Polka Dot Cake Design

Polka Dot Cake Design

Polka Dot Cake Design

With International Dot Day fast approaching, I though it would be a lovely idea to bring you guys some awesome Polka Dot cake design and inspiration. Dots are so easy and always look incredibly effective. Go bright for Birthdays for a fun feel or use pastels and ombre effects for subtle, yet beautiful Wedding Cakes.

I will also include some cool tutorials and tricks that stop this cool cake design from sending you dotty!

So here’s some inspiration to show you just how beautiful dots & cakes can be…

Polka Dot Cake Design

This cake was designed by Marion Frost: The cake artist and creator of Patchwork Cutters. These cutters are fantastic and Marion has designed cutters that help you every step of the way. From the ‘Polka Dot Cutters’, to the easy ‘Make a Bow’ cutter and finally even cutters for the ‘Extra Large Number Toppers’. My top tip with this is to use modelling or flower paste so your numbers set firm allowing them to free stand on your cake.

Polka Dot Cake Design

I love the soft peach with pastel grey on this stunning wedding cake. The dots look so effective in the Ombre effect. For those who haven’t come across ‘Ombre’ it means ‘shaded’ in French and stands for the gradual shading of colour from one colour to another! See we are learning things all the time! Grab a Press-Ice tool to make this design a piece of cake! Excuse the pun ūüėČ

Polka Dot Cake Design

This gorgeous cake was stumbled upon on SugarHero! I love the colours and the simplicity of the design. This is a clear winner for International Dot Day! Although SugarHero! made this one for Easter, it certainly could be used for a wide variety of occasions and you can find exactly how she did it HERE!

Polka Dot Cake Design

Beautiful on the inside as well as outside.. it’s not just a trait we like to see in our friends! Check out this extremely awesome dotty centre. There’s some great tutorials out there on how to do this one! I love the one by My Cupcake Addiction¬†so I’ve added it in below. A great tip is to use Sugarflair or Rainbow Dust food colours to colour your cake mix. These brands are both high quality and completely bake stable allowing you to keep the vibrancy of colour throughout the baking process!


Polka Dot Cake Design

Simple black & white cake with a flourish of floral colour. I think this is stunning… a combo of dots with stripes! Below I’m going to show you how to save yourself loads of time using the Press-Ice Tool instead of having to measure and stencil for hours to get even spacing on your dots! We came across this beautiful picture on Alicia Thurston Photography.

Polka Dot Cake Design

Changing the size and variation of your dots can add a really funky finish to your cake. This 3 tier stacked cake was created by FMM Sugarcraft. Learn how to use their Press Ice Tools below in the free tutorial video below.

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Chocolate Basket with Strawberries


Use Choco Writers to Make a Wimbledon Treat!

It’s that time of year again that makes me really feel like summer is here. Wimbledon starts today! Of course as a Brit I will be rooting for Andy Murrey though of course as we are an international company I also wish all the international players loads of luck (as long as they don’t beat Andy of course!)

But you can’t have Wimbledon without strawberries! So I have a tutorial here that will help you to make a very impressive display of your Wimbledon strawberries (or in fact many other sweets and desserts). Not only will your friends and family be Oooh-ing and Ahhh- ing at the tennis but you may get a few for the fabulous presentation of the strawberries!

You will need:

Cake Decor Choco-writers
Chocolate for dipping
Small party balloon

How to Make:

We are going to use the balloon as a former for the basket so first you need to blow it up to the size you want your basket to be. You can use a small bowl or cup as a guide. Place it into the bowl and draw around it with a marker pen using the rim as a guide. This will be the top of your finished basket.

Guideline for piping
The finished line around the balloon
Marking the top of the basket
Use a marker to draw around the rim of the bowl to mark the top of the basket









Melt the choco- writer in a jug of hot water (keeping the top tightly on so no water gets into the chocolate!). Once it is soft all over test the flow. It should pipe easily but not run out too fast. If it is hard to pipe warm for a little longer. If you find it flows out too quickly just leave it to cool for a few moments before you start to pipe.

Start by piping around the balloon following the line you have marked. Then place the balloon back in the bowl for support with the tied end down. Pipe all over the balloon using loops or cornelli piping or the pattern of your choice. It wants to be lacy but it is important that the lines do touch in order to give strength to the finished basket. Make sure that you go right up to your guide line all the way round. If the Choco writer starts to get hard to pipe put the top back on and place it back in the hot water for a few minutes to remelt. Leave the finished basket in the support and place in a cool place to set up.

Piping the Basket top
Pipe around the guideline with the Choco Writer
Piping the Basket
Pipe lacework all over the balloon up to piped rim









Meanwhile melt some chocolate – I find the PME Chocolate Melting pot to be perfect for this! It doesn’t overheat the chocolate (one of my big failings when using a microwave!) and keeps it at a constant temperature while you work. The three different pots also mean you can change from milk, to white to plain chocolate whenever you like.

Wash and dry some strawberries leaving the stalks in place as they make a perfect dipping and eating handle! Dip into the chocolate of your choice until they are about half covered then place on some greaseproof paper to set.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

By now the basket should have set up. Gently ease the balloon away from the sides of the basket to free the chocolate. You can insert a scalpel carefully into the top of the balloon to create a small hole by nipping some of the balloon in your fingers to prevent the balloon from popping and allow the balloon to deflate slowly. It is important not to stab at it as this will cause the balloon to pop which may damage the basket. Ease the deflated balloon away from the basket if it still sticks.

Deflating the Balloon
When set deflate the balloon and remove from the basket
Chocolate Base
The Chocolate Circle is fixed to the base of the basket









Pipe a circle of chocolate onto a piece of greaseproof paper and fill with chocolate using the choco writer. Before it sets lightly press the base of your basket onto it and hold in place for a few minutes until it holds. Once set the greaseproof can be peeled away and the basket will have a nice flat base and won’t tip.

When ready to serve place your dipped strawberries into the basket. Dust with a little icing sugar and add a bowl of whipped cream on the side for dipping your strawberries into while you eat… and there you have a beautiful display of summer fruit and chocolate for your favourite Wimbledon moments!

More Information:
If you would like to see the video demonstration of the Chocolate Basket you can download it for free at the PartyAnimalOnlineShop then you can replay it to your hearts content!

We also have sets of the Chocowriters available with a Wimbledon Special offer of an additional 50p off our already discount price for all 3 choco writers by simply using the code wim2015 at checkout.


Chocolate Basket and Dipped Strawberries
Pipe a Chocolate Basket with Choco Writers for your Wimbledon Strawberry Treat

Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

We are proud to be giving away a full set of ProGel Food Colours.

Thanks to all our new likes on our Facebook page we wanted to say thank you by giving you something back.

ProGel Food Colours are a fantastic new specially formulated food colouring that is incredibly concentrated, completely edible and 100% bake stable meaning if it’s put under heat such as the baking process it will not lose any of it’s vibrancy.

ProGel Food Colour GiveAway
ProGel Food Colour GiveAway

What Can ProGel Food Colours Be Used On?

  • Marzipan
  • Buttercream
  • Sugarpaste
  • Modelling paste
  • Flower Paste
  • Modelling Chocolate
  • Or mix with Rejuvenator Liquid for Hand Painted Cakes
  • Cake Mix
  • Macaroon Mix

How Do I Use It?

Simply add a small amount in to your paste, cake mix or buttercream and mix well, a small amount of colour will transform your item quickly in to a beautiful colour.

If you want a darker shade add a little more and for lighter shades only add the teensiest bit… a little goes a really long way and with 25g per tube you’ll find it lasts and lasts! Another great thing about ProGels is they have super long dates on them just like the other quality brands such as Sugarflair. A good company will give you best befores of 3-6 years!

Top Benefits

  • Colour co-ordinated packaging makes these easy to find the colour required.
  • Long Best Before Dates
  • Highly Concentrated
  • A complimentary range to the wonderful Sugarflair Pastes

So How Do You Enter?

It’s easy, enter our COMPETITION HERE¬†this competition¬†has now ended, however keep an eye out on our blog for even more giveaways. Find out more about Rainbow Dust ProGel below.

Once your names in the hat you may well be one of the lucky winners and if you just can’t wait and want to try some of these fantastic colours out in the meantime. Pop over to our ProGel Collection Here.


Examples of ProGel Colours


rainbow_dust_progel_pink rainbow_dust_progel_iceblue


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PartyAnimalOnline Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reducing our Carbon Footprint

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Last year we raised money for the Guide Dogs!




sfp sale

Clearance Squires Kitchen SFP

Squires SFP Flower Paste
Clearance SFP
Squires Kitchen SFP Clearance Stock
It doesn’t happen often but when it does we always let you guys know first! Clearance SFP stock available on our website now! We are having a FLASH Clearance sale on our Squires Flower Paste in Mint Green and Eucalyptus. Perfect for Sugarcrafters and flower makers.
Colours available at 50% off
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We are clearing these due to short best before dates but as many know flower paste is often just used for decorative use and is removed before consumption so it would still be perfectly fine to use for displays, practise and decorative finishes.
Why spend full price on something that will never be eaten, practise with these packs instead, the date is a ‘Best before date’ not a ‘Use By’ so it’s completely safe to use after this date. The best before on the above products is the end of March 2014.
We only advertise our clearance stock to our Newletter subscribers as they go so fast! So grab yourself a pack at half price and practise making leaves and other creations with Squires fantastic range on flower paste.
For normal packs with long best before’s we have a large range of colours available as well as white. Great for using with FMM Tappits, Patchwork cutters and creating sugar flowers with.
Here’s a perfect opportunity to practise your modelling skills at half the price you would usually pay! Or allow the kids to have a play too!
Sugar flowers & Clearance goods
Creating sugar flowers