world holiday – to EVERY COUNTRY 🙂
My son wants an iPad – I could buy him an iPad factory 🙂
I’d go on a crazy shopping spree 🙂
I would give to loads of charities 🙂
Everyone I know would have whatever they wanted too 🙂

What would be on your list?

I start to run out of ideas about here, as there is only so much stuff you can buy…
There are always lots of ‘luxury’ items available that you could waste your money on – things that cost ridiculous amounts of money, such as a shirt made from 22 karat gold which would set you back a mere $253, 000 or a £700,000 iPad Mini cover!


Interestingly though , the market for high-end, branded ‘luxury’ items has registered double digit growth every year since the current financial crisis hit us – and public spending has decreased dramatically included unemployment for some and cuts in pay or hours for others 🙁
At a time when everyone has to tighten their belts, the super-rich billionaires have upped their spending.

Starving-ChildBut on more serious note, how can anyone justify that much excess when there is still so much poverty and hunger in the world? The cost to feed every malnourished person alive in the world today would be approx $21.3 million dollars (or just under half of the Most Expensive Cake in the World)

Some might say that they have earned their money and they deserve to spend it however they desire – at this point I should mention that whilst the UK pays out £150.1 billion pounds in State Benefits each year the amount of global wealth that is held in offshore bank accounts, and therefore not subject to paying tax is a ma-hoosive $32 TRILLION DOLLARS aka one quarter of all the worlds wealth! Who has earned it now?

gandhiSo while it is an interesting cake and undoubtedly attracts an awful lot of attention for all involved, it ultimately stands as a testament to an inhumane world, where some struggle to get through every hour of every day – and others eat cakes covered in expensive jewellery.
I’ll finish with a kick-ass quote from Gandhi, which sums this up for me;
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”

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