Marvellously Minty- Mint Green Cakes

It seems that every time I look Mint Green has been flying off our shelves! According to research Mint Green is the colour of Spring 2013, with it being a primary colour on clothing, adverts and cakes!

Whether it be on cake pops, the covering of the cake or the actually cake itself…mint green mintis the must have on cakes this season! A perfect example can be seen on this White Chocolate Mint Mousse Cake by Sprinkle Bakes and the recipe can be found here.

All I can say about this cake is how mouth-wateringly minty that mousse looks! She has used a few drops of green in the mousse, we would recommend using the Sugarflair Mint Green Paste.

*It is best to add a little of the paste at a time using a cocktail stick as it is much easier to add than take away *

Then there are also these delightful looking cake pops made by OC pop shoppe. These are mint cake popsso cute with the simple elegance of the mint green colouring and little drops of white finished with a cute little red heart. These would be perfect for a baby shower, birthday or even a wedding dessert table. You can buy some of your cake pop supplies from here.

Finally there is a brilliant use of mint green with the creation of a mint choc chip fallen Ice mint ice creamcream cake made by Claire K Creations with inspiration from Raspberri Cupcakes. I love the creativity of the cake and it is perfect for those of us who aren’t masters at having a totally smooth cake!

So as you can see there are so many creative ways to use that current popular mint green colour, so if you have a little pot in your cupboard why not give it another go! Or alternively we have many other great products in Mint Green and as always if you want any cakey advice you can visit us on our Facebook Page or message us using our NEW Live Chat feature on our website.

Home is where the cake is!

The time has come for me to finally fly the nest from my parent’s house. After three hard years of saving both me and my partner Stephen, have managed to purchase our first home. Of course the way to celebrate is with some sweet delight! When researching ideas, it seems as though there is not just me who wants a sweet treat.

From the big Pink Cake Box

From Pink Cake Box


To the delicate ( ;

For alternatives to cakes, I am using the idea of making biscuits; these ones are perfect as our house has a lovely white picket fence as well! (


I have a house shaped cookie cutter already and I shall also be using my new Sugarflair Pastel Colours  PME writing tube  and FMM piping bag

I have held off packing my baking stuff till the last minute so I may get creative this weekend and make some biscuits ready to keep us energised on moving day!



Horsin’ around

I love making cupcakes, but secretly dread attempting anything larger.
However, with my daughters 7th birthday fast approaching and a wide-eyed, sad-faced plea for a ‘Horsey cake’ I knew it was time to face my fear. How hard could it be?
I decided to make a horse’s head cake [cue ‘Godfather’ jokes!] and decorate it to look like the horse Charlotte rides at the stables, Chloe.
I rented a tin from my local cake shop [which just so happens to be Party Animal in Lytham St-Annes!]

Vanilla Sponge batter
500g Milk Chocolate Regalice
50g White Chocolate Regalice
50g Lime Green Regalice

1 tube of ready-mixed chocolate icing (available from most supermarkets)

Horse’s head cake tin
Cake Board
PME non-stick rolling pin
Palette knife
Windsor Clikstix ‘Groovy Upper’
Stork Margarine [for greasing the tin]

Optional extras;
Sweets for decoration
A willing slave on hand to make brews =)
Cake box – for transportation

Make up your Vanilla Sponge batter – if you don’t have a method that you love for this, try ours HERE!
Grease up your cake tin, I like using Stork for this – my Gran is a totally old-school cake decorator – and she swears by it! Use more rather than less as you definitely do not want this to stick!!
Pop your cake into the oven, the times will vary according to your batter and also your cake tin, so if you are unsure just keep your eye on the cake through the oven door. You can test it by inserting a clean skewer or knife – if it comes out clean, you are Good to Go!!
When your cake is cooked, take it out and wait about 10/15 mins before turning it out, as it can break if you try to turn it out when it is too hot – but, of course, if you allow it to cool – it is far more likely to stick to the tin.
When I turned my cake out, I did have a couple of parts that were stuck to the tin – I ‘glued’ them back onto my cake with buttercream using the cake tin as my guide to make sure I stuck them on the right way round!
At this point you can slice the cake and fill it with jam/cream/buttercream/peanut butter/whatever you fancy!
I decided not to push my luck and just get it covered! I smeared buttercream onto the cake so the icing would stick and the cake would taste as yummy as possible!
Now it’s time to roll out your icing. I decided to use the Milk Chocolate regalice, as it is a lovely silky shade of Brown (just like Chloe) and it also tastes absolutely lovely!
Measure your cake across its largest points, either with a tape measure or guesstimate using your rolling pin as a guide.
Place the rolled-out icing carefully onto your cake and then begin gently smoothing it into all the dips and peaks on the cake, created by the tin. This bit is great, you really start to see your cake take shape!!
I used a small amount of White Chocolate Regalice, as Chloe has a white stripe down the front of her face and I used Lime Green Regalice to make a bridle and also to write Charlotte’s name, and I found that the colours looked brilliant together!
I used the Groovy Upper Clikstix from Windsor to cut out the name for the cake, this comes with an ejector, so I do find it much easier to use than some of the others!

I then arranged her name onto the cake and then secured it with a little water – and I was all DONE! 🙂

I used a tube of Ready-mixed Chocolate icing to add some detail to Chloe’s mane but you could, of course, mix your own and pipe it on 🙂


Airbrush Equipment and Colours

Airbrush Starter Kit for Cake Decoration

You have told us many times that you would like to find Airbrushes and colours on

Well we have listened!

We have just got into stock a fabulous little kit which is perfect for all your cakey needs. (It will of course do other projects too from make-up to art work – just make sure you thoroughly clean it if using non edible colours!) It is the Art of Cake airbrush and mini compressor kit.

The kit contains a really nice all metal single-action airbrush with 1.5m of air hose and a brilliant mini compressor – very portable but at a variable output between 0 and 15 PSI powerful enough to allow you to use for everything from very fine detail to larger areas of decoration. The power cable provided includes a UK plug however the compressor will work worldwide by using a universal power adaptor.

Airbrushed Sides and Sugar Gerbera

I could absolutely not live without my airbrush for colouring sugar flowers and leaves – so quick and gives fantastic shading – and I love it for shading on cake sides. The most use I get is for very simple spray for under models on cakes which I use all the time, and with this light and portable airbrush kit I can see this getting easier and easier!

We also have a range of Airflair colours. At the moment we have the primary set in stock but will be getting other colours soon. The primary shades allow you to make all sorts of fabulous colours by either mixing in the 2ml gravity feed pot on the airbrush (you won’t need to fill this! – only a few drops can be used as it goes a very long way!) or by overspraying directly onto the cake or sugar item (a bit of practice is recommended before this however!).

Hopefully we will get a bit of a tutorial course up on site in the next few weeks to help you get the most out of your new airbrush kit so keep a look-out for this on and on this blog.

Sugarflair paste colours

Free Sugarflair Colour Chart

Sugarflair paste coloursWe sell a huge amount of Sugarflair edible Spectral paste colours and one thing that we are often asked is if we have a colour chart to show the different shades that can be made using these colours.

We have now produced a chart showing all 36 of paste colours available in the Sugarflair range including the 6 new colours recently released.

Each colour is illustrated with 3 stars which show a pale tint, a mid shade and the deepest tone that you can generally expect from that colour.

As computer screens and printers vary the colours may vary slightly but we have found that this gives a good guide as to the reletive colours you can expect to get when using each pot of gel colour.

And best of all…it’s free to download or print!

Simply go to our website or online shop and click on the link and you can get your own copy of the chart so that you can decide which colour is best for you.


New Year Cupcake Tutorial

We have just uploaded our new tutorial to YouTube!

This is for a black and white themed New Year cupcake design featuring JEM stencils and Clikstix number cutters. Of course you could use any colour combination that takes your fancy!

The stencil technique uses royal icing and is brilliant for all different stencils too. Try the pretty snowflake stencil for an alternative design and sprinkle with Sugarflair Snowflake Lustre Dust to give a sparkling Christmas cupcake. Very impressive but quick too.

It is a simple and quick but very effective design. Hope you like it!

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