Chalkboard Cakes

Chalkboard Cakes


chalk_board3Here at PartyAnimalOnline we’ve been looking in to the latest trends to hit 2015 and there’s some fantastic beautiful cake trends emerging as well as some of the long standing old faithful’s. Over the next year we’ll be bringing you the latest and filling you with inspiration and ideas on how to bring them to life yourself!

With the Chalkboard Cake theme the vintage feel has stayed, colours of Spruce Greens, Dusky or Blush Pinks as well as Browns have stayed really strong and lots of orders are being placed for the chalk themed cakes for 2015. I have to say I love this idea…. finally a black cake that we DON’T have to worry about getting icing sugar or cornflour marks on! Phew.


The picture above was a cake made by the seriously talented Liz Marek from the Artisan Cake Company, Liz also has tutorials out that teaches you how to create these amazing Vintage Styled Cakes.


The above cakes were also made by Artisan Cakes, Liz Marek.


This chalkboard cake was made by Tanya at Deliciously Decadent.


Chalkboard cakes with lovely 4″ deep cakes making for an extra tall and impressive cake. This one was made by Sugablossom Cakes.


A cute child-like play on the Chalkboard Cake certainly melts our hearts…but don’t be fooled no child could make cake edges that sharp & perfect… the above cake was made by Sweet Love Cake Couture . It’s really different to any others I’ve seen.. simple and extremely elegant!

Artisan Cake Company
Artisan Cake Company

Create a Chalkboard Cake…

  • Don’t worry about getting white smudges of cornflour or icing sugar when rolling out your black sugarpaste… in fact encourage it!
  • Mix Sugarflair Superwhite with Rejuvenator liquid  or vodka to create your chalk paint.
  • Use a fine brush to add detail… or one of those H20 brushes
  • Best of all, if you smudge a adds to the effect!


Eat My Cake even took it to the next level and created the Chalkboard effect on cookies. Awesome!


Good Luck and enjoy the latest trend of 2015!

190,000 eBay Feedback

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share the fact that we have just smashed 190,000 eBay positive feedback reviews and we are absolutely over the moon. The top remarks mainly seemed to be the fast shipping and the quality of service and as we go in to 2015 and a new year draws close we will continue to endeavour to provide the very top service for all you wonderful cake decorators, sugarcraft artists and cucpcake designers.

100% positive feedback on eBay
100% positive feedback on eBay

We have received zero negatives this year and are pleased to say we have amended any mistakes on orders within 24 hours of them being reported. You certainly won’t find a more conscientious Cake Decorating Supplier anywhere!

So this is some of the feedback that’s been left over the last few hours on our eBay Feedback with PartyAnimalOnline Sugarcraft Supplies. We promise to bring you the best prices, the best service and simply the fastest delivery possible…as let’s face it..there’s always someone who needs a cake by the end of the week as they’ve left it last minute!

100% positive feedback
100% positive feedback

To see more about our eBay Shop you can visit us here but don’t forget if you plan to order 3 or more items, quite often, it works out much cheaper to buy direct on our website here >

Thanks for your continued support! We love you all!

Cake Masters Awards

Cake Masters Award Ceremony

Are you all going to Cake International at Birmingham NEC this year? It’s one of our favourite events to attend, not as a shop but to just see all the fantastic Cake Artists out there, admire and worship so many works of art and just have a good ‘Mother Daughter’ day out!

If the event in itself wasn’t exciting enough already.. this year it’s been made even better by the Cake Masters Awards held on the evening of Saturday 8th November. The ceremony has a number of amazing categories that some truly amazing people have been nominated as ‘THE BEST’… if you would like to join on the event you can purchase tickets here > Get me Champagne, Canapés and a night of class! 

Cake Masters has now released this years finalists to each of the fantastic categories and here’s the run down…


‘The Cupcake’ Award 2014 Finalists.

Cake Masters Finalist for The Cupcake Award
Cake Masters Finalist for The Cupcake Award

‘The Royal Icing’ Award 2014 Finalists.


Finalists for the Royal Icing Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for the Royal Icing Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Modelling Excellence’ Award 2014 Finalists

Finalists for the Modelling Excellence Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for the Modelling Excellence Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Collaboration’ Award 2014 Finalists.

Finalists for the Collaboration Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for the Collaboration Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Cookie’ Award 2014 Finalists.

Finalists for The Cookie Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Cookie Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Wedding Cake’ Award 2014 Finalists.

Finalists for The Wedding Cake, Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Wedding Cake, Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Novelty Cake’ Award 2014 Finalists.

Finalists for The Novelty Cake, Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Novelty Cake, Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Personality of The Year’ Award 2014 Finalists

Finalists for The Personality of The Year Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Personality of The Year Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Best Learning Experience’ Award 2014

Finalists for The Best Learning Experience Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Best Learning Experience Cake Masters Award 2014

‘The Best Product of the Year’ Award 2014

Finalists for The Best Product of the Year Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Best Product of the Year Cake Masters Award 2014


And guess what?? We even made it in there too!! As ‘Best Retailer’ Finalist! We are all absolutely over the moon to have got this far here at PartyAnimalOnline and we wanted to say a huge Thank You for all your support and love over the years… if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be in the position to be in the final four who are wonderful companies to be along side!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Finalists for ‘The Best Retailer of the Year’ Award 2014

Finalists for The Best Retailer of the Year Cake Masters Award 2014
Finalists for The Best Retailer of the Year Cake Masters Award 2014

There’s so many fantastic, talented people in the run up… I would really hate to be the judge of these!! A real toughy!

I wanted to share with you some of our pics of our small dedicated team and take the opportunity to say that if you ever need any help and advice we are available to help you over all our social media platforms whether it’s to do with the product, how to use it, new techniques, top tips or just a general cakey chat, we will always be here for you guys!

Party Animal Shop
Our lovely little shop in Lytham St.Annes. We’ve now been there for nearly 25 years!!


Sophie & Annie work for us in the Shop and of course Roger is there. We also sell Party Goods out of the retail shop too!
Sophie & Annie work for us in the Shop and of course Roger is there. We also sell Party Goods out of the retail shop as well as our huge Cake Decorating range… this is where it all started.


Our Warehouse on Canberra Court, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, FY4 2FD. This is where all your online orders are dispatched from!
Our Warehouse on Canberra Court, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, FY4 2FD. This is where all your online orders are dispatched from!


Here's the rest of us Claire & Laura are in the main picture (unfortunately Emma was off but she is here too!) And to the left from Top to Bottom is Sally Clarke (Mum), Roger Clarke (Dad), Steph Clarke (Daughter) and Dan Clarke (Son). We also have the pleasure of working with Ann (Gran) and Anthony (Son) on occasion too!
Here’s the rest of us Claire & Laura are in the main picture (unfortunately Emma was off but she is here too!) And to the left from Top to Bottom is Sally Clarke (Mum), Roger Clarke (Dad), Steph Clarke (Daughter) and Dan Clarke (Son). We also have the pleasure of working with Ann (Gran) and Anthony (Son) on occasion too!


Thanks for your continuing support to our family business! We are so delighted to be part of the Cake Masters Awards.

Party Animal Shares – Cat Cakes

15 Cat Cakes, Cupcakes and Toppers to make you smile!

I love the new animal theme we now have going for our Monday Facebook posts. We decided as we are called ‘Party Animal’ we should give you all chance to share your Animal Cakes! This week we started with Cats, Kittens and all things feline and you guys showed us some incredible Cat Cakes you’ve been creating!

So here’s some of our favourites…. we want to post them all but you guys have been so busy with making kitties we couldn’t fit them all on.

1.  Grumpy Cat: Cake by The Clever Little Cupcake Company – Ok so how cute is this little guy? I love the simplicity of this cake and no matter how grumpy, Grumpy Cat is he still makes everyone smile!

Grumpy Cat Cake

2. Basil the Cat: Cake by Marie’s Bakehouse – Marie’s daughter requested a cake of their pet cat so that is what she got!! A lovely edible Basil! I really loved the texture Marie has used in this one.


3.  Cat Cupcakes: by Bun Direction – These two little kitties look like they’ve been up to no good! Hand made edible toppers on Cupcakes.. Puuuurfect!

Cat Cupcakes


4. Felix the Cat Cake Topper: by Burgh Cakes – We’ve named him Felix… a wonderful hand modelled cake topper!Cat Cake Topper

5. Playful Cat-Cakes: Cupcakes by Jo Takes The Cake – Every single Cat on these Cat-Cakes have their own personality and the little Black Cats definitely found the Cat Nip! Brilliant!


6. Cheshire Cat: Cake by Fancy Cakes by Linda – Alice and Wonderland inspired and a Cheshire Cat with a grin as big as the world! The modelling and design of this cake is out of this world!


7. Posh Cat Knows Best: by Cowan Cakes – I love the character of this furry feline… she knows what she wants and she won’t take anything less! Posh Cat knows best.


8. Kwazzi Kitten: Cake by Sarah Janes Cake World – Octonaughts fun for everyone with this awesome completely edible cake… Kwazzi Cat jumping in with a big Cat share today!

Kwazzi Kitten Cake

9. Cat Basket Kitty: Cake by Mikki’s Scrumptios Cakery – The puuuuuurfect addition to our Cat Cakes is this gorgeous kitty creation!mikkis_scrumptious_cakery

10. Serious Cattitude: Cake by K’s Cakes – That’s one hell of a guilty look right there! Love the design of this cake, a great use of the board too!

Cat Cake

11. Room on the Broom: Cake by Let’s Eat Cake – I love the little ginger cat in this cake… incredibly detailed and just like the book with that wide eyed expression.

Room on the Broom Cake

12. Snug & Smug: Cake by No More Tiers (York) – I love this little content kitty, he just looks so comfortable…oh what it is to snooze all day! The cat prints really finished this cake off nicely!


13. Bagpuss: Cake by Julie Cains Cakes – I think you all agree that this 15 Cat Cake Shares would not be complete with the most adorable Bagpuss! Julie has managed to capture the exact texture!! Very impressive!

Bagpuss Cake

14. Curiosity Cats: Cat Cakes by She Who Bakes – Oh they are so lovely, there’s a few sneaky foxes in there too! Can’t help but notice FMM Block Upper Tappits on here… my favourite lettering of all time! Cat-tastic Cuppies!

She Who Bakes

15. Clever Cat: Cake by Sandra’s Cakes – Cat + Books = Clever Cat! Although this ones doing more napping than reading. Love the design and colours used on this cake.



Soooo I’m smiling, are you?

A great selection of cakes shared today…. pop over to our Facebook page on Monday & SHARE your animal cakes and you may well be featured in our next blog! Thanks to everyone who shared your wonderful cakes.

Don’t forget, we have a huge selection of cake decorating products and sugarcraft equipment available at the very best prices on our website too!


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IT guy meets sugar flowers!

Hello everyone!

My names Dan Clarke, I’m Steph’s brother and recent re-addition to the Party Animal team, primarily in IT systems and process management.

However this weekend I thought it would be nice to ‘practice what you preach’ and take home some sugar flower equipment with the goal of having a go at some roses from a complete newbies perspective using products available in our online store.

With Steph’s previous blog about the creation of basic roses on my laptop screen I cleared some space in the lounge and got out my equipment for this potentially daunting task!

Preparing your Petals…

I began by rolling out Renshaws White Modelling Paste really thin and cutting out discs using a JEM metal piping tube, as instructed. Using a cocktail stick I then further thinned the edges of my sugar discs to give them a thinner edge and slight wave when assembled.


First steps of creating sugar flowers
First steps of creating sugar flowers

Quick Tip: If you are as new to this as me you may find it takes a while to construct these flowers and your discs begin drying out, this made them harder to handle and manipulate. I used a little cling film to stop this giving me a little more time!

Constructing the flower…

The middle of the flower was simple a single disc rolled up lightly, there is one on the left of the above image for reference. Following this you simply layer the discs around the inner bud sticking with water until the flower is an acceptable size. Sugar glue could be used here but I found water to be sufficient.

Please see the below picture of a couple of the finished flowers. To create the red one I applied a little Sugarflair Christmas Red to the flower paste when kneading.


Sugar rose flowers
Sugar rose flowers


Finishing Touches…

After leaving the flowers to harden over night I tried out a couple of finishing effects and colouring alternatives.

The yellow flower below is simply the white flower brushed with Sugarflair tangerine blossom dust. This gave a fantastic effect as an alternative to applying the colour to the paste due to slight unevenness of the colour giving a more realistic finish.

The red flower was made from the dyed paste with a brush of burgundy Sugarflair blossom dust between the petals to give a shade and feeling of depth to the flower. I also gave this flower a quick dust with the snowflake lustre to give it a little sparkle.

Sugar roses brushed with Sugarflair blossom and lustre colours.
Sugar roses brushed with Sugarflair blossom and lustre colours.


The below white flower was brushed lightly snowflake lustre then I tipped the edges using the pearlescent cerise Rainbow Dust click twist pen.




I must say I was extremely surprised how easy these flowers were to create and would recommend you all to have a little try, trust me if I can do it, anyone can!!

For reference, please see the following list of products used, most of which are available on the Party Animal Online shop;

–          Renshaws Flower Paste

–          Rolling pin

–          Cornflour (for rolling)

–          Sugarflair colouring (if required)

–          Piping nozzle (I used a JEM nozzle)

–          Cocktail Sticks

–          A little water for sticking

–          Sugarflair Dust for finishing. (if required)

–          Rainbow Dust Click Twist Brush for highlights (if required)

Final tip: Be careful where you leave the flowers to dry as my cat quite enjoyed munching a few of them in the night!!


Good thing he's cute!
Good thing he’s cute!

Tried & Tested – Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints

Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints are available in ten shades.
Sugarflair Edible Glitter Paints are available in ten shades.


This has to be one of the few new years resolutions I have stuck to! My first one was getting fit so far it’s going reasonably well but nothing earth shatteringly good to share. The second was eating healthier foods…. what Krispy Kremes don’t count? Finally the third but most successful has been to trial more products in the PartyAnimalOnline’s huge catalogue of over 1,500 lines of Sugarcraft equipment and edibles.

Easy mixing capabilities to create hundreds more shades.
Easy mixing capabilities to create hundreds more shades.

Today’s blog is on  product testing of the ever increasingly popular Sugarflair glitter paints. These paints are 100% edible and designed specifically for use on Sugarcraft toppers, cake decorations and edible cake art. When we received these paints from Sugarflair I wondered how they would compare to many other of their leading products. I was not completely convinced that they would live up to Sugarflair’s high standards of food colouring. We therefore wanted to put them to the test. This blog will give you my findings when testing them, tips to using them and ways to increase the longevity of the product.

Nutrition Guide: Sugarflair Glitter paints are completely VEGETARIAN however they do contain alcohol.


My findings and tips.

At first glance of the edible paint the iso-propyl and colouring can separate, this issue is very quickly rectified with a quick shake of the tub, be sure that the lid is securely on or risk painting the rest of the room and clothes with a Jason Pollock-esque finish!

On opening the mixed paint I was immediately hit by a very strong smell of alcohol, that smell is the result of mixing the glitters with iso-propyl (alcohol). Although this may put some off at first, this alcohol evaporates in seconds after application leaving no odour or taste behind! A big positive! No one wants their cake to taste like methylated spirits!

Although only 10 colours are available in the range these paints mix incredibly well to create more shades. I used the white and blue to create light blue to dark blue bows. A simple palette will help you mix the shades just remember it’s easy to add colour to white but it’s very difficult to take away the colour so I would always suggest starting with the lightest tone and using your paint brush to add a dab at a time until you reach the depth required… patience is a virtue, or so they keep telling me!

Use a pallet to mix your colours!

A big tip is that knowing how quickly the alcohol evaporates from this paint, once applied make sure all lids are secured tightly back on after use and even go as far as keeping them in an air tight freezer bag for extra longevity. If the lids are not secured the paints can quickly dry up!

This paint, once dried will not smudge and with such long best before dates this product will keep a very long time, as long as it’s stored correctly. All around I was impressed with Sugarflair’s new release. I was also very pleased with the coverage, I purposely used this paint on white modelling paste to see if it would require numerous cotes or result in a streaky look. I found that one coat was plenty and the white modelling paste was no longer visible. For covering a larger area, such as an entire cake I would recommend a second coat to stop streaks appearing.

I will say, I did think they would be more glittery & I felt that for a product called “glitter” paint it’s more of a shimmer, than a so called glitter but then this works well with many more occasions, as long as it’s what you are expecting! Don’t expect something that’s going to dazzle & sparkle, expect more of a silky finish, a shimmer or a spangle. As you can see it worked perfectly for the pieces that I did for the experiment. A “glittery” car may not have gone down so well for a gents birthday cake! This aside I would definitely give this product a high score, Sugarflair are certainly a company that keep to their high standards!

Using edible paints on Patchwork Cutters



  • Quick drying
  • Professional glossy finish
  • No odour or taste once fully dried.
  • Great for mixing
  • Long best before dates
  • Good coverage
  • When wet this paint has a strong odour (this goes once dried)
  • Evaporates fast so if the paint is not resealed well enough, it will quickly dry up.
  • Not as glittery as expected, more of a metallic/satin finish but just as nice.


Top Tip for dried up paints:

If you have treated yourself to this paint and it has dried up, try getting some iso-propyl alcohol also known as rejuvenator liquid. Begin by mixing half and half with the paint, seal the tub and leave over night. In the morning open it up, mix well and shake if needed, this should bring the paint back to life and you with be able to use it as normal again… please remember to seal well to stop this happening again!

I really enjoyed using Sugarflair metallic paint.


To follow:

I will be writing a few more blogs to follow this on the Sugarflair paints and about the tests I have done as requested by our Facebook fans. We will write up the following:

How to use Patchwork Cutters Sports Car .

How to make an edible bow using Karen Davies bow mould.

How well Sugarflair Paints work on different media such as modelling chocolate.

Hand painting with Sugarflair paints.


Creepy Cakes for the darker side of Cake Decorating!

With the spookiest day of the year arriving tomorrow, I thought I would get into the mood by showing you a few tutorials on the creepy cakes I have found on the (spider) web!

Everybody loves facts, here are a few of my favourite facts from RandomHistory;

Mexico celebrates the Days of the Dead (Días de los Muertos) on the Christian holidays All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) instead of Halloween. The townspeople dress up like ghouls and parade down the street.

Halloween celebrations in Hong Kong are known as Yue Lan or the “Festival of the Hungry Ghosts” during which fires are lit and food and gifts are offered to placate potentially angry ghosts who might be looking for revenge.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926) was one of the most famous and mysterious magicians who ever lived. Strangely enough, he died in 1926 on Halloween night as a result of appendicitis brought on by three stomach punches.

Not sure if I would like to try this last one but, according to tradition, if a person wears his or her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight!!

Having a look around there are some great tutorials on making some spooky cakes for your creepy party! 

pumpkin cake

This cake from the Cooking Channel is a great example and looks so cute! I think you could make a few miniature ones of these and line them up they would look great! Use a Tangerine for the Pumpkin and the Christmas Green for the stalk (you could even buy our Halloween Set of 3 Paste) If you could make Halloween adorable I think these would fit the theme perfectly! These would also be great for a baby shower with a Pumpkin Patch theme! 





This next cake from The Cake Blog is a show-stopper and think you would need some skills to make this, however there is a great tutorial if you would like to give it a try. The Sugarflair Lustre dusts in Silver Sparkle or Satin Silver would be perfect for this, as well as using the Primary Yellow Sugarpaste. If you wanted to you could even try it out using an Airbrush kit!


cats halloween






For those that are cat lovers, there are these great little Cat Halloween Cupcake toppers from Craftsy, I think these have to be the cutest Halloween cupcakes I have ever seen! There is a super detailed tutorial on how to make them using things you probably may have around already such as; orange, green and purple sugarpaste, edible glue and a knife tool


Some great inspiration for this year if you have everything in, if not some great ideas to remember for next year and remember, “Eat, drink and be scary!”