New Edible Food Art Pens

New Edible Food Art Pens

New Edible Food Art Pens

New Edible Food Art Pens

By Rainbow Dust

A really fab update! Thanks to Rainbow Dust amazing product research they have developed an even better edible pen!!

Here’s our Q & A on the new edible food art pens due out very soon!

New Rainbow Dust Edible Pens


Q. I thought Rainbow Dust already had a range of edible pens?

A. They did, then they took all your feedback and improved it!


Q. What is better about the new ones?

A. They are a higher performance product, with all the old pros but some new ones too… They are faster drying and they now write on loads more stuff. The new pens work on Chocolate, Candy Buttons or Melts as well as Sugarpaste, Modelling pastes, Marzipan, royal icing and sugar plaques.


Q. Do they still have two nibs with different sizes?

A. Yes they do!


Q. When will they be available?

A. They will be available to buy from the 1st June. You can get them from our online store HERE.


Product Features

  • Dual nib – 2.5mm nib and thin 0.5mm
  • Quick drying 100% edible ink
  • Suitable for application on multiple surfaces
  • Fondant icing – soft and set • Flower modeling paste
  • Chocolate
  • Suitable for vegetarians and is certified Kosher
  • Quick drying 100% edible ink
  • Ink amount: 5 grams
  • Multilingual back of pack – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

If you need any help or further information on Rainbow Dust products and the new edible food art pens you can contact our sales team at or simply comment on our blog and we’ll reply!

New Edible Food Art Pens


Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cakes

12 Star Wars Cakes to blow your mind!

Here’s 12 fabulous, nerdy and down right awesome Star Wars cakes that WILL make you smile… if you’re not a fan of Star Wars we advise you turn away now and flip to another one of our cakey blogs!

Number 1:

Just look at thise awesome Star Wars Lego Figure Models.. all hand made! Lucky James!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 2:

BB-8 has taken on a slightly new less spherical shape! I love the design behind this! To get that awesome shine on parts of the cake try using edible glaze.. it’s great stuff!

Star Wars Cakes


Number 3:

I have seen these types with Marvel Comics & DC but this is really cool! A 4 tier stacked cake with everything you could ever want for your Star Wars themed party!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 4:

This is some serious love for both Star Wars & hand painted cakes. Bravo Cakelava!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 5:

Star Wars isn’t just for boys you know!? LOVE this Princess Leia Star Wars Cake for a twist on the usual!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 6:

Star Wars isn’t Star Wars without lightsabers…

Star Wars Cakes

Number 7:

Now this brings a whole new meaning to ‘Chewie’ Cookies!! Love it… Gingerbread men easily made into our favourite fury character, Chewbacca!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 8:

If the Dark Side has cake, then count me in!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 9:

Simply awesome… the force of the Jedi.

Star Wars Cakes

Number 10:

Yes, the ultimate combo: Lego and Star Wars… I love the way they have covered the board on this one… cake design doesn’t stop with the cake!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 11:

What a cool space effect this cake has got!? To get creative, use black icing whilst splattering bits of edible white food colour on top!

Star Wars Cakes

Number 12:

This one is for next level Star Wars fans… Will you marry me Miss AT-AT?

Star Wars Cakes

Hope you enjoyed our Star Wars themed blog. For more Star Wars Cake-Inspo check out our Pinterest board ‘Star Wars Cakes’ which is where we found all these awesome cakes!

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Chocolate Orange Fudge Cake

Test Our New Website

We want you to test our new website!

I’ve taken some screen shots so you can see what we’ve done! If you would like to test our new website visit us at 

test our new website

We have been working hard on the new website, a brand new shiny platform for you to drool over. Taking note of the flaws of our previous website our new cake decorating & sugarcraft supplies site has much better searchability and usability to help you find exactly what you want, faster!


In the above picture you can see we have an easy drop down menu with loads of different ways to search for the items you would like. PartyAnimalOnline have over 2,000 lines so this is super important when you are needing an order FAST! Seach by Brand, Product and even use our filter to filter out specific colours, sizes and ranges.


We have also added a drop down box to the top right so you can also filter by the newest products, alphabetically or even by price!


You asked for more details, we are currently adding these with multiple pictures, zoom features, ingredients and tips for use. We are hoping this will give you all the help you need. You can also share on social platforms if you want to share a deal with your cake friends or drop a hint to the hubby!


UK Shipping will be totally free for all orders over £30 within the UK and we will also charge smaller orders out at just £2.95 no matter the size or weight. We will also be offering shipping Worldwide by courier or Royal Mail Small Packet at very competitive rates. You can use the shipping estimator when you have the goods in your basket to see exactly how much it’ll cost each step of the way, this is handy for overseas orders where postage varies.


We have made our basket nice and clear, there’s a shipping calculator for the orders going overseas, an opportunity to add notes at checkout and Express Checkout with Paypal. If you don’t want to use Paypal, you don’t have to. We now have multiple ways to checkout, pay by credit card, debit card or go through Paypal as a guest payer.


Our easy checkout allows you to add your details, once you are a customer you can opt to save this information to save you more time in the future.

To the right hand side you also have the option to use a discount code. This is really important if you want that £5 off we mentioned earlier. For our Beta Testers (You guys!) We are offering £5 off if you spend £30 with us between 16th December – 15th January 2016. All you need to do is pop the code JANBETA in the Discount Box and Click Apply when you are at the stage as pictured above! Fancy using it now you can visit our site HERE.


We also have our social media section which updates you with all our latest posts! This includes our awesome Fan Shares where you have used a product from us and sent us in a picture to our Facebook Page.

Many of our fab widgets will be staying like our ‘Live Chat’ so if you are up for the challenge we would love to offer you £5 off your orders of £30 or more to test our new website for us and tell us what you think. For feedback please add a note to your order or post in the comments under our blog. All feedback is welcome and remember the website is still in BETA test mode so some features may not be available at all times but your advice will go a long way towards helping us!

To get the discount to test our new website remember all you need to do is spend £30, use code JANBETA at checkout & you will receive £5 off your order.

We are looking forward to see what you all think! Love Steph & The Party Animals

8 Creative Ombré Cake Designs

8 Creative Ombré Cakes to admire!

Ombré seems to have grown in strength year on year, it’s now one of the most popular wedding trends of the past 5 years! You could say it’s timeless, working in with the latest colour schemes and I have to say with the elegance it brings, you can see why it has stayed at the top!

Here’s 8 designs that will melt your Ombré loving heart!

1. Dusky Pinks with a floral finish, a cute idea to match your bridesmaid dresses up to your cake to create a lovely cascade of colour throughout. We would recommend Sugarflair Dusky Pink Food Colour to achieve this gorgeous colour for you cakes.

Ombré Cake Trends

2. Lemon to bring the sunshine – I like this design, using either Royal Icing or Buttercream depending on your preference add for an inviting simplicity taking us back to the rustic looks that have been so popular this year. A nice big hand made sugar flower to finish it off…. now I’m not going to pretend that part is simple! We recommend Rainbow Dust Lemon ProGel Food Colour to achieve this sunny finish. Picture by The Frosted Cake Shop.ombre_cake3

3. A four tier stacked Ombré Wedding Cake with cascading flowers…. it’s a delight! Go for grapes, violets and lilacs to achieve this combination.ombre_cake2

4. Creating Ombré Cakes with Daisies. This would make a really sweet Birthday Cake. Try using the PME Daisy & Marguerite Plunger to create your flowers in fondant, colour in turquoise to achieve your finish. Flowers will be big for Spring 2016!ombre_cake4

5. This Mint Dream is one of my favourites, using an airbrush they have created a stunning Ombré design and finished with Royal Icing and a stencil to create the ever so slightly embossed detail on the side. Fresh and Floral. We love it!ombre_cake5

6. Add some sparkle to your Ombré, don’t limit yourself, try cutting your hearts and getting some edible glitter to dip them in before attaching them to your cake design. This design is so satisfying but patience certainly needs to be your forté.ombre_cake6

7. Pretty and Pink Ombré – Why stick to just the outside of the cake when you can have it all! Use good quality food colours like Rainbow Dust ProGels or Sugarflair to ensure your food colour is bake stable and then split your mix baking the layers separately to achieve different depths of colour. To create darker layers just add extra food colour…simple! The Rose swirl finish on the outside finishes this cute cake off perfectly!ombre_cake

8. Our lovely customer Gemma from Hassalls Hand Baked Heaven, created this Smash Cake for a 1st Birthday and shared it with us on our Facebook Page! This simple airbrushed cake with handmade bunting really jumps out at you. That blue is beautiful! ombre_cake7

We would love to hear what you love about Ombré and which cake is your favourite. We love the Ombré designs that are set to be huge again in 2016!ombre_weddings



Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

I have aimed this towards beginners but it may be that you know your cake decorating well and you are ready to create your business but feel you are not getting the full professional finish you desire. Well in this Top 10 tools for cake decorating we’ll let you know just why each product helps with those straight edges, sharp finishing and professional looking cakes.

Remember if you are wanting to get involved long term, the quality of the product matters greatly. This is the difference of a professional finish and ease of achieving it. Quality brands will offer lifetime guarantees, keep a great resale value and offer the best results. We recommend always going with trusted brands and you don’t have to pay a fortune to do that!

1. PME Tilting Turntable

Tilting Turntable PME

The tilting top can be adjusted to angle the cake for ease when working on the cake sides by using the easy tilt action. With such a variable range of adjustment, and a non-slip top and bottom, you can always be assured of achieving your exact requirements.

2. PME Modelling Caddy

PME Tool Caddy

It contains a good basic set of 14 tools for all your sugarcraft modelling and sugar flower making needs. Allowing you to get started with creating toppers and designs for your cake!
This set also comes in a handy caddy for easy storage. PME goods also offer a 10 year guarantee!

3. A Non Stick Rolling Pin

PME Non-Stick Rolling Pin Large

Using a non-stick rolling pin enables you to minimise the use of dusting materials e.g. icing Sugar, cornflour and flour helping to create a professional finish. Covering cakes is hard enough when you’re starting out!
Learn how to avoid cracking and tearing on our ‘Sugarpaste Kneading Technique’ Blog.

4. FMM Cake Smoother

FMM Cake Smoother

 Cake smoothers will help smooth out your sugarpaste once applied giving the professional finish to your cake and smoothing out any lumps or bumps!
FMM offer a lifetime guarantee on their products so certainly worth the investment!

5. Piping Tubes

Beginners Set of Piping Tube Nozzles

I’d recommend getting Tubes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 42 to start with. These are the most used tubes for cake decorating.
This beginners set consists of 5 PME stainless steel piping nozzles. There are 3 writing nozzles, a rope nozzle which will also make fine shells and rosettes, and a star nozzle.

6. Marzipan Spacers

These are fantastic for getting an even depth of Sugarpaste or Marzipan, depending on which way you rest the spacers you can roll to a thickness. 10mm – perfect for marzipan or thicker sugarpaste coverings, or 6mm – excellent for most sugarpaste coverings giving your cake an even covering!

7. Alphabet Cutters

FMM Alphabet Cutters

Getting good cutters for inscriptions a must. These finish off your cakes with a beautiful neat ‘Happy Birthday’ or whatever your cake may be celebrating. Our favourites are the FMM Block Alphabet Set, they are our best sellers!
Learn great tips on using the FMM Tappits over on our ‘Using FMM Tappits Blog’

8. Non-Stick Board

CelCakes Non Stick Modelling Boards

Great for cutting out shapes & lettering on and a must have for cake modelling and figures. This board by CelCakes is a must have, use either the veined side for flowers & leaves or plain side for general use. It includes a non-slip mat with it which stops it sliding about!

9. Reusable Savoy Piping Bag

FMM Reusable Piping Bags

This FMM reusable piping bag is made from nylon and has a closed end, so you can cut to the size of your nozzle. Your tube can either be dropped straight into the bag or a piping tube attachment can be used to screw in place. They can be easily washed saving you loads of money!

10. Palette Knife

Ateco Palette Knife

A must for coating your cake, mixing your buttercream, creating royal icing. A very handy tool that you just can’t do without. We would recommend the 6″ straight palette knife as a starter tool but there’s more sizes & shapes available when you want to build on your collection.
There’s loads more bits to keep you going along the way but these pieces of equipment will give you a good head start with your cake business!

Caramel Toffee Cupcakes & Nutella Frosting

Caramel Toffee Cupcakes & Nutella Frosting Recipe

toffee nutella cupcake recipe

I have been having a play around in the kitchen again! Using some of my favourite Beau Flavour – English Toffee and some awesome Rainbow Dust Metallic Silk Lustre I created some rather indulgent and incredibly tasty cupcakes.

After merrily scoffing them all and after the approval of the ‘scoffers’ I thought I’d share the recipe with you!


  • 150g Butter (unsalted) at room temperature
  • 150g Unrefined light brown sugar (golden sugar)
  • 3 Egg(s) beaten
  • 150g Self-raising white flour
  • ½tsp Baking powder
  • 2 drops of English Toffee Beau  Flavouring
  • I added grated toffee into the mix, you only need a small amount (Optional)


1. Turn your oven to 140 c for fan assisted or 160 c for non fan. Prepare the cupcake cases in your tray (12)

2. Start by creaming the butter and sugar together.

2. Beat the eggs with added Beau Flavour, just use a couple of drops…I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is highly concentrated so a little goes a really long way.

3. Sift the flour and baking powder together.

4. Now add the eggs to the creamed butter and sugar and add a little flour to stop the mixture congealing.

5. Add the rest of the flour and beat on high for 2 minutes.

6. Fold in the grated toffee if you decide to add it and then spoon in to the 12 cases and aim to fill the cases 2/3rd full, this gives a lovely dome on your cupcakes making them great for decorating!

Keep the cupcakes in for around 20-25 minutes and don’t be sneaking a peak in between by opening that door…otherwise they’ll sink!



  • Nutella (400g)
  • 500g of sifted Icing Sugar
  • 50g Non Salted Butter
  • A dash of milk

I simply mixed the Nutella and butter together and then sifted the icing sugar in. When it gets too stiff, let it down with a few tbsp’s of milk. Mix together well and then put in your piping bag with nozzle… for these cupcakes I used the FMM number 12 polycarbonate tube and a disposable bag. I leave it in the fridge chilling until the cakes are fully cooled… if you pipe when it’s still warm you end up with a chocolate drizzle instead of a nicely shaped swirl..I know this well as patience isn’t one of my strong points!!



These are really simple, I used the awesome Rainbow Dust  metallic silk range (Ginger Glow) to roll the Malteasers in and you have yourself some very posh looking Malteasers! You can choose from a wide range of colours out of the Silk Range depending on your colour theme, I found the golds, bronze & silvers looked really lovely with them.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did here at PartyAnimalOnline!



Happy 2015 from PartyAnimalOnline

Happy 2015 from PartyAnimalOnline


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year. Time to eat some of your own gorgeous cakes instead of sending them all out to customers and the best part is in December non of the calories count….or so they tell me! Unfortunately we’ve ticked over January and calories now count again so it’s time to work hard, make lots of lovely customers cakes so you can do it all again ine 11 months time!

I wanted to bring you some key updates to ways to save you all extra pennies when shopping with us in 2015! We have been working hard to find ways to save you even more money and so we aim to be the cheapest, fastest and bring you the best customer service & experience possible. Here are some ways we’ve thought of to help us do this.

Saving You Money!


Online Store –

We will be doing daily and monthly sales on the shop! We will have special offers constantly available for you.. all you need to do to take advantage is visit our FEATURED PRODUCTS section on our online store. This is where we will be putting extra special offers on the shop but be sure to check them regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!

We will be offering bulk discounts off larger quantities, these goods can be seen in our BULK PACKS & WHOLESALE section on our website.

We are upgrading the shop to offer a Wish List for all our customers… this can help you plan your cake orders or Christmas & Birthday presents to yourself. This function should be active from February so watch this space!

Ebay Store –

We are offering Free 1st Class upgrade of postage to any orders that are over £3 and the postage will continue to be completely free!

We are now offering 10% off any Sugarflair or Rainbow Dust product when you buy 2 or more items… these can be mixed and matched!



PartyAnimalOnline has really enjoyed hosting a cake community on Facebook and has some great plans for 2015! Here’s a few of the things we have in mind…

✎ MONDAY FAN SHARE ✎ – The opportunity to share your favourite made cakes with us!

★ TOP TIP TUESDAY ★ Our top tips when using products & decorating your cakes.

✎ WEDNESDAY DISCUSSIONS ✎ A chance to discuss cake decorating techniques, tips and torment!

★ THURSDAY RECIPE & TUTORIAL SHARES ★ Recipe & tutorial shares from PartyAnimalOnline & Fans for free.

★ FRIDAY SHARE & SHOUT OUTS ★ A chance to have your page shouted out by PartyAnimalOnline! Our thanks for shopping with us!

We will also be doing ✎ FAN SHARE’s ✎ & ✎ HELP FOR A FAN ✎ posts to get you through the week!

Pop on and join in… it’s completely free, there’s a huge community of other cake decorators to chat to and each time we reach a new Milestone you guys will be rewarded with a new Giveaway to win yourselves fantastic free cake products or Gift Vouchers to spend with us!

Don’t Miss a Thing

It’s easy… don’t miss a thing by signing up to our Newsletter. The Newsletter with give you a monthly newsletter full of free tutorials, recipes and special offers and you will also receive an e-mail when we have star deals on so you don’t miss out. Your information will not be passed on and will be used by PartyAnimalOnline only, we also have the option to un-subscribe any time so sign up and don’t miss your chance to save more!

Join PartyAnimalOnline's Newsletter and don't miss a thing!
Join PartyAnimalOnline’s Newsletter and don’t miss a thing!

Wishing you all the very best for 2015! If you need anything we are always happy to help and we look forward to a great 2015 for us all! Thanks for your continued support.